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    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most prevailing and widely accepted English language proficiency test. It is utilized to evaluate the language proficiency standards of the non-native candidates willing to study or settle in an English-inclined country. The IELTS exam comprises four separate modules namely, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Each module is judged and graded separately. IELTS is accepted as a valid proof of language proficiency by 8,000+ organizations all over the world. Hence, it is the most secure and reliable option to carry out your overseas immigration or study abroad purposes. Join our online IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad and start preparing for the exam.

    IELTS Coaching

    Four Modules of IELTS Exam

    • Listening
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Speaking

    The IELTS listening task evaluates the exam taker’s ability to comprehend the ideas, intention, and attitude of the speaker. The task presents four recordings to the test taker and the test taker has to answer a few questions based on those recordings. Recording 1 and 3 are the conversation between two or more people and recording 2 and 4 are speeches. The task is required to be completed in 30 minutes.

    Tips to prepare

    1. Listen attentively. Remember, you will not be given the chance to listen to the recording again.
    2. Focus more on factual information.
    3. Practice with as many audio materials as you can. Take online help.
    4. Learn to note down important points while listening.
    5. Join our Online IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad to learn this module smoothly.

    The reading task takes around 60 minutes. The exam comprises a total of 40 questions. A variety of questions are presented to the candidate to check his reading skills in detail. The candidates are required to read fast and efficiently and must know to manage their time in an optimized way. The type of questions includes reading for main ideas, understanding logical argument, skimming, reading for detail, recognize the writer’s opinions, attitudes, and purpose, etc.

    Tips to prepare

    1. Read daily. Devote sufficient time to prepare sincerely.
    2. Understand the exam format. Knowing the exact test format and the type of questions will help you to manage your time more effectively and secure more scores.
    3. Practice as many mock tests as you can.
    4. Start the preparation early (at least six months before the conduct of the test).
    5. Enroll to our Online IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad and start preparation in a faster mode.

    The writing task aims to check the exam taker’s ability to draft a response properly, his organization of ideas, and the usage of grammar and vocabulary. The test includes two tasks and is required to be completed within 60 minutes. The type of tasks may differ slightly based on the type of test you are taking (IELTS general or IELTS academic). 150 words are required to be written for task 1 and 250 words for task 2. The IELTS exam is assessed by an authorized IELTS examiner.

    Tips to prepare

    1. Do not deviate from the specified word limit.
    2. Practice your time management.
    3. Practice with the past exam papers.
    4. Understand the marking criteria.
    5. Focus on your vocabulary and grammar.
    6. Enhance your writing skills joining our online IELTS Coaching Classses Ahmedabad.

    In the speaking task, the test taker is required to communicate verbally with a certified IELTS examiner. The purpose of the IELTS exam is to test the candidate against the skills such as the use of appropriate language, the length of speaking, the organization of ideas, and the ability to communicate and justify opinions. The exam takes around 11 to 14 minutes. All the answers of the candidate are recorded for further evaluation.

    Tips to prepare

    1. Avoid using unfamiliar vocabulary.
    2. Use your grammar correctly.
    3. Speak clearly.
    4. Practice with the common IELTS speaking subjects.
    5. Improve your speaking with our Online IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad

    Our Offerings

    Online IELTS Coaching

    Online IELTS Coaching

    Access the best trainers any time joining our Online IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad, Gujarat and from anywhere without concern about geographical boundaries.

    Personalized IELTS Coaching

    Personalized IELTS Coaching

    Enhance your results and expand your opportunities with our top-notch personalized online IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

    Group IELTS Coaching

    Group IELTS Coaching

    Intensify your knowledge and find easy solutions to your problems joining our online IELTS coaching Ahmedabad with collaborating with your friends.

    Why Choose IELTS?

    Why Choose IELTS
    • Global Acceptance - Coaching Square

      Global Acceptance

      IELTS is accepted by 9000+ organizations across 135 countries. The worldwide recognition makes IELTS a perfect choice to accomplish a variety of purposes.

    • Accuracy of the Results - Coaching Square

      Accuracy of the Results

      By implementing a strict criterion on each section, IELTS guarantees accurate evaluation of each of the four skills.

    • Swift Results - Coaching Square

      Swift Results

      IELTS results are delivered within 13 days of the exam completion. This makes IELTS a good choice in situations where quick results are needed.

    • Convenience - Coaching Square


      IELTS can be taken in more than 500 test centers across 150 countries. Hence, you have a tremendous range of options to complete the IELTS Exam easily and briskly.

    Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

    Best IELTS Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

    Opting for an online IELTS class is the best way to enhance your understanding without compromising your convenience. Our online IELTS coaching programs are compelling to help aspirants seeking secured learning and perform an efficient practice at the comfort of their doorstep. The features of our online IELTS coaching classes programs include

    • Accessibility from anywhere
    • thorough and thoughtful programs
    • dedicated teaching and practice session for all modules (reading, writing, listening, and speaking)

    To know more, about Online IELTS Coaching,

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    FREE IELTS Demo Lectures

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    Qualified IELTS Trainers

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    Innovative Learning Techniques

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    IELTS Exam Test Format

    Listening - Coaching Square

    1. Listening

    (30 minutes)

    The exam presents four recordings to the exam taker.

    • part 1 is a conversation between two individuals.
    • part 2 is a monologue (on a general topic).
    • part 3 is a conversation among up to 4 individuals.
    • part 4 is a monologue (on an educational topic).
    No. of Questions – 40
    Type of Questions
    • Multiple choice
    • Matching
    • Plan/map/diagram labelling
    • Form/note/table/flow-chart/summary completion
    • Sentence Completion
    Reading - Coaching Square

    2. Reading

    (60 minutes)

    The exam taker is required to read three different passages and answer the asked questions

    No. of Questions – 40
    Type of Questions
    • Fill gaps in a passage of written text or in a table
    • Match headings to written text to diagrams or charts
    • Complete sentences
    • Give short answers to open questions
    • Answer multiple-choice questions
    Writing - Coaching Square

    3. Writing

    (60 minutes)

    • Task1 – The exam taker is presented with a graph, chart, diagram and is required to summarize, describe or explain the same.
    • Task 2 – The test taker is presented with an argument, point of view, or a problem and is required to write an essay based on that.
    • The candidate has to write 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2.

    The candidate has to write 150 words for task 1 and 250 words for task 2.

    No. of Questions – 2
    Speaking - Coaching Square

    4. Speaking

    (11-14 minutes)

    • Part 1 – The exam takers are required to answer the general questions about themselves such as the questions about their family, qualification, and interests.
    • Part 2 – The exam takers are presented with a topic. They are expected to prepare their thoughts and speak for two minutes on the given topic..
    • Part 3 – The questions are asked about the topic associated with part 2.
    No. of Questions – 3
    Coaching Square for Online IELTS Coaching in Ahmedabad, Gujarat

    Why Choose Coaching Square for Online IELTS Coaching in Ahmedabad, Gujarat?

    • Intensive and focused teaching
    • Flexible schedules
    • Knowledgeable faculty
    • Smaller batch sizes
    • Top-quality study material
    • Intellectual study plans

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    Is coaching necessary for IELTS?

    Yes, coaching is necessary to crack the IELTS exam. Driving without direction may lead you in the wrong direction. IELTS Coaching is important when you wish to get a higher score in a short time. Better to attend IELTS Coaching classes to improve your skills on all 4 IELTS modules.

    What is the minimum score required to pass an IELTS exam?

    There are no passing marks for an IELTS exam as such. Each university and organization decides its own score requirements. Hence, the minimum score you should attain depends on your purpose and the organization you are presenting your score to. Join our Online IELTS Coaching center in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat & VV Nagar and improve your score.

    In how many days IELTS results are declared?

    After 13 days of the completion of your exam, the result will be declared. If you are feeling troubled to crack the exam, enroll in our IELTS coaching in Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and VV Nagar.

    After how many days can I attempt the IELTS exam again?

    Whenever you want. There is no restriction imposed. However, doing additional preparation before going for the next attempt is highly recommended. We can help you by delivering IELTS coaching services Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and VV Nagar.

    Can I score 8 in IELTS without coaching?

    Well, the answer is yes but only when you have sound knowledge of the English language. If you are not pro at English, we recommend joining IELTS coaching to understand the modules and improve your skills.

    What is the duration of IELTS coaching?

    Generally, it requires 4-6 weeks to complete IELTS coaching. However, it all depends on your grasping power and IELTS exam preparation. While some students complete the IELTS coaching course in just 1-2 weeks only.

    Is it good to take IELTS coaching?

    Of course, GOOD. Getting IELTS coaching from trained and professional IELTS experts always helps to achieve IELTS 8 or higher bands. Start preparation with our Online IELTS Coaching Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Surat and VV Nagar.

    Can I prepare for IELTS in 15 days?

    The answer is YES and it is possible. For that, you need to prepare smartly and only IELTS Coaching experts can guide you in the right direction. Join our IELT Coaching Classes Ahmedabad to prepare for IELTS at a faster speed.

    Can I prepare IELTS at home?

    The good news – It is possible now. You can prepare for the IELTS exam at your home through our Online IELTS Coaching services. Enroll now to get a FREE demo.

    Is IELTS difficult to Pass?

    Well, it’s not. Through IELTS coaching, you will get to know about the exam format, ninja techniques to crack the higher IELTS score.

    What happens in IELTS coaching?

    During IELTS coaching, you will learn everything about the 4 modules of the IELTS exam, preparation tricks and more that can help you crack the higher band.

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