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    Greetings from Coaching Square, reliable immigration consultants in Ahmedabad. We are honest, effective, and goal-oriented immigration consultants in Ahmedabad offering an immense range of services pertaining to your immigration needs. Our main objective is to make your immigration and student visa process faster and easier than ever before and help you to realize your migration or study abroad aspirations.

    We are the best immigration and overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad contributing best-in-class immigration and student visa services to candidates looking to immigrate or study abroad. From an absolute profile evaluation to the organization of documents, we supervise all aspects of your visa application process and ensure you get the approval of your aspired visa without any problems. We support you to move to your favorite country for settlement or study abroad purposes with our 100% devotion that makes us renowned immigration consultants in Ahmedabad.

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    Immigration Consulting Services Coaching Services


    Immigration can be hard and tiresome especially in the absence of appropriate supervision and support. We are leading immigration consultants in Ahmedabad offering full assistance and effective care to the individuals who wish to immigrate to the most preferred immigration destinations – Australia or Canada.

    Student visa consulting services Coaching Square

    Student Visa

    We are dominant overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad providing expert advice and great value encouragement to the students in gaining their student visas and study in the top study abroad destinations – UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

    Abroad Study Coaching services Coaching Square


    English plays a vital role to meet your immigration or study abroad aspirations. We provide offline and online IELTS coaching, CELPIP coaching, and PTE coaching in Ahmedabad. You can leverage our online coaching services to make your learning more safe and convenient.

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    Canada has an exceptional global standing when it comes to economic growth. The country happily welcomes skilled immigrants from all over the world willing to contribute to its ever-growing economy. If you are striving to immigrate to Canada and seeking support from the best Canada immigration consultants in Ahmedabad, you can reach us. We provide reliable visa consultations and the best possible solutions to our clients to help them immigrate to the glorious land of Canada.


    Australia is a vibrant country embedded with lots of perks. It is an outstanding place to live, work, and enjoy life to the fullest. We are eminent Australia immigration consultants in Ahmedabad knowing all the crucial details and information to immigrate to Australia and get permanent residency with ease. From profile evaluation to the post-landing support, our services include a whole spectrum you may require to carry out your dream of Australia immigration. Our remarkable professional expertise and thorough awareness of immigration laws make us the best Australia immigration consultants in Ahmedabad.

    • Pick A Destination To Study Abroad

      Study Abroad Consultant Gujarat Coaching Square

    • Canada

      The number of international students getting enrolled in Canadian universities is rising day by day. The amazing campus life, multicultural environment, great research opportunities, and higher possibilities of immigration are some of the reasons that bound students from all over the world to study in Canada. If you want the best Canada student visa services or are in need of the best overseas education consultants in Surat then you will find our team an optimum choice.

    • USA

      It is impossible to overlook USA when you are seeking an option to study abroad. The country is the best pick to get high-grade education and change your future and life. We provide accurate and transparent advice to get your USA student visa with ease. Our exemplary team of USA student visa consultants has the caliber to guide the Indian students to obtain their USA student visas and study in a respected country like USA.

    • UK

      UK has been the trending study abroad destination for international students for a long time. The country has many famed colleges and universities bestowing superb education and a high-class degree accepted globally. We are eminent UK student visa consultants in Surat offering thorough assistance in preparing your UK student visa files and accomplish impeccable submission of the same.

    • Australia

      Australia is a great land to plan your future in the way you want. Studying in Australia is a gateway to the reach ample of global opportunities. Our Australia student visa consultants in Surat are assisting students to leverage the highest quality of teaching by studying in the third most popular study abroad destination. We provide superlative Australia student visa services in Surat and enable students to study in a young, vigorous, and friendly country like Australia.

    • New Zealand

      New Zealand holds an excellent international reputation when it comes to study abroad The country holds an innovative education system offering high-quality education with many exceptional facilities and benefits. We provide top-notch New Zealand student visa services in Surat. Our New Zealand student visa consultants in Surat are competent to solve all the difficulties associated with your New Zealand student visa application process and make your New Zealand student visa process smooth and encouraging.

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    • Execellence Coaching services Coaching Services


      We have a well-trained, dedicated, qualified, and experienced team of immigration and student visa consultants always ready to deal with your concerns, resolve your queries and give you clear and concise assistance on your visa application. Our enthusiastic workforce has experience of more than 10 years in the industry.

