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    Why Study in Australia?

    Australia is an unparalleled option for students seeking to study abroad. It is one of the most reputed and welcoming countries offering high-quality education. The decision to study in Australia can bestow you with wonderful experiences and career prospects. The friendly environment, excellent quality of living, ample work options, and amazing climate conditions make Australia a topmost choice to study abroad.

    Major Benefits to Study in Australia

    World Class Education - Coaching Square

    World-class Education

    Australia holds 8 of the world’s top 100 universities. The virtuous teaching quality and research excellence presented by these universities are ideal to refine students in the best possible way and help them to meet their life dreams.

    Multicultural Environment - Coaching Square

    Multicultural Environment

    Australia welcomes students of different regions and cultures from across the globe. It is one of the most culturally diverse nations present worldwide. Hence, the students can easily make friends in the country and adjust to the new environment with study in Australia.

    Economical Pricing - Coaching Square

    Economical Pricing

    The cost to study in Australia is less as compared to the counterparts (USA and UK). This makes Australia is a good option for students having limited funds.

    Pleasing Surroundings and Weather - Coaching-Square

    Pleasing Surroundings and Weather

    Australia is a country of beautiful landscapes, coastlines, and cities. It also assures delightful weather across the year. The country is a perfect place for students looking to have fun and enjoy life while studying.

    Global Recognition - Coaching Square

    Global Recognition

    The degree acquired from an Australian university is recognized and appreciated in all corners of the world. Hence, the students can easily explore career opportunities both within and outside Australia as per their preferences.

    Great Employment Opportunities - Coaching Square

    Great Employment Opportunities

    Australia permits international students to work while studying. The country also presents great options to help students stay back and join employment in the country post their studies. Moreover, the students can also attempt for an Australian PR to reside and work in the country forever.

    Coaching Square Helping Students to Get an Australia Student Visa

    Obtaining an Australia student visa is a tough chore. The process associates a lot of difficulties. Hence, instead of being in dilemmas, taking assistance from a reliable team is always a smart move. Coaching Square is an esteemed Australia Student Visa Consultants holding expertise in all sorts of student visa including Australia student visa. The in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of our Australia education consultants are compelling to help our clientele in Australia student visa.

    Student Visa - Coaching Square
    • Understanding the different visa categories and the associated eligibility criteria.
    • Knowing the best universities in the country.
    • Completing a faultless visa process.
    • Choosing a suitable course to attain a great career.
    • Learning the available scholarship options to ease financial hazards.

    Australia Student Visa - Eligibility Criteria

    Required IELTS score for Masters to study in Australia universities.

    • 6.5 bands Overall
    • Min. 6.0 bands in each

    Know the required PTE score to study in Australia.

    • 58 Overall
    • Min.52 in each
    • Not Applicable to study in Australia
    • Not Applicable to study in Australia

    IELTS scores requirement that you need to apply to a Study in Australia university.

    • Min. 6.0 bands in each

    Needful PTE score for Bachelors to study in Australia universities.

    • Min.52 in each
    • Not Applicable for study in Australia
    • Not Applicable for study in Australia

    Basic Requirements to Obtain an Australia Student Visa

    • Enrollment in a recognized Australian school.
    • The candidate must be free from serious health issues.
    • Sound English language skills.
    • Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC).
    • A valid passport.
    • Financial stability to manage the tuition fees and other expenses.
    • Clean criminal record.

    Education System in Australia - Coaching Square

    Education System to Study in Australia

    Australia executes a sound and impressive education system encouraging students from all over the world to come and study in Australia. The education system in Australia comprises primary, secondary and tertiary levels of education.

    The primary and secondary aka school education is for the students aged between six and sixteen years and can be divided into three levels – primary, secondary and senior secondary. Primary school starts from kindergarten and continuous up to six or seven years.

    The secondary school continuous for three to four years and senior secondary for two years. Tertiary education comprises higher education, vocational education, and other training programs.

    Types of Institutes to Study in Australia

    1. Public Universities

      Public universities are those universities that are financed by the state or territory government. These universities are the best option to gain high-quality education in cost-effective manners.

    2. Private Universities

      Private universities manage their funds by the tuition fees they earn. These universities provide better facilities than the public ones. Australia holds only three private universities namely – Bond University, The University of Notre Dame, and Torrens University.

    3. ‘Group of 8’ Universities

      The ‘Group of 8’ universities are the best research universities existing in Australia. These universities are very esteemed and difficult to enroll in.

