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    Why Study in New Zealand?

    New Zealand is a land of beauty. However, apart from the stunning landscape, New Zealand has a lot to bestow to the world.  A prominent factor that grabs the attention of the crowd from all over the world is its excellent education system.  New Zealand has converted into a leading name in recent times when it comes to quality education. Due to the wonderful learning environment and easy entry process, New Zealand has become a favorite choice of many international students seeking to study abroad.

    Study in New Zealand – Major Benefits

    New Zealand has made remarkable progress in the spectrum of international education in recent years. Let’s explore the amazing reasons that make New Zealand a hot destination to study overseas.

    High-standard Study Programs - Coaching Square

    High-standard Study Programs

    The study programs in New Zealand are checked and approved by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA), a government body responsible for assuring the quality of the programs.

    Affordable Education - Coaching Square

    Affordable Education

    New Zealand is cheaper both in terms of tuition fees and living costs when compared with the USA and UK. Hence, it is a suitable study abroad destination for the youths seeking high-quality educations with restricted funds.

    World Class Universities - Coaching Square

    World-rated Universities

    New Zealand is home to many world-rated universities. The educational standards followed by these universities are compelling to refine students in the best possible way and enlarge the range of career prospects.

    Nz Security - Coaching Square


    New Zealand is a safe and peaceful country with relatively fewer crimes. It is an ideal choice for the students seeking a safe place to study abroad.

    Improved Language Proficiency - Coaching Square

    Improved Language Proficiency

    New Zealand is a country where English serves as a primary language. Study in New Zealand is an appropriate decision for international students finding ways to refine their language skills.

    Abundance of Career Opportunities

    A degree obtained from a New Zealand university is appreciated everywhere across the world. Hence, the students can migrate and look for career prospects in any corner of the world.

    Coaching Square Helping Students to Get a New Zealand Student Visa

    Securing a student visa is the biggest overhead to meet your aspiration of study abroad. The finding and filling of enormous forms, talking to the authorities, collecting documents, and whatnot make the acquisition of student visas distressing and troublesome. The best way to cope with the problem is to hold a reliable hand. Coaching Square is an esteemed immigration and student visa consultant helping students to complete their New Zealand student visa process for a long time. With vast experience and expertise in the field, our New Zealand student visa consultant can also assist our clients in

    Student Visa - Coaching Square
    • understanding the forthcoming career possibilities.
    • selecting the most appropriate type of visa.
    • picking and preparing the best language proficiency exam matching the purpose.
    • adjusting to the new country and environment easily.
    • making the right choice among the available universities and study programs.
    • knowing their scholarship options.

    NZ Student Visa - Eligibility Criteria

    Required IELTS score for Masters to study in NZ universities.

    • 6.5 bands Overall
    • Min. 6.0 bands in each

    Know the required PTE score to study in NZ.

    • 58 Overall
    • Min.52 in each
    • Not Applicable for study in NZ

    Identify the Required DUOLINGO scores to study in NZ.

    • Not Applicable

    Identify the Required DUOLINGO scores to study in NZ.

    • 6.0 bands Overall
    • Min. 5.5 bands in each

    Needful PTE score for Bachelors to study in NZ universities.

    • 52 Overall
    • Min.48 in each
    • Not Applicable study in NZ
    • Not Applicable for study in NZ
    • Min. 5.5 bands in each
    • 52 Overall
    • Min.50 in each
    • Not Applicable
    • Not Applicable

    Basic Requirements to Obtain a New Zealand Student Visa

    • Enrollment in a New Zealand school.
    • Adequate funds to manage the tuition fees and other living expenses.
    • Health insurance.
    • A valid passport.
    • Health and character certificates.
    • Proof of English language proficiency.
    • Passport size photographs (2 numbers).

    Education System in New Zealand - Coaching Square

    Education System in New Zealand

    The education system in New Zealand comprises early childhood, primary school, intermediate school, secondary school, and tertiary education. Early childhood is for children aged between 0 to 5 years. These include kindergartens, play centres, and childcare centres. The schools are responsible to provide education to the children before they are ready for primary school. The primary schools target students aged between five to ten years. They mainly strive to enhance the ability of the students in reading, writing, and maths.

    Then comes the intermediate school which is for the students aged between 11 to 12 years. The secondary schools, also known as high schools are for the ages from 13 to 18 years. Tertiary education is for students of 18+ years and includes the accomplishment of higher education. New Zealand has many high-class institutes and universities offering higher education to both local as well as international students.

    Types of Institutes in New Zealand to study in NZ

    1. Universities

      The universities are government-owned, research-based institutes providing all types of study courses from certificate level to doctorates.

