Speaking Test Tips for CELPIP Exam

Apr 11,2022

Speaking Test Tips for CELPIP Exam

As the name suggests, the Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) test is an English language proficiency test primarily taken by aspirants willing to Migrate to Canada. Just like the other prevalent alternatives such as IELTS, CELPIP also evaluates four skills of the test taker – Reading, Writing, Speaking, and Listening.

Without going deep into other components, we will only focus on the speaking part in this blog. Read the blog till the end to thoroughly understand the CELPIP speaking exam components as well as get the best tips to score high in the CELPIP speaking test.

CELPIP Speaking Test Details

CELPIP Test is of two types – CELPIP General and CELPIP General LS.  No matter which type of CELPIP test you are planning to take, you are likely to take the CELPIP Speaking Test as it is a constituent of both.

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Format of CELPIP Speaking Test

The 15-20 minutes test is comprised of eight parts. These are

1. Giving Advice 

In the first task, you are required to advice someone. You will be given 30 seconds to get ready with your answer. The recording has to be done in 90 seconds. A prompt will be displayed on the computer screen based on which the advice has to be provided.

2. Speaking About a Personal Experience

In this task, you have to explain a past experience of yours. You can describe an activity you have done in the past, something you have seen, or anything else.  An important thing to keep in mind here is as you are talking about the past, you need to be very careful while using verb forms.

3. Describing a Scene or Picture

You need to give a precise description of a scene or image in this task. A picture will be displayed on the computer screen, and you will be required to define it in detail.

4. Making Predictions

Like the previous task, in this task also a picture will be displayed on the computer screen. The difference here is instead of explaining the picture, you have to make predictions on what may occur next.

5. Making Comparisons and Persuading

This task asks you to make a comparison between two options and convince the other person to go with your choice. As convincing someone is not an easy chore, your arguments have to be logical.

6. Dealing with a Difficult Situation

This task presents you with two choices of action. You have to choose one between the two and present a reason behind your choice.

7. Expressing an Opinion

The purpose of this section is to assess your ability to express thoughts. You will have 30 seconds to prepare your response and 90 seconds to deliver it. The reasons for your opinion should be well-explained to excel in this part.

8. Describing an Unusual Situation

You will be given a picture to complete this task. The image might be of a weird building, an odd-looking object, or anything else. You’ll be asked to tell your family or friends about the object.

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CELPIP Speaking Tips

1. Practice Adequately:

It requires time and sufficient practice to Prepare for CELPIP speaking. You can practice speaking with your family and friends. Using a recording device for practicing is also a good idea as it aids you to enhance your confidence while taking the actual exam.

2. Speak Clearly and in a Relaxed Manner:

When you speak, be sure the message you provide is transparent. To make your message more striking and understandable, you must speak clearly and at an appropriate speed.

3. Focus on Your Grammar and Vocabulary:

It is critical to utilize correct grammar and vocabulary when taking the CELPIP speaking test. It not only strengthens your content but also assists you in achieving a good score.

4. Use Online Resources:

A bulk of online resources are available to aid you practice for the CELPIP speaking test in a well-organized manner. However, not all are of high quality and give you an equal advantage, hence, you need to be selective while choosing preparation material.

5. Practice Managing Your Time:

While taking the CELPIP Speaking Test, sticking to the given time limit is extremely crucial. The test does not give you a lot of time to record your answer, hence, focusing on this part beforehand is certainly significant.

6. Take as Many CELPIP Speaking Practice Tests as Possible:

The sample tests are accessible for free on the CELPIP test’s main website. A sample test can aid you in a variety of ways, including understanding the test format and learning time management.

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Let’s Sum Everything Up

  • In order to pass the CELPIP speaking test, you must manage your time well.
  • Your accent is quite acceptable. Confidence is the key to score high.
  • Grammar, vocabulary, and speed, all are vital components to score high in CELPIP speaking.
  • Practice tests are a good resource to help you perform better in the actual test.


It takes time to Prepare for the CELPIP Exam. You’ll need enough time to study for the exam and feel at ease when taking it. Though there are numerous online resources accessible to assist you in studying for the CELPIP Exam, they may not be as helpful as you would like because you are more likely to become confused while making choices. If you find yourself in this situation, the easiest method to prepare for the exam is to get aid from Expert CELPIP Coaching Professionals.

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