    4. TAFE: Technical and Further Education

      These universities are run by state and territory governments and mainly offer vocational types of courses.

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    How to Apply for Australia Student Visa

    1. Get Enrolled in an Australian School - Coaching Square

      Get enrolled in an Australian school

    2. Register with ImmiAccount - Coaching Square

      Register with ImmiAccount

    3. Prepare Necessary Documents - Coaching Square

      Prepare necessary documents

    4. Complete and Submit Your Visa Application - Coaching Square

      Submit your visa application & Pay the visa fees

    5. Go Through The Necessary Health Checkup - Coaching Square

      Go through the necessary health checkups (if required) and interview

    6. Await The Decision - Coaching Square

      Await the decision

    Processing Time of Australia Student Visa

    The time varies from application to application. Where a few applications are processed within a month, others take up to three months for completion.

    Cost of Living and Study in Australia

    An estimation of needed funds is crucial to prepare yourself to study abroad. Of course Australia is a cheaper option both in terms of tuition fees as well as living costs when compared to the USA and UK, still you need significant sums of money to accomplish the purpose. The primary costs associated with studying and living in Australia include

    • Tuition fees – The tuition fees can slightly vary depending on the chosen university, level of your degree, and study program. The estimated fees to pursue a bachelor’s degree lies around AUD 20,000 to AUD 45,000 per year. To gain a master’s or Ph.D. degree, you need around AUD 22,000 to 50,000 per year.
    • Accommodation – The accommodation cost depends on the location where your university is situated. Living in a rural area costs you less than living in an urban area. Also, the type of housing you choose to live can make a difference. On-campus housing costs around AUD 110-280 per week. Off-campus housing has many options varying in quality and costs. These include shared rentals, homestays, and so on. You require at least AUD 95 per week to live off-campus.
    • Visa fees – Australia offers a variety of Australia student visas including subclass 500, subclass 407, and subclass 485. The application cost for each visa type differs and starts from AUD 310.
    • Other living expenses – The other expenses include food, transportation, entertainment, traveling, shopping, books, groceries. The cost depends on how much a student prefers to spend.
    Inquire Now - Coaching Square

    Inquire Now

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    List of Top Universities to Study in Australia

    QS World University Ranking University No. of Students No. of Courses
    31 Australian National University 20,000+ 19
    40 University of Sydney 70,000+ 110
    41 University of Melbourne 45,000+ 34
    44 University of New South Wales 60,000+ 17
    46 University of Queensland 50,000+ 360
    55 Monash University 70,000+ 31
    92 University of Western Australia 18,000+ 16
    106 University of Adelaide 20,000+ 35
    133 University of Technology Sydney 45,000+ 23
    196 University of Wollongong 30,000+ 44

    Study Abroad - Coaching Square

    Scholarship Options to Study in Australia

    Australia offers a huge number of scholarship options to worthy students to help them resolve their financial dilemmas and study in Australia. The scholarships are provided by Australian universities and colleges, government bodies, and public and private organizations.

    The most popular scholarship options the Indian students can target to study in Australia are – Australian Government Research and Training Program (AGRTP), Australia Awards, Destination Australia, John Allwright Fellowship (JAF), Provider scholarships, International Postgraduate Research Scholarships, and so on. The students must match the desired eligibility criteria to leverage any of these scholarships.

    Post-Study Work Options in Australia

    Many international students get amazed by the Australian lifestyle and do not wish to leave the country post their studies. Fortunately, the Australian government provides options to deserving international students to dwell in the country post their studies and explore career opportunities. The task can be accomplished with the help of a Post Study Work Permit or a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485). The two main categories associated with a Temporary Graduate Visa (subclass 485) are

    • Graduate Work Stream – The Graduate Work Stream enables international students to stay and work in Australia for a period of up to 18 months. The visa is specifically for international students possessing the skills and qualification required to join a specific occupation in the Australian job market. The students are required to find employment by themselves if targeting for this visa. The visa cannot be extended.
    • Post Study Work Stream – The Post Study Work Stream allows international students to work in Australia for a period of two to four years. The students can also bring their immediate family members to the country under this visa. The visa costs around AUD 1650 and takes around eight to nine months for processing.
    Expense Earning - Coaching Square

    Expense v/s Earning

    Study in Australia is a costly affair. It requires adequate and smart budget planning. The tuition fees is your primary expenditure of course. Although the cost relies on your selected study program and university, the estimated tuition fees to study in Australia lies around AUD 20,000 to AUD 30,000 a year. The other expenses include the accommodation cost, Australia student visa cost, and other miscellaneous expenses. The accommodation cost depends on your chosen accommodation type and the city in which you live, however, you need at least AUD 90-95 per week to get accommodation in Australia. The living expenses include food, groceries, phone, internet, transport, entertainment, clothing, stationery, etc., and are subject to change from student to student.