    2. Institutes of Technology and Polytechnics

      ITPs are mainly known for providing vocational education and practical training. The institutes are owned and funded by the government of New Zealand.

    3. Private Training Establishments

      PTEs are also polytechnics just like ITPs. The difference is PTEs are owned and funded privately instead of the government bodies.

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    How to Apply for New Zealand Student Visa

    1. Create an Online Account at the New Zealand Immigration - Coaching Square

      Create an online account at the New Zealand immigration website

    2. Complete and Submit Your Visa Application - Coaching Square

      Fill the visa application form

    3. Prepare Necessary Documents - Coaching Square

      Attach the mandatory documents and photograph

    4. Submit the Visa Application - Coaching Square

      Submit the visa application

    5. Settle the Visa Fees - Coaching Square

      Settle the visa fees

    6. Send your passport to the Visa Application Center - Coaching Square

      Send your passport to the Visa Application Center

    7. Await The Decision - Coaching Square

      Await the decision

    Processing Time of New Zealand Student Visa

    Typically, the processing time of a New Zealand student visa lies around four weeks (for online applications) and five to six weeks (for paper-based applications).

    Cost of Living and Study in New Zealand

    It demands huge funds to attain your dream of study abroad. Though it costs less to study in New Zealand as compared to the other famous study abroad destinations, you require great monetary support to study in New Zealand as well. The costs to study in New Zealand involve tuition fees, insurance costs, accommodation, and other basic expenses.

    • Tuition fees – The tuition fees vary for different courses, universities, and levels of degrees. Studying in public universities costs you less than studying in a private university. Typically, the money you need to pursue an undergraduate course in New Zealand ranges around NZ$20,000-30,000 per year.  The cost will rise if you are seeking to pursue a master’s, doctoral, or MBA degree.
    • Accommodation cost – The students can live either on-campus or off-campus. The on-campus housing costs less (around NZD 215-NZD 555 per week ) than off-campus housing. Off-campus accommodation holds many options like shared apartments, homestay, etc. where each option charges differently.
    • Student visa cost – Obtaining a New Zealand student visa is a prerequisite to study in New Zealand. The visa costs you around NZD 270.  For more assistance, feel free to get in touch with our New Zealand student visa consultant.
    • Health insurance –  Getting medical insurance is mandatory for all Indian students willing to travel to New Zealand for higher studies. The cost ranges between NZ$ 200 – NZ$ 700 for a year.
    • Other expenses – The other expenses include food ( costs around NZD 136.50 per week), clothing (costs around NZD 16.70 per week), transport (costs around NZD 79.50 per week), communication (costs around NZD 23.80 per week ), and so on. These expenses are subject to change based on how much a student prefers to spend.
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    Inquire Now

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    List of Top Universities to Study in New Zealand

    QS World University Ranking University No. of Students No. of Courses
    81 The University of Auckland 40,000+ 22
    184 University of Otago 20,000+ 21
    223 Victoria University of Wellington 20,000+ 31
    270 University of Canterbury 18,000+ 24
    272 Massey University 30,000+ 47
    375 University of Waikato 10,000+ 29
    387 Lincoln University 15,000+ 10
    437 Aukland University of Technology 25,000+ 42

    Study Abroad - Coaching Square

    Scholarship Options to Study in New Zealand

    Many great scholarship options are available to financially help students to study in New Zealand. These scholarships are provided by the New Zealand government, universities, and other organizations. The amount of these scholarships can vary depending on your chosen course and academic background. The most popular scholarships available for Indian students in New Zealand are New Zealand International Doctoral Research Scholarships (NZIDRS), New Zealand Commonwealth Scholarships, New Zealand Excellence Awards (NZEA), NZ-GRADS New Zealand Global Research Alliance Doctoral Scholarship, Palmerston North City Mayor’s Goodwill Ambassador Scholarship, SEG Scholarship and so on. The students must check and meet the respective eligibility criteria to apply and leverage any of these scholarships.

    Post-Study Work Options in New Zealand

    New Zealand is an attractive place to live. Hence, many students pursuing education over there do not wish to leave the country after finishing their studies. Luckily, New Zealand allows international students to stay back and work in the country post their studies. The task can be accomplished with the help of a Post Study Work Visa. The visa enables international students to work in New Zealand for up to a period of three years depending on the level of their study program. Post Study Work Visa cannot be extended, however, a student can obtain a further Post Study Work Visa if he undergoes another qualification in the country that lasts for a minimum duration of 30 weeks and is higher than the qualification you mentioned in your former Post Study Work Visa.

    Expense Earning - Coaching Square

    Expense Vs Earning

    Like the other study abroad destinations, the main expenses connected to study in New Zealand include tuition fees, accommodation, and living expenditures. The universities in New Zealand decide their fees by themselves hence the fees can differ depending on the universities you choose. Also, your chosen study programs and the level of degree you aim to pursue can make a variation in your tuition fees. In general, the tuition fees to pursue an undergraduate program in New Zealand lies around NZ$22,000-32,000 for a year. For postgraduate students, the annual fees ranges between NZ$26,000-37,000. As far as accommodation is concerned, living on-campus is pretty economical. There are many universities in New Zealand that provide cost-effective housing to students. The general cost ranges around NZD 215-NZD 555 for a week. You can also go for off-campus housing, however, you have to pay a bit more. The other expenses comprise food, transport, stationary, mobile, internet, clothing, and likewise.

    Opting for a part-time job is a sensible decision to handle living expenses while studying abroad. Like the other prestigious study abroad destinations like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, New Zealand also enables international students to work part-time during their studies. The leading job roles offering part-time work to the international students in New Zealand are Retail Sales Assistant, Supermarket Assistants, Seasonal Workers, Waiter/Waitress, Call Center Operator, Data Entry Operators, and so on. The students can also choose to work on-campus if they wish to. The available options are working in libraries, laboratories, etc. The minimum salary the students can earn while working part-time in New Zealand is around NZ$ 18.90 per hour.

    Student Life in New Zealand

    Student life in New Zealand has its own unique qualities making the country a perfect place to study abroad. The country provides access to avant-grade research opportunities and permits students to attain a global career. Unlike many other countries, the challenging and inquisitive faculties are a crucial part of New Zealand’s high-quality education. New Zealand offers an ample range of fruitful benefits to international students bounding them to study in New Zealand. These advantages can be seen in the below section

    Pros of Student Life in the New Zealand

    • Encouraging environment
      Encouraging environment
      Encouraging environment

      The New Zealand schools provide a very helpful learning atmosphere. The number of students in class or course is limited hence, the chances of getting more personalized attention from the instructor are significantly higher. Also, the students can easily seek help from the dedicated student learning centers whenever required.

    • Creative learning
      Creative learning - Coaching Square
      Creative learning

      New Zealand encourages productive learning where you need to solve your queries by performing adequate thinking and research. This leads to the brilliance and ingeniousness of students.

    • Employment permissions
      Employment permissions - Coaching Square
      Employment permissions

      New Zealand permits international students to work part-time while studying which is a good way to earn valuable work experience and make some extra money.

    • Easy transportation
      Easy transportation

      The cities in New Zealand are small in size, hence, day-to-day transportation is quite easy. Also, New Zealand operates good bus networks in all the major cities such as Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch, and Dunedin and facilitates easy traveling to the students.

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    Current Job Trends in the  New Zealand

    New Zealand holds an ever-growing job market encouraging people to enter the country and look for career prospects. Although the country holds job opportunities for people of assorted skills, the rapidly growing employment sector are business services, food and accommodation services, construction, and retail. The other sectors expected to demand employees in the future years are

    • Education
    • Finance
    • Engineering
    • Healthcare
    • Hospitality and Tourism
    • Nursing
    • Software Developers/Programmers
    • Account and Relationship Management
    • Technicians
    • Social Services
    • Agricultural and Forestry
    • Civil or Structural Engineering


    Does a New Zealand student visa allow international students to work while studying?

    Yes, the international students holding a New Zealand student visa are allowed to work during their studies. However, the students must follow the specified working conditions to retain their student visas and study without hassle.

    Is a degree acquired from a New Zealand university is recognized worldwide?

    Yes, New Zealand is well-known for providing high-quality education. The degree from a New Zealand university is recognized and accepted worldwide.

    Which English language proficiency test should I undergo if I am striving for a New Zealand student visa?

    IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is the most recommended. You can go for other options such as TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign language) and PTE (Pearson Test of English) as well.

    What are the popular courses to study in New Zealand?

    The most popular study fields to study in New Zealand are

    • Business and Management
    • Engineering
    • Information Technology
    • Hospitality
    • Tourism
    • Healthcare
    How can I get a New Zealand student visa easily?

    You can take assistance from a reputed and trustworthy New Zealand student visa consultant.

    Does New Zealand provide post-study work options to international students?

    Yes, you can work in New Zealand post your studies if you obtain a Post Study Work Visa successfully.

    Is New Zealand safe to live and study?

    Yes, New Zealand is a pretty safe country. The crime rate in New Zealand is much lower than in many other countries in the world.

    What are my accommodation options if I choose to study in New Zealand?

    You have plenty of options. Finding an accommodation option that suits your preference and lifestyle is not so tough in New Zealand.

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