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    Canada is a favorite choice of lots of people aspiring to immigrate to an overseas country. Canada is one of the best places to attain a remarkable quality lifestyle as well as career growth.  Due to the unavoidable benefits, a large number of people attempt Canada immigration every year, however, many of them fail because of inadequate information and faulty application process. Coaching Square is an eminent Canada immigration consultants helping people to achieve their dream of Canada immigration in an easy and smooth manner..

    Know your chances to migrate to the  world’s most popular immigration destination by taking assistance from an authentic Canada immigration consultants

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    Why immigrate to Canada

    The wonderful land of Canada offers many outstanding advantages to the people moving to Canada. From education to occupation, the splendid country benefits immigrants in many possible ways. 

    Immigration Advantages - Coaching Square

    Canada Immigration Advantages

    • Great demand for skillful professionals.
    • Secure and comfortable living environment.
    • Terrific healthcare and education benefits.
    • Easy and convenient Canada PR process as compared to other immigration destinations.
    • Growing economy holding awesome career prospects.
    • Easier for Indian people to get Canada Immigration

    Canada Immigration – Eligibility Criteria

    • Qualification

      To avail Canada PR, a candidate be must be a graduate.

    • Age

      The age of the applicant is another important factor that determines a candidate’s eligibility for Canada immigration. Although the candidates who are below 45 years can easily apply for Canada immigration, the candidates aged between 18 to 35 years have higher chances of getting Canada PR than the older ones.

    • Language proficiency

      The applicant’s ability to speak English or French plays a crucial role The candidate must have adequate language proficiency to achieve Canada PR Visa.

    • Employment experience

      Having an employment experience of at least 3 years can significantly boost your chances of Canadian immigration.

    Documents Required to apply for Canada PR Visa

    • A valid passport.
    • English language proficiency scorecard.
    • Medical reports.
    • Police verification reports.
    • Proof of sufficient funds.
    • Education Credential Assessment (ECA) by an authorized organization.
    • Employment letter from a Canadian employer (if any).
    • Provincial Nomination Certificate (if any).
    • Academic records.
    • Marriage or divorce certificate (if applicable).
    • Express Entry Profile Number.

    Steps to Apply for Canada PR (Through Express Entry)

    1. Undergo a suitable language proficiency test - Coaching Square

      Undergo a suitable language proficiency test

    2. Make an Express Entry Profile on the IRCC website - Coaching Square

      Make an Express Entry Profile on the IRCC website

    3. Education Credentials Assessment - Coaching Square

      Finish the Education Credentials Assessment

    4. Select and apply for a PNP - Coaching Square

      Select and apply for a Provincial Nomination Program if you wish to

    5. Wait for an ITA - Coaching Square

      Wait for an ITA (Invitation to Apply)

    6. Acquire The Required Health and Criminal Background Reports - Coaching Square

      Acquire the required health and criminal background reports

    7. Submit The Completed Application - Coaching Square

      Submit the Canada PR application

    8. Wait for the approval of your PR status - Coaching Square

      Wait for the approval of your PR status

    9. Request for your PR card - Coaching Square

      Request for your PR card

    General Processing Time and Cost for Canada PR Visa

    The general processing time of Canada PR application submitted through Express Entry lies between four to six months.

    The application cost to apply for Canada PR varies based on the immigration program you choose to apply to. In general, the application fee including the right of permanent residency fee costs you around CAD 1,040 (approx INR 54,240). To include your spouse or dependent children in the application, you have to pay more. Apart from the application fee, you are required to manage several other expenses such as language proficiency test fee (INR 10,000 approx), medical checkups fee (INR 5,000 approx), police clearance certificate fee (INR 500 approx) when you are aiming for Canada immigration.

    Expense Earning - Coaching Square

    Categories for Canadian PR

    The Canadian spouse visa enables the spouse or common-law partner of Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents to enter, work, and settle in Canada. The sponsorship of the Canada visa must be done by a Canadian citizen or a Canadian PR holder. The sponsor must satisfy the desired set of eligibility criteria to qualify for the sponsorship which says he must be above eighteen years, must not have any criminal record, and so on.

    The Canadian government allows Canadian citizens or Canadian permanent residents to bring their parents to the land of Canada and stay with them. The candidates have to sponsor their parents to do so. To sponsor their parents for Canada PR, the candidates must be above 18 years of age, they must have adequate funds to manage the expenses of the parents they are sponsoring, and they must be residents of Canada.

    Canada enables a Canadian citizen or a Canadian PR to sponsor his/her dependent children to acquire a Canada PR. However, the child must adhere to the specification of a dependent child and the parent must meet the eligibility criteria to be a qualified sponsor. The child must be below 22 years of age and must not have a spouse or common-law partner to obtain Canada PR under this category. A child who is above 22 years can also avail Canada Immigration visa if he is not physically or mentally stable.

    Canada PR Programs List

    Economic classes

    • Federal skilled worker
    • Canadian experience class
    • Federal skilled trades
    • Quebec economic classes
    • Provincial nominees
    • Start-up business class
    • Self-employed persons class

    Non-economic classes

    • Spouses or common-law partners
    • Parents and grandparents
    • Dependent children
    • Humanitarian and compassionate consideration
    • Temporary resident permit holders class
    • Protected temporary residents class

    Canada PR Period of Stay

    Generally, Canada PR is granted for a period of five years. The visa can be renewed with some effort if required. To retain the PR status, the candidate must have to stay in Canada for a minimum of 730 days during the allotted five years stay duration.

    Canada PNP Programs

    Provincial Nomination Programs are an important component of the Canada immigration system. The programs help those candidates to secure a Canada PR who are endeavoring to settle in a specific province or territory of Canada. Every province or territory in Canada executes its own PNP programs based on its specific economic requirements. The list of provinces or territories that operate Provincial Nomination Programs in Canada include

    • Alberta
    • British Columbia
    • Manitoba
    • Ontario
    • Quebec
    • Yukon
    • Saskatchewan
    • Prince Edward Island
    • Nova Scotia
    • Newfoundland and Labrador
    • New Brunswick
    • Northwest Territories

    Importance of CRS Score

    Express Entry is a seamless option for talented professionals to migrate to Canada. Every candidate in the Express Entry pool is allocated a CRS score based on a number of factors present in the candidate’s profile.

    The applicants who acquire the highest CRS points are given the Invitation to Apply (ITA) for Canada PR visa. The main factors that impact the CRS score of an Express Entry candidate include

    • Age
    • Language proficiency
    • Qualification
    • Employment experience
    Importance of CRS Score - Coaching Square

    Qualified jobs for permanent residents in Canada

    Canada PR opens a great range of around 350 eligible occupations to the Canada PR holders empowering them to seek tremendous professional growth. The main sectors in which a Canadian PR can explore employment opportunities include

    • Finance
    • Education
    • Human resource
    • Administration
    • Marketing and public relations
    • Engineering 
    • Architecture
    • Information technology and so on.
    Immigration Travelling - Coaching Square

    Travelling to Canada: Step by Step

    • Check your eligibility to enter Canadian land.
    • Organize the required travel documents.
    • Make your self-isolation plan.
    • Pack the necessary documents and other belongings.
    • Fly to Canada
    • Make sure to adhere to the quarantine guidelines before you start your life in Canada.

    Canada Immigration – Pre and Post-arrival checklist

    Pre-arrival checklist

    • Plan your accommodation.
    • Perform research on possible job options.
    • Buy a medical insurance.
    • Organize the required travel documents.
    • Arrange funds for initial days in Canada.

    Post-arrival checklist

    • Search for a suitable apartment to live.
    • Open a bank account.
    • Obtain your social insurance number.
    • Explore a good place to purchase your daily needs.
    • Start socializing yourself to make new friends.
    Free Counselling for Migrate to Canada

    Canada Permanent Resident’s Rights

    Permanent Resident Rights - Coaching Square
    Canada offers a bulk of superb benefits to the Canada PR holders. The candidates can pursue education, enjoy medical benefits, explore employment opportunities, and leverage many other excellent benefits while holding a Canada PR. As a permanent resident of Canada, an individual can

    Rights for the Canadian Citizens

    • Reside and work anywhere within the boundaries of Canada
    • Request for Canadian citizenship
    • Study in any college or university across Canada
    • Take advantage of the free healthcare services offered by the Canadian government
    • Gain protection under Canadian law and orders.

