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Free PTE Master Session – Find a Chance to Live to Your Dream

Coaching Square knows the nerves of immigration, as well as study visas and because of that, we provide the privilege to our clients to select the test required for their visa process. To spread the correct awareness for the various test every now and then, we conduct different seminars and master classes. In the hierarchy, we are coming up with yet another PTE Master Class that is ready to provide benefits to you and support you to understand all the ins and outs of the test.

The PTE test is an important factor for the Australia Study and Permanent Residency visa. Additionally, it also supports you to apply for a study visa of such countries like Canada, the UK, and New Zealand as well. Here are some points that will be covered by one of our certified trainers.

Tips for “READ ALOUD” in PTE

  • Fluency is your first priority.
  • Scan for hard words and Spell them clearly before it starts recording
  • The rising and falling tone for some words is important
  • Be aware of Plurals, don’t spell them wrongly
  • No long disconnection of sentences (i.e. Gap to each sentence)
  • Uneven words, Irregular Phrasing
  • Beware of Inappropriate stress and incorrect pronunciation of some words
  • Before it starts recording, read once the total sentence
  • Don’t be too fast (in recording cannot understand) and too slow
  • Time for this section is sufficient
  • Don’t remain silent for more than 3sec
  • And the last tip is your tone must be NATURAL


  • Fluency
  • Close your eyes and listen to keep your concentration on listening
  • No long pauses, Clear voice
  • Be careful of adding new text or omitting Listened text
  • If you can’t remember the whole sentence at least give importance to Keywords


  • Many of them feel it is difficult, but it is not that much difficult. Just follow the below tips
  • Use words like To illustrate…, It depicts to show that…
  • Speak about Highest and Lowest figures or key points. ( Most Important)
  • Fluency, Speak with a good voice
  • In describing the image use the words – on the left-hand side, on the right-hand side, next to, above, below or bottom, at the top, foreground, and background. Just keep on practicing these words
  • For graphs, you can use – ‘X-axis on graphs shows…. range……’, and ‘Y-Axis on the graph shows…. range….’ Use the words like over, about, and under… to point out the values on the axis. If you use those words no need to be the exact values
  • Don’t keep silent, speak something about the image you see


  • Note the keyword by understanding the context of the topic, so you can give your best. For the name, you can use titles. ex: Dr James Alexandra says…. so you can say just ‘ dr says…’. If possible try to catch 3-5 sentences it’s enough to retell the lecture
  • While taking notes just omit vowels and note keywords it saves time. (practice it)
  • Use phrases like ‘The lecture provides brief information about…’ or ‘According to the speaker, he said…..’ etc… to elaborate the given lecture
  • Fluency is most important, whatever you speak also
  • Don’t keep silent, speak something related to the lecture


  • If you don’t know the answer, just repeat the words in the question
  • Don’t forget the articles a, an, the before some words
  • Below are some questions and answers, whatever I have collected


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  • Date : 4.12.2022

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4 Dec 2022

Time : 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM