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    PTE is one of the most appreciated and widely accepted English language proficiency tests. The computer-based test is designed to judge the language proficiency of non-native English speakers willing to study or migrate to an overseas country. The test evaluates the reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills of the test takers and is accepted by a huge number of organizations and universities across the globe. Hence, a remarkable PTE score can significantly enhance your chances to study or migrate to the land of your dreams. Enroll now for online PTE coaching and start PTE exam preparation.

    PTE Coaching

    PTE Test Modules

    • Reading
    • Listening
    • Speaking & Writing

    The reading section is aimed to evaluate the reading skills of the test taker. You are given a passage to read and are required to answer the presented questions based on your comprehension ability. The section involves the questions such as fill in the blanks (reading), fill in the blanks (reading & writing), multiple choice questions – single answer, multiple choice questions – multiple answers, and reordering of paragraphs. The allotted time to complete the section lies around 32 to 41 minutes.

    Tips to prepare

    1. Improve your reading speed. Practicing reading on a daily basis is a good idea. Aim to read a minimum of 200 words in a minute.
    2. Read carefully. Try to analyze and understand the given information thoroughly.
    3. Take online support. You can easily find online resources that can help you to practice your reading part more effectively.
    4. Connect with the expert instructors if you need it.
    5. Join Online PTE Coaching and improve your reading score.

    The listening section intends to check the listening skills of the candidate. The test takers are required to listen to the given recordings and answer the question based on their understanding. The types of questions include summarizing spoken text, multiple choice – choose multiple answers, multiple choice – choose single answers, fill in the blanks, highlight incorrect words, select missing words, write from dictation, and highlight the correct summary. The allotted time for the questions lies around 45-57 minutes.

    Tips to prepare

    1. Listen attentively.
    2. Practice listening daily. The activities like listening to English songs and watching English movies can be beneficial.
    3. Try to find distinct types of listening content to accomplish your practice. This will also help you to enhance your vocabulary in addition to benefitting you with your listening skills.
    4. Do not initiate with the tough examples directly. Choose the practice content as per your comfort and shift to the higher level examples gradually.
    5. Join Online PTE Coaching and improve your Listening score.

    The speaking and writing section aims to test the candidates’ capability to make English communication. Clarity and fluency are the two factors that are primarily assessed in the test. The types of questions include a personal introduction, read aloud, repeat the sentence, describe the image, re-tell lecture, answer the short question, summarise written text – into a single sentence, summarise written text – into a single paragraph, and essay-writing. The section should be completed within 77-93 minutes.

    Tips to prepare

    1. Focus more on spelling, grammar, and structure of sentences.
    2. Practice speaking clearly. Focus on punctuations.
    3. Avoid pauses during speaking.
    4. Do not deviate from the given topic.
    5. Join Online PTE Coaching and improve your speaking and writing score.

    Our Offerings

    Online PTE Coaching

    Online PTE Coaching

    Study at your own pace and achieve your education targets with our high-end online PTE coaching services.

    Personalized PTE Coaching

    Personalized PTE Coaching

    Accelerate your learning and build your confidence with the right tips, proper guidance through Online PTE Coaching.

    Group PTE Coaching

    Group PTE Coaching

    Boost your current knowledge with the support of our PTE Coaching experts & your peers.

    Why Choose PTE ?

    Why Choose PTE
    • Fast Results - Coaching Square

      Fast Results

      PTE delivers the result within 5 working days of the completion of the test. This makes PTE an excellent option when swift results are required.

    • Worldwide Acceptance - Coaching Square

      Worldwide Acceptance

      PTE has a global acceptance. It is trusted by thousands of organizations and educational bodies all over the world.

    • Swift Results - Coaching Square

      Fair Scoring

      In PTE, the test takers are evaluated by machines and not humans. Hence, the chances of faulty scoring are negligible.

    • Flexibility - Coaching Square


      You have options to schedule the exam on weekends, morning, afternoon, or evening sessions as per your convenience.

