Most Commonly Repeated Spellings of Words in IELTS Listening

Sep 08,2022

Most Commonly Repeated Spellings of Words in IELTS-Listening

Most candidates assume that vocabulary and spelling checks are only meant for the writing module of the IELTS Exam. while this assumption is valid to some extent, correct spellings are also crucial for the IELTS Listening test. Minor spelling mistakes can have a negative impact on your IELTS Listening score. Thus, it is always a good idea to learn from frequently-made errors and avoid them in the final test.

A listening test is divided into multiple sections, each with different question types to assess your listening ability. The most common question types are multiple-choice questions, fill in the blanks and match the labels or a map. Among all these, you are only required to write complete words in Fill in blanks questions. You must pay attention to all words played in your IELTS Listening test recording.

There are thousands of words in the English Language, and learning the spelling of all the words may not be possible before the IELTS test. However, you can note down the most common words that appear in the IELTS Listening Exam and learn the spellings of complex words during your test preparation.

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Most common words used  in IELTS Listening Test:

You may be asked to write names, numbers, places, prices, addresses, and many other words in your listening test. Despite most of these words being known and familiar, test-takers often fail to write precise spellings. Let us learn what these words are with their correct spellings.


Geology, science, biology, architecture, literature, statistics, performing arts, politics, archeology, philosophy, psychology, and agriculture.


University, supervisor, experiment, department, dictionary, commencement, accommodation, deadline, lecture, laboratory, attendance, resources,stationery, guidelines, schedule, bachelor, intermediate, placement, specialization, feedback, curricular activities, course work, higher education, faculty, certificate, graduation, 

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Employee, organisation, designation, occupation, industrial, profession, clerk, accountant, promotion, reward, retire, receptionist, recruit, interviewee, appointment, opportunity, volunteer


Vegetarian, proteins, vitamins, minerals, supplements, wellness, disease, balanced diet, treatment, remedy, excercise, nutrition, maternity, headache, stomach, illness, addictive, allergy/ allergic, anemia, anxiety, athelte, breathe, calorie, cardiac, disorder, genetics, hygiene, immunity, infection, muscular, prevention, symptoms


field, mountain, forest, coast, ocean, breeze, environment, valley, earthquake , volcano, disaster, landslide, hurricanes, flood, oasis, cliff, countryside, desert, island, wildlife, eruption, extinction, lush, bloom, rejuvenating, fossil fuels, global warming, greenhouse, emission, renewable, deforestation, vegetation, ecology, reliable, pollution, climate, detrimental , drought,


Swimming, cycling, snorkelling, pottery, skate boarding, snow boarding, skating, archery


Commute, tourism, transportation, ferry, tourist, trip, culture, souvenir, hotel suite, automobile, passenger, immigration, migrant, castle


Sculpture, architecture, pyramid, caves, museum, abstract, mythology, fort, mosque, exhibition, theatre, performance, artefact, articrafts, calligraphy, carving, engrave, gallery, graffiti, masterpiece, portrait


Residence, cottages, balcony, terrace, tenants, landlord, suburb, dormitory, basement, apartment, lounge, backyard, garage, staircase, microwave, refrigerator, air conditioner, appliances, barbeque, ceiling, curtains, closet, drainage, fence, entrance, furnace, fireplace, furniture, insulation, laundry, shelf, trash, rubbish bin, garbage


Rainbow, drizzle, shower, downpour, mist, humid, breeze, thunderstorm, forecast, tropical, bright


Finance, instalment, investment, cheque, poverty, mortgage, withdraw, receipt, deposit, credit, interest, debt, budget, bargain, bankrupt, economy, currency, expenses, equity, exchange, income, lend, loss, recession, wealth


Exciting, interesting, engaging, ancient, comfortable, affordable, immense, intense, adorable, aggressive, annoying, anxious, awful, charming, cautious, cheerful, clumsy, cooperative, curious, courageous, dangerous, delightful, dull, dizzy, doubtful, enchanting, embarrassed, enthusiastic, fierce, fragile, faithful, gorgeous, glamorous, grateful, horrible, innocent, jealous, magnificent, mysterious, outrageous

Besides all these commonly used words, you might be asked to complete the sentences with months, days of the week, name of a country or a region such as South pacific, Nigeria, Philippines, etc. 


Mammals, reptiles, predators, insects, poultry, livestock, creature, enzymes, species, flora and fauna, roots, stems, habitat, domestic animals

Other words: Spiritual, meditation, moderate, magazine, photographs, fertilizers, advice, strategies, starvation, stressful, manufacture.

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Spellings of words with silent letters:

 There are many words in English Dictionary that have silent letters. While native speakers are familiar with such words, it becomes challenging for non-native speakers to identify these words and spell them correctly. If you fail to reconize words with silent letters, you won’t be able to score high score in your listening test. Here is a list of these words:

Knock, rhyme, nestle, hustle, wednesday, pneumonia, psychology, island, castle, whistle, watch, fasten, tongue, disguise, biscuit, wrapper, wrestling, wrinkle, wrist, calf, almond, knowledge, knife, knitting, align, assign, foreign, design, campaign, scissors, scenario, debt, doubt, conscious

Common Misspelled Words:

One of the most common mistakes made by IELTS candidates is they tend to write wrong spelling of the words that we use on regular basis. Words such as government, wednesday, knife are used  frequently in everyday life. But, most of us make errors while we write on our notebook. We’ve shortlisted some of the commonly misspelled words to improve your IELTS Listening score.

Correct spelling-Incorrect spelling
Committed commited

Most candidates struggle writing the correct spelling of words with double letters such as apparent, assessment, commence curriculum, unnecessary, traffic, and illiteracy.

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Helpful Tip for IELTS Listening Exam:

  • An important IELTS Listening tip is to read the question first, guess the answer that best fits the sentence, and listen to the audio carefully to predict the correct word.
  • You must use the correct verb form. However, one can only write error-free words with thorough practice. 
  • Proofread your answers to write error-free answers.
  • Make appropriate use of apostrophe.

Writing perfect spelling while listening to the audio can be difficult; however, if you’ve practiced enough, you can conquer this obstacle with significantly less effort. Test takers must practice writing the correct spellings of these words to attain desirable results in the IELTS Listening test. 

Experienced IELTS Coaching centers like Aspire Square can help you achieve a perfect IELTS Listening score with expert training sessions and one-to-one attention. 

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