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    Why Study in Canada?

    A globally recognized degree is the main intent of every youth seeking to study abroad and Canada promises to provide the same. The land of enormous opportunities to study in Canada is known for offering good quality education in cost-effective manners. It is one of the most favorite and highly preferred study destinations for international students from all over the world. The top-class education system together with the presence of world-class universities and a welcoming environment makes Canada an unmatched choice to study abroad.

    Benefits of Study in Canada

    The glorious land, Canada offers awesome study benefits to the youths preparing to pursue education from the country. Here are the top reasons that present Canada as a popular study abroad destination

    Excellent Academics - Coaching Square

    Excellent Academics

    Canada holds 25+ internationally recognized universities bestowing the youths with the right education. They also help them to reach new heights of achievement and prosperity who are study in Canada.

    Security - Coaching Square


    Safety is the topmost concern of international students planning to study abroad. Canada is an extremely secure place to live with a negligible crime rate.

    Freedom of Employment - Coaching Square

    Freedom of Employment

    Most Canadian universities allow international students to work while they study. This serves as a great help to regulate the primary expenses while living in the country with study in Canada.

    Immigration Possibilities - Coaching Square

    Immigration Possibilities

    The Canadian government provides many options to talented students who are study in Canada to stay back in the country post their studies and explore career opportunities over there.

    Cultural Diversity - Coaching Square

    Cultural Diversity

    Canada has a multicultural environment. It welcomes learners from almost all parts of the world. Hence, the students get a chance to understand the world in a better way.

    Huge Range of Available Courses - Coaching Square

    Huge range of available Courses

    Canada offers a great range of programs in distinct fields of study. The availability of this huge range allows youths to choose a program that matches their preference and area of interest.

    Coaching Square Helping Students to Get a Canada Student Visa

    Acquiring a Canada student visa is imperative to study in the world’s most popular study abroad destination. However, the complications associated with the visa process do not let all meet their educational aspirations. This is where Coaching Square grabs the attention. Our knowledgeable and talented team is capable to manage all the difficulties associated with the visa process and keeps the chances of your visa rejection away. The thorough and reliable guidance provided by our team can help you to get a Canada student visa.

    Student Visa - Coaching Square
    • Select the right course matching your future aspirations.
    • Complete and submit your visa application without faults.
    • Organize the valid documents needed to submit your visa application.
    • Handle complex issues associated with your visa process.
    • Choose the right university to pursue your chosen course.
    • Understand your scholarship options.

    Canada Student Visa - Eligibility Criteria

    Required IELTS score for Masters, Bachelors and postgraduate programs to study in Canadian universities.

    • 6.5 bands Overall
    • Min. 6.0 bands in each

    PTE Academic is accepted by most Canadian universities and colleges.

    Know the required PTE score to study in Canada.

    • 58 Overall
    • Min.52 in each
      (PTE Accepted by a very few colleges)

    Bachelor students are also required to prove their English proficiency if their primary language is not English and they are certified from a non-English speaking academy.

    Check the TOEFL score requirements for the study in Canada.

    • 79 Overall
    • Min.60 in each (A few colleges accept TOEFL)

    Duolingo and IELTS look like two tests from two various asteroids.

    Know the Required scores to study in Canada.

    • 115 Overall
    • Min.95 in each

    IELTS scores requirement that you need to apply to a Study in Canadian university.

    • Min. 6.0 bands in each

    PTE Academic is presently accepted by more than 90% of Canadian universities of any country.

    Required PTE Score to study in Canada:

    • 55 Overall
    • Min.52 in each
      (PTE Accepted by a very few colleges)

    Let’s look at TOEFL Score reuirements to study in Canada:

    • Min.46 in each
      (A few colleges accept TOEFL)

    Many Canadian colleges and universities are allowing the Duolingo English Test as one of the alternatives to meet the English Entrance Terms for International Students.

    Required DUOLINGO Score to study in Canada:

    • 115 Overall
    • Min.95 in each

    Basic Requirements to Obtain a Canada Student Visa

    • The candidate must be enrolled in a designated learning institute in Canada.
    • The candidate must have adequate funds to manage their tuition fees and other living expenses to study in Canada.
    • The candidate must be free from any kind of past or present criminal record to acquire a Canada student visa.
    • The candidate must not have any health issues to get a Canada student visa.

    Canada Education System

    Canada Education System - Coaching Square
    The education system in Canada varies from province to province and can be divided into four different levels – pre-elementary, primary, secondary, and post-secondary. Pre-elementary is the beginning of Canadian education and is given to children of 4-5 years. The primary begins at the age of 6-7 and goes up to 13-14. Secondary education has two levels – junior high school and high school. The post-secondary begins after the completion of secondary education and is offered by many reputed institutes and universities in Canada. The varied qualification types at the post-secondary level are

    • Certificates and Diplomas
    • Associate Degrees
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Bachelor’s honors Degree
    • Postgraduate Diploma
    • Master’s Degree
    • Doctorate or PhD
    • Post-doctoral Programs

    Types of Institutes in Canada

    1. University

      Ideal to pursue an undergraduate degree, postgraduate degree, diploma, professional courses, and doctorate degrees.

    2. University Colleges

      Ideal to pursue diploma and university transfer programs.

    3. Community Colleges

      Ideal to pursue diploma, post-graduate diploma, undergraduate degree, associate degree, and certifications.

    4. Career and Technical Colleges

      Ideal to pursue diplomas and certifications related to technical fields.

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    How to Apply for a Canada Student Visa

    1. Enroll in a Canadian Institute or University - Coaching Square

      Enroll in a Canadian institute or university

    2. Check the Eligibility Criteria - Coaching Square

      Check the Eligibility Criteria

    3. Prepare Necessary Documents - Coaching Square

      Prepare the Mandatory Documents

    4. Apply for The Visa - Coaching Square

      Apply for the Visa

    5. Await The Decision - Coaching Square

      Wait for the Decision

    Processing of a Canada Student Visa

    The processing time of a Canada Student Visa can be different for different applications, however, the estimated time for every application lies somewhere around two to three months.

    Cost of Studying and Living in Canada

    Studying overseas isn’t cheap. It requires huge sums of money to fulfill your dream of studying abroad. Luckily, Canada is viewed as a cost-effective option as compared to its counterparts when it comes to studying overseas. The overall cost to study in Canada can be divided into various factors which are discussed as under

    • Tuition fee – The tuition fees can vary from university to university as well as your selected study program. The estimated tuition fees to pursue a course from a Canadian university ranges around CAD 13,000 and CAD 35,000 per year.
    • Transportation – Public transportation such as buses, taxis, trains, etc, can cost you around CAD 200 to CAD 400 annually.
    • Health insurance – Health insurance is mandatory to take admission in a Canadian university and can cost you around CAD 840 per year.
    • Accommodation – Many Canadian universities provide good quality on-campus accommodation costing you nearly CAD 7000 per year. If your university does not provide on-campus accommodation then you have to go for off-campus housing that costs around CAD 400 to CAD 700 per month.
    • Other living expenses – The other expenses include mobile phone, food, groceries, stationery, clothes, entertainment, social activities, etc. and the total cost of the same can be around CAD 10,000 annually.
    Inquire Now - Coaching Square

    Inquire Now

    Wanna check your eligibility to study in Canada at the world’s top-rated university? Our experts can guide you thoroughly and appropriately to achieve a Canada student visa.