    Part-time work is an excellent option for international students to make some extra money and regulate their living expenses in an overseas country. Australia is one of the countries that permit international students to work part-time while studying. The students must abide by the work regulations defined by their university and study permit to continue their studies in the country. Australia presents an ample number of part-time job options to the international students from which the students can choose based on their skills, interest, and possible pay scale. The most prominent part-time job roles are private tutor (AUD 20 to AUD 40 per hour), admin executive (AUD 25 to AUD 30 per hour), cashier (AUD 21 to AUD 25 per hour), waiter/waitress (AUD 21 to AUD 25 per hour), customer care executive (AUD 25 to AUD 30 per hour), and delivery boy (AUD 8 to AUD 12 per delivery).

    Student Life in Australia

    Australia is a constantly emerging destination welcoming study abroad aspirants from all over the world. One of the main reasons behind this is the amazing lifestyle it offers to the students. The most prominent components of student life in Australia are accommodation, campus life, security, and so on. The students in Australia are facilitated by vibrant and worthwhile campus life. Also, the students can be a part of several groups, and associations serving an assortment of activities to encourage the overall development of the students.

    Pros of Student Life in Australia

    • Safety
      Safety - Coaching Square

      Australia is quite peaceful. The crime rate in Australia is significantly less making it a great place to study and live in a secured environment.

    • Great internship options
      Great Internship Options - Coaching Square
      Great internship options

      There are many multinational organizations in Australia that provide paid and unpaid internships to students. Hence, acquiring hands-on experience in their desired fields of study is easy for the learners.

    • Part-time work Permissions
      Part-Time work Permissions - Coaching Square
      Part-time work Permissions

      Australia allows international students to work part-time while they study. The employment experience earned this way is helpful the generate an effective CV. Also, the secured money can help students to manage their regular expenses and attain easy survival in the country.

    • Calm and friendly surrounding
      Calm and friendly Surrounding - Coaching Square
      Calm and friendly surrounding

      The people of Australia are very helpful and friendly. The support from these people makes it easy for the international student to adapt to the new environment and study in Australia.

    Check Your Eligibility for Free for Australia Student Visa

    Current Job Trends in the Australia

    Australia’s job market is full of opportunities demanding professionals from varying fields and skillsets. Though the highest demand is in healthcare (due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the job market holds room for other professionals as well. Australia’s most demanding jobs for now and the forthcoming years are

    • Administrative Assistants
    • Sales Representatives
    • Business Analyst
    • Dental
    • Software Developers
    • Mining – Engineering and Maintenance
    • Plant and Machinery Operators
    • Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation
    • Psychology, Counselling & Social Work


    Can I take my partner to Australia on a Australia student visa?

    Yes you can travel to Australia with your partner on Australia student visa, but you need to show valid proof of your relationship with your partner. This can be a marriage certificate, a lease agreement, a joint bank account, and likewise. Our Australia student visa consultants can help you for the same.

    What is the age limit to apply for an Australia student visa?

    There is no age limit to apply for an Australia student visa. You can apply whenever once your age is 18 years or older than it. For better assistance, you can contact our Australia student visa consultants right away.

    Can I change my institution after reaching Australia on Australia Student Visa?

    Yes, you can but you must complete at least six months of your course in your chosen institute before requesting a change.

    Which English language proficiency test should I undergo to take admission to an Australian institute?

    You have many options like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL, and OET but PTE is the most recommended one. PTE is recognized and accepted by almost all institutions and universities of Australia.

    Which type of courses we can pursue from Australian institutes?

    The Australian universities provide almost all the trending courses in the fields of management, science, tourism, hospitality, tourism, law, engineering, humanities, and so on. So, you can pursue almost everything you want.

    Does Australia provide scholarships to international students?

    Yes, Australia provides many great scholarship options to support international students to manage their study expenses.

    What is the ideal time to apply for an Australia student visa?

    The students are recommended to apply at least three months before the commencement of their desired study program.

    What is the estimated application fees to apply for an Australia student visa?

    Applying for an Australia student visa costs you around AUD 620 (INR 35,000 approx). To know the exact figures, reach our Australia student visa consultants anytime.

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