Top 11 Reading Tips for the CELPIP Reading Test

Apr 12,2022

Top 11 Reading Tips for the CELPIP Reading Test

The Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program (CELPIP) is an English language exam given by international students to prove their English Language Proficiency for higher education in Canadian Universities. CELPIP is divided into four different modules: Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Candidates are allotted time duration of three hours to complete these tasks CELPIP Reading Test is an essential part of this test. Your coherence, vocabulary, reading, and task achievement skills will be assessed during this test. It is important to understand the format of the CELPIP Reading Test for better understanding.

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CELPIP Reading Test:

CELPIP Reading Test is divided into four sections. Like most sections of the exam, the reading test has multiple choice questions to answer. This means you have to select the correct answer from a list of answers. Time duration of 55 to 60 minutes is provided to candidates to attempt these four sections of the CELPIP Reading test. The CELPIP Reading Test of CELPIP Begins With a Practice Task and then followed by:

SectionNumber of Questions
Reading Correspondence11
Reading to Apply a Diagram8
Reading for Information9
Reading for Viewpoints10

Part 1: Reading Correspondence

Reading correspondence has email or letter as passage on the left and the right 5-to 6 questions will be given from the email as a part of this task. You will choose the right option from the drop-down, to answer these questions. In the second part of this section 5-6 questions are asked as blanks to fill as a response to the email.

Part 2: Reading to Apply a Diagram

This section of the test has 8 questions and you will be given 9 minutes to answer. In this part, you will be given a diagram, and depending upon the information depicted in the diagram you will choose the right answer.

Part 3: Reading for Information

In this section, the information is given in the form of an article containing paragraphs( usually from A to D or E). Questions are asked about the information given in these paragraphs. You will read all the paragraphs and choose the right option as your answer. There are 9 questions in this section.

Part 4: Reading for Viewpoints

This is the last part of the test, and you will be given approx. 13 minutes to answer 10 questions. The task is provided to you in the form of an article, and different opinions from readers will also be written for your reference. You will be asked to answer the questions depending upon the viewpoints shared about the article.

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Useful CELPIP Reading Tips

1. Use the Information Given in the Text Wisely

Make sure that you understand the question and do not misinterpret the meaning of the information given in the passages. For that, practice different strategies such as scanning and skimming through the paragraphs.

2. Elimination Strategy Works the Best

Remove incorrect options from given options. This will get you closer to the correct answer when you are confused.

3. Do Not Memorise Answers

Do not waste your time memorising answers. It will not give you additional marks. Instead of that, you can utilise this time in preparing other modules.

4. Time Checks are Important

Time is an important factor in CELPIP Reading Test. Always keep a track of time, so you do not run out of time at the end of the test. You can utilise your time to check your answers at the end of the test.

5. Always Check Your Answers

Always check your answers at the end of the test if you have enough time. This is to ensure that you did not make any mistake in your answer.

6. Improve Your Knowledge of English Using Different Platforms

Youtube, newspapers, Facebook, and other educational websites provide great content for readers. Improve your proficiency in English by subscribing or joining groups available on these platforms.

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7. Learn From Your Mistakes

Mistakes during practice tests give you the best chance to perform well during the actual test. You might have provided wrong answers during your practice test. It is okay to make an error while you Prepare for Your Exam. But, make sure that you rectify your mistake during practice sessions to avoid losing marks on your final test.

8. Do Not Skip the Question

Note that there is no negative marking in the test. So, if you do not know the answer to any question, then try not to leave it. Instead of that choose the answer that you think is the most relevant for that particular question.

9. Improve Your Vocabulary

A wide range of vocabulary is a must for CELPIP. Try to read newspapers, articles, and magazines to widen your knowledge. This will help you to understand the synonym of a word. But, if you are stuck on an unknown word during the test, you shouldn’t overthink and get the context of the text.

10. Engage Yourself in Proactive Learning

Use your Intelligence During Your Preparation for Your Exam. Get assistance from friends and family during this time, as they can provide you with the best suggestions and feedback, i.e. ask your friend to check your answers or talk to your family members in English. This will increase your interest and boost your confidence to the next level.

11. Skimming and Scanning

Practice moving fast through the paragraphs, so you understand the context of the paragraphs in a short time. This will make you understand the summary of the paragraph, and you will have a brief idea about the meaning of the passage.

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For all the candidates who wish to Immigrate to Canada on Student Visa, CELPIP is another option after IELTS. Although IELTS is mainly chosen by many students, CELPIP provides another platform for your entry into Canada. CELPIP is considered a comparatively easy exam than IELTS. But, at the same time, the CELPIP Reading Test is a difficult test to crack. But, with great determination and by using the above tips, one can achieve the desired result. It is advisable to understand and learn If you wish to appear for the CELPIP Exam in 2022, then our team of expert trainers can help you with their excellent guidance.



  • How can I improve my CELPIP reading?

    You can improve your CELPIP reading by regularly practising with various texts, using active reading strategies such as note-taking and summarising, and developing your time management and test-taking strategies. If you still don’t feel confident, seek help from our experienced CELPIP trainers.

  • Is CELPIP reading difficult?

    Well, it depends on your proficiency level in English. For some test-takers, CELPIP reading can be difficult, while for others, it may be manageable.

  • How do I practise reading for CELPIP?

    An expert tip to practise your reading skills for CELPIP is to familiarise yourself with the test format and question types. Read authentic materials such as academic articles or news publications, and use active reading strategies such as predicting, skimming, and scanning.

  • How do you get 9 in CELPIP reading?

    To get a nine or higher score in CELPIP reading, you must improve your reading speed, comprehension, and vocabulary. You should also practise regularly with sample tests to understand the question types and develop effective time management strategies. Lastly, Review and analyse your mistakes to identify areas for improvement.

  • How is CELPIP reading?

    CELPIP reading is an easy test. It assesses reading comprehension skills using real-life scenarios, with various question types like multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, and matching. The passages cover different topics and require understanding the main ideas, supporting details, and inferences. However, The difficulty of the CELPIP Reading test can vary from person to person. Practice and familiarity with the question types can help test-takers perform well on the exam.

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