IELTS Master-Workshop Your secret to Success!
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IELTS Master Workshop: Your secret to Success!

Are you also concerned about your low band score in the IELTS Exam? Or, if you can not work on your study plan for IELTS Exam Preparation, then we at Coaching Square are all set to solve your queries through our IELTS master workshop at Surat. Our master workshop will open up new opportunities for your better future through a detailed IELTS study preparation plan.

About the IELTS Master Workshop:

Coaching Square is a leading immigration consultancy and educational institute, and we believe in delivering successful results by offering premium services to our clients and students. A 2 day IELTS master workshop is designed exclusively for the students who have booked their IELTS exam. However, all aspirants willing to appear for IELTS Exam are invited to join us in this seminar.

The workshop is arranged on 01/07/2022 and 02/07/2022 at our Surat branch, and the timing is 12 to 2 PM.

IELTS Exam in Brief

Before we move any further, let us briefly explain what IELTS is. IELTS Exam is an English Language proficiency test that allows foreign candidates to study, work and settle in countries such as Canada, New Zealand, Australia, and the UK.

There are two versions of the IELTS Exam: IELTS General training(For immigration purposes and work visa) and IELTS Academic( For study visa).

The exam is divided into four sections: Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking, and it assesses the candidate’s ability to use these four skills. On the assessment of your test, you will get your score from 0 to 9 bands, where 9 is the highest band score. Depending upon your IELTS band score, you will get offer letters from recognized universities or colleges in foreign countries. This means that the more you prepare, the better you score in IELTS and the better opportunities you will get in the future.

Why Should You Attend this Workshop?

While some students can effortlessly score desired band scores in the IELTS test, many other candidates find it challenging to secure a high band score. These candidates must put in a lot of effort and require expert guidance to ace the IELTS Exam. The IELTS master workshop will not only increase your knowledge, but it will also encourage you to give the best effort in your test. Our professional teachers will discuss all the crucial aspects of the exam, such as,

  • How to write a band eight essay?
  • What strategies can you use to answer different question types in the reading test?
  • How to respond to questions in your speaking session?
  • Simple Listening tips that will give you maximum results.

What Will You Get from This Workshop?

In our two-day workshop at the Surat branch, we will discuss the following points:

On Day 1 of the workshop, you will get a brief explanation of the above key points:

  • Understand what IELTS examiners are looking for.
  • Detailed in-depth discussion of band descriptor.
  • Learn how to structure your Introduction/Body paragraphs/ Conclusion
  • Learn approaches to different types of questions.
  • Reading general tips
  • Approach to different types of questions ( Heading, True/False/Not given )

On Day 2 of the workshop, our expert trainers will discuss:

  • Listening general tips
  • Approach to different types of questions ( Map/ MCQ )
  • Speaking Assessment criteria and general tips
  • One to One speaking with assessment and scope of improvement.

Apart from the above points, we will also conduct one-on-one speaking sessions in this workshop. 

For candidates who have booked their dates for IELTS Academic, this workshop can be an excellent opportunity to learn some new strategies you might be unaware of. IELTS Academic is often seen as a more complicated version of the IELTS test, as it involves a lengthy and complex reading in the reading module. Hence, students who wish to undertake the IELTS Academic test,often struggle to score high band scores in the reading test.

In this workshop, you will discover some tricks and tips to improve your band score in IELTS Academic reading. Moreover, you will also learn how a band 8 essay should be written and the essential elements of effective writing. On day 2 of the IELTS master workshop, our experts will give you a brief idea of speaking assessment criteria and how to improve your fluency in your speaking test.

Join Our IELTS Master Workshop for Free!

Our team of experts has made all the arrangements to help you in your Study Abroad journey. So, save the dates and be prepared for a well-organised workshop that will not only motivate you for the IELTS exam but also guide you in all the aspects of your IELTS test preparation. 

At Coaching Square, our expert teachers are always keen to assist you with your queries and questions. So, join us on the 1st and 2nd of July 2022, and get an excellent opportunity to improve your IELTS exam performance. 


  • Date : 1.07.2022 to 2.07.2022

  • Time : 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

  • Surat



1 Jul 2022

Time : 12:00 PM to 2:00 PM