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    List of Top Universities to Study in Canada

    Global Ranking University No. of Students No. of Courses
    29 University of Toronto 90,000+


    35 McGill University 40,000+ 1200+
    51 University of British Columbia 60,000+ 700+
    113 University of Alberta 40,000+ 400+
    137 University of Montreal 60,000+ 600+
    140 McMaster University 33,000+ 300+
    173 University of Waterloo 40,000+ 300+
    211 Western University 25000+ 400+
    233 University of Calgary 33,000+ 550+
    239 Queen’s University 20,000+ 400+

    List of Trending Courses to Study in Canada

    Course Name  Duration Fees
    Computer Science and IT 1 year to 4 years INR 7 lakhs to INR 24 lakhs
    Business Management 1 year to 4 years INR 10 lakhs to INR 24 lakhs
    Engineering 4 years INR 9 lakhs to INR 31 lakhs
    Agricultural Science and Forestry 9 months to 4 years INR 11 lakhs to INR 18 lakhs
    Health and Medicine  3 years to 4 years INR 9 lakhs to INR 52 lakhs

    Study Abroad - Coaching Square

    Scholarship Options to Study in Canada

    The Canadian government and universities understand the financial dilemmas of deserving students very well hence provide many great scholarship options to support them. The students must meet the desired set of eligibility criteria to claim for a particular scholarship and leverage the same.

    The most commendable scholarships offered by Canada are Banting Postdoctoral Fellowships, IDRC Research Awards, Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship Program, Canada Memorial Scholarship, Trudeau Scholarships and Fellowships, NSERC Postgraduate Scholarships, Anne Vallee Ecological Fund, Dalhousie University Scholarships, Carleton University Awards for International Students, McGill University Scholarships and Student Aid, Queen’s University International Scholarships, UBC Graduate Scholarships and so on.

    Post-Study Work Options in Canada

    A prominent advantage of study in Canada is it gives international students the opportunity to look into outstanding career possibilities after completion of their degree. The main options that help to accomplish the task are Post Study Work Permit (PSWP), Open Work Permit, and Employer Specific Work Permit.

    • Post Study Work Permit (PSWP) – PSWP is given to full-time students who have completed an academic, vocational, or professional training program from a Canadian university or institute. All study programs are not qualified for a PSWP hence your choice of study program largely impacts the approval or rejection of your PSWP. Though the maximum validity is three years, the duration of a PSWP relies on the duration of your selected program.
    • Open Work Permit – Open work permit is a good option for those who fail to get a PSWP. To acquire an open work permit, the candidates must meet certain eligibility criteria which says – the candidate must be facing the loss of funds to regulate his study expenses, the candidate must be a temporary resident of Canada, the candidate must have studied in a Designated Learning Institute in Canada and so on.
    • Employer Specific Work Permit – The employer-specific work permit allows candidates to work for a specific employer for a specific duration in the country.
    Expense Earning - Coaching Square

    Expense Vs Earning

    Study in Canada requires money. Tuition fee (around CAD 13,000 to CAD 40,000 per year) seems to be the most prominent expense, however, there is a list of other expenses too that have to be managed by the students. These include accommodation, stationery, health insurance, transportation, clothing, entertainment, food, groceries, mobile, stationary, and so on which can cost you around CAD 15,000 per year. Hence, the approximate per-year cost to live and study in Canada can be somewhere around CAD 30,000 to 55,000 per year.

    The Canadian government gives work permission to international students while studying. The money earned this way can help students to manage their living expenses. The students can work either on-campus or off-campus but they must adhere to the work restriction applied by their study permit and the university they are studying in. Although, the salary may slightly vary depending on the job role the student chooses to work, the average per hour salary for the part-time workers in Canada is approx. CAD 10. The leading industries that provide part-time work to international students include hospitality, travel, tourism, food service, retail, sales and telemarketing.

    Student Life in Canada

    Canada holds many top-class universities and institutes presenting superb opportunities for betterment and growth. The educational excellence sustained by these universities is ideal to boost your skills and expertise in your selected field of study. The universities provide a great blend of lectures, workshops, tutorials, and labs to help you refine and get ready for your forthcoming career prospects. The country also provides financial support (scholarships) to deserving international students to aid them keep their financial barriers aside and excel themselves without interruptions.