    Quarantine Guide

    The government of Canada is strictly following protective measures to control the spread of COVID-19 in the country. Every individual traveling to Canada by air must quarantine for a period of 14 days right from the day of landing. The immigrant is required to provide precise contact information to the public health agency of Canada so that the authorities can get in touch with the traveler to make sure he is obeying the quarantine guidelines properly. 


    What are the main benefits of Canada PR?
    • You can study or work anywhere in Canada.
    • You can apply for Canadian citizenship.
    • You can take your family members to Canada.
    • You can leverage the great medical benefits offered by the Canadian government.
    • You can commence a business in Canada.
    • You can avail free education for your children in the country.
    What is the fastest way to migrate to Canada?

    Express Entry is the most convenient and fastest way to immigrate to Canada for skilled aspirants. The process completes within a short time span of six months. To get more information on the Express Entry programs that are currently opened, you can connect with our Canada immigration consultants.

    What is the Comprehensive Ranking System?

    It is a point-based system that evaluates the candidate’s profile for the Express Entry pool. The main factors that decide a candidate’s CRS score include their age, work experience, employment background, and language proficiency. You should know about this if you are applying for Canada Immigration.

    Do you provide post-departure support services to those who are migrate to Canada soon?

    Yes, we do provide the best post-departure support to our clients and help them to settle in their new homes easily and swiftly. Our Canada Immigration consultants are always there to make the Canada PR process smoother and easier.

    How can I increase my CRS score?

    There are many ways that can help you to increase your CRS score.

    1. Enhance your language proficiency. If you are already good at English then learning a new language like French can make a difference to your CRS score.
    2. Gain work experience of at least three years before aiming for a Canada PR. Working for a Canadian employer will benefit you more than working for a non-Canadian employer.
    3. Apply with your spouse. The potentials of your spouse in terms of language proficiency, qualification, employment experience, etc. can be rewarded in the form of extra CRS points.
    4. Apply via a Provincial Nomination Program. 
    5. Go for higher education or degree. If you choose Canada as your immigration destination, it can aid you to secure some extra CRS points.
    What kind of support I can expect from a Canada immigration consultants?

    A knowledgeable and experienced Canada immigration consultants can support you in many ways. The team can assist you to

    • Choose the most suitable Canada Immigration program matching your skills.
    • Submit a timely and error-free visa application.
    • Understand, collect and submit the mandatory document easily and within the specified time frame.
    • Diminish the chances of your Canada Immigration application rejection because of trivial mistakes during the application process.
    • Know the latest Canada immigration laws and policies.
    What is the maximum age to apply for a Canada PR?

    There is no restriction on the applicant’s age to apply for a Canada PR but the candidates under 35 years generally get more CRS points than the ones who are above 35. Hence, they have higher chances of Canada PR than the later ones.

    What are my options to migrate to Canada in 2021?

    There are many including the Express entry program, Family class sponsorship, LMIA work visa, Provincial nominee programs, and Canadian investor immigration. To know the most suitable one based on your expertise and profile, you can get in touch with our Canada immigration consultants anytime.

    Can I migrate to Canada easily?

    Frankly speaking, there is never an easy option to migrate to an overseas country, however, if you adopt the smarter way from the beginning itself, you can attain your dream of Canada immigration with minimal efforts. Nothing can help you more than hiring Canada immigration consultants if you are seeking a smooth and relaxed accomplishment of your Canada PR visa process. Let our Canada Immigration experts help you achieve your goals. Let’s start with Free Assessment

    Can I migrate to Canada without having a job offer in hand?

    Yes, you can but if you have a job offer from a Canadian employer at the time of application, it will help you to secure more CRS points and raise your chances of Canada immigration.

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