    • Consulting Services Coaching Square

      Wide range of services

      We provide comprehensive support to our clients including case evaluation, document support, visa application filing assistance, IELTS coaching, PTE coaching, CELPIP coaching, and so on. Our extensive range of services makes us a one-stop solution to carry out all your immigration and student visa needs in Ahmedabad.


    • Study Abroad Visa Sucess Rate Coaching Square

      High success rate

      We are trustworthy immigration consultants in Ahmedabad having a highly commendable success ratio in the domain of immigration. We also own a great success in clearing the student visa process of many students which bounds us to present ourselves as the best overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad.

    • Customer satisfaction Coaching Square

      Customer satisfaction

      We render the highest standard services strengthened by honesty, morality, and commitment. Our commendable work ethics and transparent work approach are persuasive to gain the trust of the clients and please them at the best possible level.

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    I am looking for reliable immigration consultants in Ahmedabad. Why should I hire you?

    We are a renowned immigration consultant in Ahmedabad working in the industry for over 10 years. With our constant efforts and consistent performance, we have created a strong presence in the market. We provide an absolute range of services competent to make your immigration process easier than ever before. Our undisputed quality of guidance and assistance present us as the best immigration consultants in Ahmedabad.

    I want to immigrate to Canada. Which immigration program is best for me?

    Canada offers a huge range of immigration programs associating different sets of requirements and eligibility criteria. To know the most suitable program for you, contact our Canada immigration consultants in Ahmedabad.

    I am striving for immigration to Canada. Can my immigration application be rejected? What may be the reasons?

    Yes, your immigration application can surely be rejected if you

    • Fail to satisfy the eligibility criteria.
    • Are unable to present the necessary documents.
    • Are or were involved in any kind of criminal activities.
    • Fail to meet the health standards and so on.

    To diminish the possibilities of your application rejection, take help from our Canada immigration consultants in Ahmedabad while raising the application.

    Hey, I am planning to study abroad. How can I identify which country is best for me? Can your overseas education consultants guide me?

    There are many study abroad destinations that offer high-quality education to international students. All these countries offer a wide range of courses and are ideal to match student needs and expectations. Hence, picking any one of these can be a difficult chore. Few important factors that play an important role in the selection of country are your budget, employment opportunities post-study work options as well as personal interest. Yes, our study abroad consultants can definitely help you to make an optimum choice.

    I am seeking to study abroad. What is the ideal time to apply for admission to an overseas college or university?

    Different countries have different intakes for international students. For example, the countries like UK and USA conduct two intakes primarily in the months of September and January. To get the intake details about your chosen country, university, and course, you can talk to our overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad.

    What steps are involved in a study abroad process?

    Studying abroad process involves many steps. The common steps are

    • Choosing a university to study abroad and prepare for application.
    • Obtaining an offer of enrollment from the university.
    • Organizing documents to apply for the student visa.
    • Preparing for the visa interview.
    • Attending the interview.
    • Receiving the visa
    • Booking the flight.

    To get a detailed understanding of the process, you can connect with our overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad.

    Can I work while studying abroad?

    Yes, most of the study abroad destinations allow international students to work while studying, however, the students must not violate any of the employment rules. Our study abroad consultants can help you to understand these rules thoroughly.

    How much does it cost to study abroad? Can your study abroad consultants give me a rough idea?

    There are two main expenditures involved in studying abroad. Your tuition fees and living expenses.

    Tuition fees can be different for different courses, colleges, and universities. Living expenses mostly rely on how much a student prefers to spend. To know the rough figures in your case, you can share your preferences with our study abroad consultants in Ahmedabad.

    I am thinking of studying in Australia. What are the main benefits I can expect?

    Australia is an amazing study abroad destination that offers a bulk of study and other benefits to international students. The country is an affordable choice to gain high-quality education as compared to the counterparts like USA and UK. Australia offers an enormous range of study programs and a globally recognized degree making it easy for international students to seek a brightening career and much more. To get the complete list of benefits, book an appointment with our study abroad consultants in Ahmedabad.

    Which is the best immigration country in recent times?

    It depends on your personal choice but Australia and Canada are rising as the leading immigration destinations offering impressive immigration benefits. To know the fittest option for you, you can get in touch with our immigration consultants in Ahmedabad.

    Can your Australia immigration consultants give me a detailed explanation of the Australia immigration process?

