CELPIP Preparation – How to Prepare for CELPIP Practice Test?

May 25,2021

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Why Take CELPIP?

The CELPIP exam is a test with various purposes that permits the candidates to show their capability in the English language. This Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program has two types: the CELPIP LS exam that estimates Listening and Speaking skills and the CELPIP- General exam that estimates 4 expertise areas – Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking skills.


The CELPIP-General exam has been nominated by Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) for utilization by people who are registering for PR status in Canada. Different institutions such as the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC) and the Real Estate Council of British Columbia (RECBC), too consider the exam for membership to their institutions. Total 4 expertise elements of the CELPIP-General Exam are provided by computer at 3-hour exam sessions which are conducted at CELPIP Exam Centers situated across India, and in chosen cities globally.

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CELPIP General

The CELPIP-General LS Exam has been accepted by IRCC for utilization by people who are registering for Canadian citizenship. The Listening and Speaking parts of this exam are provided by computer at 1-hour exam sessions which are conducted at CELPIP Exam Centers across Canada.


Appears like an easy task right? No! In CELPIP, you would be anticipated to solve reading passages which would get stronger as you go ahead with the parts. In a few spots, the meaning would have to be concluded from the details given in the passages. There would be viewpoint-based questions that may need you to gather your lexical expertise. But here’s the way: if you are capable to get a grip on the entire essence of the comprehension, you would be able to ace it! If you are not able to find the correct option even after a few attempts, utilizing elimination theory to get away with irrelevant options could be of help.


Refer to various texts on regular basis and try to understand the sense without going through a dictionary. After you have put a solving try by yourself, you can then refer to your dictionary and verify if you got the correct answer.


True disclosure: Every time I have been anxious regarding this part. CELPIP begins with an easy preparation prompt for you to get you succeeded and to assure your voice is actually recorded. Once the part begins, it then compresses to individual choice. If one is awkward being fluent in front of an individual, then CELPIP is their thing!

In CELPIP one sits alone on their desk, covered by a partition. This would work better for those who prefer to execute alone. Remember that, there could be few components of distraction approaching by others speaking in their microphones at the same time.


Prepare recording your responses in a microphone. Practice playing some other audio files in the backdrop and then observe if you are yet able to focus nicely and record your tasks without losing the attention. Practice along with a timer and listen to your answers to notice if they fulfill your requirement with your effort. Do not worry about sharing your practice recordings with your pals and co-workers to get feedback.

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To me, this is the part that puts the 2 tests aside in an extreme way. In CELPIP, one is allowed to use a keyboard and a word count feature. There are 2 writing tasks of approximately similar time and word count necessities. I have horrible handwriting, so for candidates like me, CELPIP can prevent that readability element. If one has a typing speed of a minimum of 40 words per minute, he/she can exactly complete his writing in 5 minutes – how does that sound?

At the same time, he should actually take benefit of the given duration and prepare the writing task. It can be a bit difficult to compress all one wants to write in between 150-200 words – here’s where drafting becomes totally mandatory.


Writing is one such module which requires assessment and tips from a trainer. If one is not confident about grammar, sentence structures and/or lexical resource, should ask for assistance by their native English-speaking companions and figure how they can upgrade. If needed, should enroll for teacher-led coaching to assist him put together required changes in the writing method. One can also exercise writing a fresh email or share his viewpoints in writing with his co-workers. On a personal note, native English speakers gave me a lot of guidance on how to share meaningful productive responses utilizing lesser words.


For the maximum segment, listening will be an activity of focus. If one has been residing in an English-speaking country such as Canada for a while, it wouldn’t be a lot of an issue getting the tone of the speakers at the time of listening to the recordings in the test. What one has to concentrate is recalling the essence of the audio files: viewpoints shared, particular events introduced, positive statements, contradictions, causes, etc. Dissimilar to IELTS, one will not require to write/type the answers, but choose them from the options given for the questions. Beware, as not resembling to IELTS one will not get to view the questions unless the audio finishes.

Unique Techniques for Sucess in CELPIP Exam

Try a suitable technique that will act as a benefit on the test. Check if you do nicer while taking notes along with the audio, or you focus more without writing down anything.

1. Prepare Utilizing a Computer

The CELPIP exam is totally computer-delivered, so one has to be confident using a keyboard and mouse. Preparing with CELPIP’s material shared by our trainers and attempting mock tests on our portal are nice methods to acquaint with this structure.

2. Do Not Forget That CELPIP is an Exam of Common English Skills

CELPIP evaluates one’s capability to utilize English in daily circumstances. It’s not an exam of professional English or literary English. One of the finest ways to practice is to step out and utilize English as much as convenient in your routine.

3. Use a Broad Variety of Vocabulary and Grammatical Structures

Attempt to display the variety of vocabulary in the speaking and writing sections. Do not repeat the words within the same sentences. One doesn’t have to remember the entire dictionary – just utilize the words that will be naturally used in the routine. Try to use utilize diverse grammatical structures and build statements that vary in extent and difficulty.

4. Control the Time Throughout the Exam

The CELPIP Exam is totally based on a computer, and the candidate will notice a timer on every screen, showing how many minutes one has left for the particular part. Monitoring timers can guide one on how to speed themselves during the exam.

5. Verify the Task

If one has any time left while finishing the Listening, Reading, or Writing parts of the exam, one should go through the responses and be sure that one has tried to respond to every question as accurately as he can. Specifically, make an attempt to give a few minutes analyzing the writing, assuring that there are no typos that may affect the quality of the answer.

6. Speak with Clarity and at a Natural Speed

At the time of the Speaking section of the exam, speak with clarity into the microphone, which shall be close to the lower lips but should not touch them. It’s natural to speak rapidly when one’s nervous — try to relax and speak at a natural speed.

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7. Do not Bother About the Tone

The test assessors are experts to ignore accents. Until the accent hinders from being acknowledged, do not concentrate on it. Rather than that, focus on utilizing fine grammar, precise and diverse vocabulary, and delivering complete responses.

8. Write Notes

At the time of attempting the CELPIP exam, candidates will be given paper and a pen. One may utilize them to write notes at any moment in the exam, although one might consider it particularly helpful to summarize few ideas for Writing or Speaking answers. It’s also a nice thought to write notes in regards to important ideas and particular information at the time of the Listening Test.

9. Concentrate Upon as Much as One Understands

One might come over few hard words in a Listening or Reading section. Do not get caught troubling about words one does not figure out. Concentrate on common sense and the portions of the section that one does figure out. At times, it is feasible to grasp the latest word depending on the awareness of the words that are surrounding it.

10. Utilize a Range of Reading Techniques

One does not need to read each and every word from a section to effectively respond to questions in the Reading Exam; rather than that, utilize reading techniques such as scanning and skimming. These may guide with a few of the easy questions, giving extra minutes to devote to the more tough questions.


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Neetu Pasi

My carrier journey was started with the service industry, which turned simultaneously into corporate culture: however, having special feelings with language subjects so, I was hands-on with CELPIP and got the opportunity to show cognitive and meritorious skills. Work, which gives peace of mind is or a sense of satisfaction and encourages me every day is as "a Faculty of Coaching".


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