CELPIP Listening Part 2 – Respond To a Daily Life Conversation
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CELPIP Listening Part 2 – Respond To a Daily Life Conversation

Difficulties in Solving CELPIP Listening Part 2


Get ready to attend the Master Session by the Certified Trainer. Attend the session and get to know more details about the same and enhance your grip over it at Aspire Square Ahmedabad.
The Seminar will give you

  • A chance to know about CELPIP Listening Part 2 in depth
  • Understand the tips and strategies
  • Learn how to practice the same by yourself
  • Solve your queries regarding the same
  • Know about the scoring criteria of Listening module

Out of all the tasks in Listening, in this one, you would come across a conversation without any sections. It would be around 2 minutes.

In Listening Part 2, it may be the conversation between two known people like family members, colleagues or friends. Each question will appear on separate screen, same as part one.

At times, it is not simple to answer such a question with precision in the given duration, we will provide the tips and strategies that will redirect you at the moment of responding it. Apart from this, we will even help you to improve key notes to be utilized in the question more accurately.

Therefore, if you are having any issues while preparing for Part 2 and wish to get away with them.


  • Date : 4.12.2021

  • Time : 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM

  • Ahmedabad



4 Dec 2021

Time : 11:00 AM to 1:00 PM