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PTE Speaking Strategy: Magic Tips to Solve Your Language Problem

PTE-A is a computer-based test and it is user-friendly. Many aspirants are struggling in PTE Speaking due to fluency or pronunciation. If you are unaware of marking criteria there is a chance that you have to appear in PTE again and again.

Aspirants have to understand marking criteria and methodology to score well but in the absence of proper guidance and practice many are struggling.

The Question Types of PTE Speaking is:

  1. Read aloud
  2. Repeat sentence
  3. Describe Image
  4. Retell lecture
  5. Answer short questions.

In Read aloud, intonation plays an imperative role, while in a Repeat sentence understanding of the sentence is important. Moreover, in Describe image there is so many question type like Bar graph, Line graph, Pie chart, Process diagram, and Map. So, aspirants should understand the details of each question. With regard to Retell lecture, the note-taking ability is important and in Answer short questions need more and more vocabulary.

Any hint of in articulation in your answer will definitely reflect your overall score. If speaking the English language is a problem for you, the only solution is to genuinely improve it. You must capitalize on your strengths and develop your weaker skills to get the optimum score in your PTE Academic Test.

The speaking section of the PTE test is assessed on two key elements that you will definitely need to have in your repertoire – ‘Fluency’ and ‘Pronunciation’.

Oral fluency is measured by the flow of speech and correct use of the language (i.e. grammar). Pronunciation, at the same time, is measured by clear and natural articulation that is understandable to the native speaker of the language.

Now, if you’re out in search of a magic trick that will solve your language problem, then we’re afraid there isn’t such a trick! However, there is a technique.

Date:  21st August 2021

Time:  10am onwards

Platform: Zoom


  • Date : 21.08.2021

  • Time : 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM


21 Aug 2021

Time : 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM