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    Why Study in USA?

    USA is a home of qualitative teaching and excellent research opportunities. It is one of the most prevailing destinations for students intending to study abroad. Study in USA has many excellent universities capable of bestowing the students with outstanding opportunities for skill development and career growth. The academic superiority and quality of education presented by the USA universities is simply unmatched.

    Benefits of Study in USA

    USA is considered as the best destination worldwide to pursue higher education. Let’s explore what sets the USA apart from other study destinations.

    Academic Excellence - Coaching Square

    Academic Excellence

    USA has many finest universities holding a strong global reputation. The study programs provided by these universities are compelling to excel in any trending field of study in USA.

    Financial Support - Coaching Square

    Financial Support

    The USA universities offer great scholarships to skilled students and help them to grow without taking financial troubles into concern.

    Huge Range of Available Courses - Coaching Square

    Tremendous Course Choices

    USA offers many course choices within a single program. Hence it is easy for the students to select a course that matches their specific career aspirations.

    World Recognized Degree - Coaching Square

    World Recognized Degree

    The degree acquired from a USA university holds a strong international reputation. Hence, the students can search for career possibilities in any part of the world without hassle to study in USA.

    Outstanding Support Facilities - Coaching Square

    Outstanding Support Facilities

    USA offers great help to international students in the form of workshops, orientations, training programs, English language courses, etc., and supports them to get ready for a new environment swiftly.

    Cultural Diversity - Coaching Square

    Cultural Diversity

    The classes in the US include students from every nationality, religion, and background. This helps international students to feel more comfortable and make their learning experience more thrilling with study in USA.

    Coaching Square Helping Students to Get a USA Student Visa

    A large number of youths aspire to gain a USA student visa every year with an aim to study in USA and explore better career prospects. However, the task is difficult to accomplish without thorough information about the application process, document requirements, fees, etc. So, who can guide you on all this and provide beneficial advice? A reliable USA education consultant. Coaching Square is a leading education consultant located in various parts of Gujarat. The in-depth knowledge and extensive experience of the team are ideal to provide assistance in all aspects and help you with trouble-free completion of your USA student visa process. Our experts can guide you with 

    Student Visa - Coaching Square
    • Assessing your profile for suitable visa options.
    • Choosing the right visa category.
    • Collecting the mandatory documents.
    • Completing the visa process faultlessly.
    • Picking the right university and study program
    • Understanding the education loans and available scholarships.

    USA Student Visa - Eligibility Criteria

    Let’s check out the minimum IELTS score needed for admission in USA universities:

    • 6.5 bands Overall
    • Min. 6.0 bands in each
    • Not Applicable

    Check the TOEFL score requirements to achieve the USA student visa.

    • 79 Overall
    • Min.60 in each
    • Not Applicable

    IELTS scores requirement that you need to apply to a Study in USA universities.

    • 6.0 bands Overall
    • Min. 5.5 bands in each
    • Not Applicable

    Let’s look at TOEFL Score reuirements for USA student visa:

    • 60 Overall
    • Min.46 in each

    Required DUOLINGO Score to study in USA:

    • 60 Overall
    • Min.46 in each

    Basic Requirements to Obtain a USA Student Visa

    • The candidate must hold a minimum academic qualification of 10th + ITI or 12th.
    • The IELTS score of the candidate should be 5.5 at a minimum or equivalent (for other exams like GRE or TOEFL).
    • The candidate must be financially stable to manage his study and other expenses.
    • The candidate must be enrolled in a recognized USA university or institute. 
    • The candidate must complete the following exams if their desired course demands
      • GRE (to pursue management-related programs).
      • GMAT (to pursue science and engineering programs).

    Education System in USA - Coaching Square

    Education System in USA

    The education system in the USA comprises distinct study levels and qualifications. The different stages of study associated with the US education system are elementary school, middle school, high school, and post-secondary education. The different types of qualification available at the post-secondary level are 

    • Associate Degree
    • Bachelor’s Degree
    • Master’s Degree (Professional)
    • Master’s Degree (Academics)
    • Doctorate

    Types of Institutes in USA

    1. Public Universities

      Public universities, also known as state universities, are those universities that get support from the state or federal government to maintain their financial stability.

    2. Private Universities

      Private universities are not financially supported by the government. They maintain their economical stability through faculty research grants, alumni donations, and tuition fees.

    3. Liberal Arts Colleges

      The liberal arts colleges are those educational institutions that put more emphasis on educating undergraduate courses in the fields of science, humanities, and social science fields.

    4. Community Colleges

      Community colleges are the junior colleges that provide an associate degree of two years to help students to pursue a bachelor’s degree from another US college or university.

    Enroll Now for USA Student Visa

    How to Apply for a USA Student Visa

    1. Apply to a USA university or institute

      Apply to a USA University or Institute

    2. Pay the SEVIS fees - Coaching Square

      Pay the SEVIS fees

    3. Complete and Submit Your Visa Application - Coaching Square

      Complete your visa Application

    4. Settle the Visa Fees - Coaching Square

      Settle the visa Fees

    5. Await The Decision - Coaching Square

      Wait for a response from the US embassy

    Processing of a USA Student Visa

    The USA student visa is one of the quickest visas that can be obtained within a few days after the application. The decision generally comes immediately after the completion of your visa interview and you are notified as soon as possible about the same.

    Cost of Living in the USA

    USA is quite pricey where you need around $10000 to $12000 to manage the expenses apart from your tuition fees. These include accommodation, food, traveling, clothing, entertainment, books and study material, mobile, and so on. The breakdown of the study in USA is given as under

    • Accommodation ($5000 to $7000 Per Year)
    • Study Material ($500 to $1000 Per Year)
    • Travel and Transport ($300 to $700 Per Year)
    • Meals ($2500 Per Year)
    • Clothes ($500 Per Year)
    • Other Personal Expenses ($2000 Per Year)
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    Inquire Now

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    List of Top Universities to Study in USA

    QS World University Ranking University No. of Students No. of Courses
    1 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) 10000+ 120
    2 Stanford University 15000+ 146
    3 Harvard University 20000+ 115
    9 University of Chicago 14000+ 20
    12 Princeton University 8000+ 22
    17 Yale University 12000+ 198
    18 Cornell University 20000+ 192
    19 Columbia University (CU) 30000+ 23
    30 University of California, Berkeley 40000+ 33
    35 New York University (NYU) 50000+ 28

    Study Abroad - Coaching Square

    Scholarship Options to Study in USA

    USA is one of the most high-priced nations across the world. Hence, arranging sufficient funding is crucial to study in USA. The US government understands the financial issues of the students very well and presents many great scholarship options to solve the dilemma. The students can leverage the support based on their academic ability and achievements. Only the students with exceptional academic records are given the right to leverage the support.

    The scholarships are generally of two types – full and partial. The full scholarships render the entire expenses pertaining to studies such as tuition fees, living expenses, and study material. The partial scholarships, on the other hand, provide partial funding to the students. Rest they have to manage by themselves.

    The prominent scholarship options available exclusively for Indian students to study in USA include Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation Scholarships, Fulbright-Nehru Research Fellowship, The Hubert H. Humphrey Fellowship Programme, Stanford Reliance Dhirubhai Fellowships for Indian Students, Rotary Foundation Ambassadorial Scholarship, Akhtarali H. Tobaccowala Fellowship, American University Emerging Global Leader Scholarship and so on.

    Post-Study Work Options in the USA

    The thriving economy of the USA holds tremendous job opportunities for all sorts of employees belonging to varying fields. To the students also, the USA has a lot to offer. The country presents several post-study work options to the students studying in the country and gives them the chance to work and grow. The prominent ones are OPT (Optical Practical Training), H-1B visa, and green card.

    • OPT (Optical Practical Training) – OPT is a one-year work permit issued to international students and can be categorized into two kinds – pre-completion OPT and post-completion OPT. As the names suggest, the pre-completion OPT is used before the completion of studies, and post-completion OPT is used after finishing the studies. It is possible to extend an OPT for up to two years but only for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) students. 
    • H-1B Visa – The H-1B visa is issued to students who have a sponsoring employer from the US. A student can stay and work in the US for up to six years under an H-1B visa. Also, a student can work only for the sponsoring employer in these six years.
    • Green Card – Green card enables students to stay and work in the US for unlimited time. Green card associates a lengthy process of attainment and is very difficult to attain.
    Expense Earning - Coaching Square

    Expense v/s Earning

    Study in USA demands huge funding. USA is a pretty expensive country where you require approx. USD 10000 per year to manage other expenses in addition to your tuition fees. These expenses include accommodation, grocery, mobile, entertainment, social life, electricity bill, water bill, transport, food, clothes, and so on. Also, there are other expenses that can increase your requirement of funds if chose to spend on them. These involve a trip to your home country, money spent on luxury items such as car, furniture, and PC, your health checkups, etc.

    The USA government allows international students to earn while studying. The students can work either on-campus or off-campus. The on-campus employment choices include working in the libraries, cafeterias, computer labs, etc., and can give you around $7 to $12 per hour. If you chose to work off-campus then also you have a range of employment choices like working in the customer care department, as a salesman or cashier in malls, in restaurants, and likewise. You can make an hourly earning of around $5 to $10 while working off-campus.

    Student Life in USA

    Shifting from India or any other country to the US can be a completely different experience especially if you are traveling to a foreign country for the first time. The land is filled with ample opportunities available both inside the university and outside. The residential life, weekend funs, high-end education system, distinct traditions all can present an incredibly unique experience to the students while a study in USA. The sudden lifestyle and other changes can leave the students in a state of shock initially, however, with time the students get familiar with these changes and soon begin relishing the different learning adventures. 

    Pros of Student Life in the USA

    • Security
      Safety - Coaching Square

      USA universities and colleges are cautious about the security of their campuses as well as students. Most of the universities in the US maintain 24/7 security professionals to assure greater security for their students and staff.

    • Engaging Campuses
      Engaging Campuses - Coaching Square
      Engaging Campuses

      The university campuses in the US are encouraging to help international students to socialize themselves and make new friends.

    • Excellent Research Opportunities
      Excellent Research - Coaching Square
      Excellent Research Opportunities

      USA is a leader in technology and research. Hence, the students can commence or join the research projects very easily.

    • Enhancement in English skills
      Enhancement In English - Coaching Square
      Enhancement in English skills

      USA gives international students the chance to attain a good understanding of the English language which is mandatory to survive in the international job market.

    • Opportunity to learn self-reliance
      Opportunity to learn self-reliance - Coaching Square
      Opportunity to learn self-reliance

      Studying in an overseas country like the USA helps you to enhance your confidence level, become more communicative and accept varying challenges of life.

    • Employment Permissions
      Employment permission while studing - Coaching Square
      Employment Permissions

      USA universities give employment permissions to international students and help them to better manage their living expenses in the country.

    Check Your Eligibility for Free

    Current Job Trends in the USA

    The ever-growing economy of the USA holds fabulous job opportunities for all sorts of working professionals. The most demanding and long-standing job roles offering the best career in the upcoming years are

    • Physician Assistant
    • Software Developer
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Medial and Health Service Manager
    • Physician
    • Data Scientist
    • IT Manager
    • Information Security Analyst
    • Financial Manager
    • Mechanical Engineer
    • Financial Advisor
    • Pilot


    What is an I-20?

    I-20 is a government form that confirms your eligibility to get an F1 student visa. The form is given to you by the US university or college you are enrolled in and is mandatory to apply for a USA student visa.

    Is it possible to change the university or school after entering the US?

    You must complete at least one year in your chosen university before planning for a change. However, making an intelligent choice at the beginning itself is highly recommended to prevent future hassles. 

    Can I work on a USA student visa?

    Yes, but only under restricted working conditions. You cannot join off-campus employment in the first year of your study and cannot work for more than 20 hours a week during your terms.

    What are the different types of a USA student visa?

    The USA student visa is of three types – F1 student visa, J1 exchange visitor visa and M1 student visa. The F1 student visa is issued to the students who want to pursue a long-term academic course from a USA university or study English from an English language institute. The J1 exchange visitor visa allows students to participate in an exchange program in the country. The M1 visa permits students to attend a non-academic, vocational, or a training program in the USA.

    Which English language proficiency test is the best to acquire a USA student visa?

    IELTS is recognized and accepted as a valid proof of language proficiency by a large number of organizations all over the world, hence, is the most recommended option to showcase your English language proficiency. Please note, you have other options (such as TOEFL) as well to get USA student visa.

    What is the cost of applying for a USA student visa?

    Primarily, two fees are associated with the accomplishment of a USA student visa. SEVIS fees and the visa application fees. The SEVIS fees can vary depending on the type of your chosen visa and costs you around $300. The visa application fees costs around $160 to study in USA. 

    What is the minimum age to apply for a USA student visa?

    Aspirants lying within the age limit of 14 to 79 have to necessarily arrive at the interview for a USA student visa.

    Can my USA student visa application be rejected? What may be the reasons?

    Yes, the US can surely reject your visa application and the reasons can be many. The prominent ones are

    • Submission of inappropriate or false documents.
    • Lack of adequate funds to manage the tuition fees and other expenses.
    • If you fail to show your intent of returning to your home country after studies.
    • If you miss the deadlines to apply for the visa and submit the necessary documents.
    • If you fail to perform well in your visa interview.
    Which type of questions can I expect during the visa interview?

    General questions like the questions about your academic background, the reason for study in USA, your family background, your relationship status, your funding arrangements to study in USA, your employment plans after graduation, and so on.

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