    Best PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

    Best Online PTE Coaching Classes in Ahmedabad

    Online PTE coaching is an outstanding means to improve your skills in convenient and cost-effective manners. To assure the complete safety and comfort of our students, our PTE Coaching experts are dedicatedly providing online PTE coaching classes and bestowing the students with the facilities like

    • Flexible class timings
    • Top-grade practice sessions
    • Lower learning costs

    To know more about Online PTE Coaching,

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    FREE Demo Lectures - Coaching Square

    FREE PTE Demo Lectures

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    Qualified Trainers - Coaching Square

    Qualified PTE Coaching Trainers

    Learn by the support of a highly specialized PTE Experts

    Highly Advantageous - Coaching Square

    Highly Advantageous Mock Tests

    Assure the best scores with our well-planned and worthwhile mock tests

    Effective Time - Coaching Square

    Effective Time Management

    Enhance your productivity and efficiency with the optimum time management tips

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    Finest PTE Study Materials

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    Innovative - Coaching Square

    Innovative Learning Techniques

    Learn better and collaborate easier with our modern learning techniques

    PTE Exam Format

    Speaking and Writing - Coaching Square

    1. Speaking and Writing

    (77-93 Minutes)

    • Personal Introduction
    • Read Aloud
    • Repeat Sentence
    • Describe Image
    • Re-tell Lecture
    • Answer short question
    • Summarize written text
    • Essay
    Reading - Coaching Square

    2. Reading

    (32-40 Minutes)

    • Fill in the blanks
    • Multiple-choice questions
    • Re-order paragraphs
    • Fill in the blanks
    • Multiple-choice questions
    Listening - Coaching Square

    3. Listening

    (45-57 Minutes)

    • Summarize spoken text
    • Multiple-choice questions
    • Fill the blanks
    • Highlight the correct summary
    • Multiple-choice questions
    • Select missing word
    • Highlight incorrect words
    • Write from dictation
    Why Choose Coaching Square for PTE Test Preparation

    Why Choose Coaching Square for PTE Test Preparation

    • Well-equipped classrooms
    • Result-driven training
    • Smartly-planned practice sessions
    • Friendly learning environment
    • Excellent PTE Coaching Experts
    • Avail Online PTE Coaching at your time

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    What is the approximate fees to take a PTE exam?

    The general cost to take a PTE exam lies around INR 13,300. You can expect a slight increase if you go for a late booking. Let our PTE Coaching experts book your PTE test.

    What is the required minimum score to pass a PTE exam?

    There is no minimum score to pass a PTE exam as such. The requirement can vary depending on your aspired country, university, and the purpose of taking the test. To get your magical PTE score, join our Online PTE Coaching.

    Which all cities in India have PTE test centers?

    New Delhi, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chennai, Bangalore, Noida, Pune, Chandigarh, Coimbatore, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Kolkata, Cochin, Vadodara, Vijayawada, Rajkot, Patiala, Nagpur, Jalandhar, Ludhiana.

    Need further help to book your PTE exam center, contact our online PTE coaching expert.

    For how long a PTE score card is valid?

    PTE scorecard is valid for a period of two years. After 2 years, you must have to pass the PTE test to be an eligible candidate to apply for student visa. Need help? Our online PTE Coaching experts are there for you.

    Is PTE online or it is a paper-based exam?

    PTE is entirely a computer-based exam. It would be better if you have given mock tests at the time of preparation. Need further coaching to achieve the magical score, join our online PTE Coaching.

    How long does it take to get the results of a PTE exam?

    PTE is the promptest exam that delivers the results within five working days of the completion of the exam. Contact our online PTE Coaching expert for further help.

    What is the difference between PTE general and PTE academic?

    There are many differences between PTE general and PTE academic but the main one is PTE general cannot be used to apply for a visa whereas PTE academic is a perfect choice to apply for all kinds of visas.

    Can I use the PTE scorecard for both immigration and study abroad purposes?

    If we talk about the student visa then yes almost all the prominent study abroad destinations accept PTE exam scorecard as a valid proof of language proficiency. As far as immigration is concerned, only two countries (Australia and New Zealand) consider PTE as valid. Hence, if you are aiming for immigration besides these two countries, better you go for other options rather than PTE.

    If you need further help, contact our PTE coaching professionals today.

    How many times can I sit in a PTE test? If yes, what should be the gap between the two attempts?

    As many times as you want. There is no restriction on the number of times you can sit in a PTE exam. Please note, you can take the next attempt only after receiving the results of your previous attempt (that comes within five days generally).

    Didn’t cracked the PTE exam? Let us know, our online PTE coaching experts are there to help you clear the exam.

    What is the score scale of the PTE test?

    The score scale of the PTE test is 10 to 90 points. To achieve your magical PTE exam score, join our Online PTE Coaching classes today.

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