    Yes, sure. Book an appointment with our Australia immigration consultants in Ahmedabad for a convenient and hassle-free conversation.

    I want to try for Canada immigration? How frequently your Canada immigration consultants will reach me and inform me on the status of my application if I hire you?

    We are available whenever you want. Our Canada immigration consultant will be in touch with you on a regular basis and update you on the status of your application as and when there is a change.

    I am striving to get Canada student visa. What documents do I need? Can your Canada student visa consultants in Ahmedabad help me with the comprehensive list?

    To get a Canada student visa you must have

    • Proof of acceptance in a recognized Canadian school or university.
    • A valid passport.
    • Proof of financial stability.
    • Health certificates and much more.

    Yes, you can reach our Canada student visa consultants in Ahmedabad to get the comprehensive list.

    For how long can I stay in Australia if I am on an Australia student visa?

    Australia offers a huge range of student visa options catering to different purposes. The permitted duration of stay varies and depends on the type of visa you apply for. To know the allowed duration of stay in your case, you can share your chosen visa type with our Australia student visa consultants in Ahmedabad. Our Australia student visa consultants can also help you to find the most suitable visa type if you are not sure about the same.

    I want to study in USA. What are my visa options? Can your USA student visa consultants help me to choose the right one?

    Primarily, there are three types of USA student visa namely, F1 student visa, J1 exchange visitor visa, and M1 student visa. The choice among the three depends on the type and duration of your intended study program. Yes, our USA student visa consultants in Ahmedabad can supervise you to make the best selection among the three.

    I am planning to apply for a UK student visa. Can my UK student visa be rejected? What may be the reasons?

    Yes, your UK student visa can surely be rejected if you

    • Do not have sufficient funds to manage your expenses.
    • Do not have or have incorrect evidence of your financial status.
    • Unable to submit the required documents.
    • Miss the deadlines to raise or complete the visa application and so on.

    To assure a faultless and hassle-free completion of your UK student visa application, you can take assistance from our UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad.

    I want to study in New Zealand but do not have sufficient funds. Does New Zealand offer scholarships to international students?

    Yes, New Zealand does offer great scholarship options to international students that you can leverage only if you match the eligibility criteria. To know your options, you can discuss your profile with our New Zealand student visa consultants in Ahmedabad.

    How much money do I require to study in a New Zealand school or university? Is New Zealand too expensive to study overseas?

    Different universities have different fee structures hence the tuition fees depend on the university you choose. New Zealand is not too expensive to study. In fact, it is an excellent option that can bestow you with a high-quality education in less budget. To understand your funding requirements in detail, you can have a chat with our New Zealand student visa consultants in Ahmedabad.

    What is the most difficult part of the IELTS exam? Can your IELTS coaching help me to excel the same?

    Different students have different opinions and experiences but IELTS listening is considered to be the toughest by most of the students. Yes, with adequate practice and preparation, you can definitely excel in each part of the IELTS exam which our IELTS coaching experts in Ahmedabad promise to provide. We also provide online IELTS coaching to help you prepare without trouble and exertion of traveling.

    Is PTE a fast and fair option to demonstrate language skills? Is it extremely important to join PTE coaching to secure a good score?

    PTE is trusted and accepted by a large number of universities, colleges, professional and government organizations across the globe. The test is a great option to demonstrate your language skills no matter you are aiming for immigration or a student visa. Joining PTE coaching is always a good decision to secure your desired marks in the PTE exam. We provide both offline and online PTE coaching in Ahmedabad and help you get a remarkable score by spending less time and effort. Contact our PTE coaching experts in Ahmedabad to know about our upcoming batches and schedules.

    In how many days CELPIP test results are delivered? Can I get the required score in my CELPIP exam without adopting CELPIP coaching?

    CELPIP is a quite fast exam that delivers the results in just 4 to 5 calendar days of the completion of the exam. You can prepare for the CELPIP exam by self but acquiring the required score can be difficult for you. It requires hardcore practice and sufficient planning to obtain desired marks in the CELPIP exam and you can achieve it only if you take help from experienced CELPIP coaching experts. We offer top-notch CELPIP coaching in Ahmedabad. You are welcome to join our CELPIP coaching anytime you need it.

    Hey, I am planning to study abroad? Is it compulsory for me to have a bank account in my chosen study abroad destination?

    Discuss with our overseas education consultants. Our overseas education consultants can guide you better on this

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