    Pros of Student Life in Canada

    • Safety
      Safety - Coaching Square

      With a significantly lower crime rate, Canada is an extremely safe place to live and study. Also, Canadian universities maintain round-the-clock security to ensure better safety and comfort for their students.

    • Facility of on-campus accommodation
      Facility of on Campus Accommodation - Coaching Square
      Facility of on-campus accommodation

      Many Canadian universities offer cheap and best on-campus housing with all the basic amenities making it easy for the outside students to secure a good dwelling place swiftly.

    • Economical off-campus housing
      Economical off Housing - Coaching Square
      Economical off-campus housing

      Canada offers affordable off-campus housing options to the student willing to live off-campus.

    • Enormous employment opportunities
      Enormous Employment opportunity - coaching Square
      Enormous employment opportunities

      Canada holds a tremendous number of job opportunities in varying fields of work that students can leverage after completion of their studies.

    • Great chances of Canada immigration
      Great Chances Of Canada Immigration - Coaching Square
      Great chances of Canada immigration

      Canada offers many great immigration options to the skilled professionals aspiring to settle in the country post their studies.

    • Flexible schedules
      Flexible schedules - Coaching Square
      Flexible schedules

      The flexibility in the schooling hours given by the Canadian universities helps students to manage both their work and study in an effective way.

    Check Your Eligibility for Free

    Current Job Trends in Canada

    The beautiful land of Canada holds an enormous number of job opportunities for skilled individuals. It is a great place for people looking to make a significant career. The country’s job market serves all types of workers with varying skill sets. The most demanding jobs in Canada for the year 2021 and beyond are

    • Administrative Assistant
    • Customer Service Representative
    • Sales Associate
    • Driver
    • Registered Nurse
    • Project Manager
    • Welder
    • Electrical Engineer
    • Software Developer
    • Merchandiser
    • Accountant
    • HR Manager


    What accommodation options are available for international students in Canada?

    Many Canadian universities offer on-campus accommodation with all the basic facilities. If your university does not provide on-campus accommodation, you can opt for off-campus housing which is also available at affordable prices.

    Do Canadian universities permit international students to work while they study?

    Yes, in most cases international students have the right to work while they study, however, the students must strictly follow the employment guidelines imposed by their study permit and the university.

    Which English language proficiency test can I undergo if I am aiming for a Canada student visa?

    You have many options but IELTS is the most preferred one. IELTS is recognized and accepted as a valid proof of English language proficiency by a large number of universities and organizations all over the world.

    How long does it take to get a Canada student visa?

    The processing time can be different for different applications. Generally, it takes around 2 to 3 months to get your Canada student visa after raising the application.

    What are my work options in Canada as an international student?

    You can work either on-campus or off-campus. On-campus employment refers to working for a university you are studying in and off-campus employment refers to working for an employer outside of your university.

    Does Canada offer scholarships to international students?

    Yes, Canada presents many great scholarships for deserving international students, however, the students must match the corresponding eligibility criteria to leverage the same.

    Can I work in Canada post my studies?

    Yes, the Canadian government offers many distinct visas that enable you to work in the country after your studies. The most common option among them is the Post Graduation Work Permit (PGWP)

    Can my Canada student visa application be rejected? What may be the reasons?

    Yes, your Canada student visa application can be rejected for many reasons including

    • Inappropriate or incomplete submission of documents.
    • Absence of sufficient funds to study and live in the country.
    • Poor academic records.
    • Missing deadlines while submitting the visa application and the required documents.
    Do I need a study permit in all cases if I want to study in Canada?

    No, a study permit is not required in all cases. Generally, a study permit is required if the duration of your intended study program exceeds six months.

    How can I enhance the chances of my Canada student visa approval?

    You can take assistance from reputed Canada education consultants. Their thorough knowledge and years of experience can help you to improve your possibilities of visa approval and keep the chances of visa rejection away.

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