What is the Minimum PTE Score Required for the UK Student Visa?

May 12,2022

What is the Minimum PTE Score Required for the UK Student Visa

The UK is considered as one of the best places to travel, work, and travel. Apart from the scenic views and attractive architecture, the UK offers excellent career opportunities for students aspiring to study in world-class universities. However, students need to undertake the language proficiency test before Applying for a Student Visa.

PTE (Pearson Test of English) Exam is an English Language Proficiency test that seeks to help students with the fastest and most secure way of proving their language abilities. Almost 98% of the UK Universities Accept a PTE Score for granting a UK Student Visa. However, the minimum score requirements may differ from one college to another.

Minimum PTE Score Requirements for UK Student Visa

  • Student Visa (Tier 4 General Student Visa) below degree level, pre-sessional courses – Minimum PTE score required is 43.
  • Student Visa (Tier 4 General Student Visa) degree level and above – Minimum PTE score required is 59.

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PTE Score and Different Programs

  • Foundation courses generally requires scores between 36-50.
  • Undergraduate degrees typically require scores between 51-60.
  • A postgraduate degree will demand scores between 57-67.

However, to secure your place in a Top University in the UK , the minimum scores required are higher than the set criteria.

PTE Score Required for UK Universities:

Here is a list of top universities in the UK and the minimum PTE score required for admission

UniversityScore RangeCourse-Wise Score
University of Leicester36-56            –
Swansea University56-67            –
Solent University36-61            –
The University of Sterling51-54            –
University of Chester51-57Undergraduate: 61 overall, min. 59 in each sub-skill.
Postgraduate: 65 overall, min 59 in each sub-skill.
University of Liverpool51-62            –
University of Essex40-58Undergraduate: 50 overall, min. 42 in each sub-skill.
Postgraduate: 58 overall, min 42 in each sub-skill.
Bangor University56-67           –
University of Bath62-69            –
Ulster University51-66           –
University of London59-75Standard Level: Overall 62 , no less than  59 in each sub-skill.
Good Level: Overall 69, no less than 62 in each sub-skill.
Advanced Level: Overall 75, no less than 62 in sub-skill.
Ashton University42-70             –
University of Sussex56-67Lower: 59 overall, at least 59 in all four skills.
Standard: 62 overall, at least 59 in all four skills.
Higher: 67 overall, at least 62 in all four skills.
University of Durham58-64Most advanced Diploma programs: 53 Overall, No less than 49 in L,S,W,R.  
University of Bristol6067 average with no skill below 60.
University Of Manchester49-73              –
University of Warwick62-79              –
University of Glasgow59-70             –
University of Lincoln58-76              –
University of Kent65-68              –
King’s college London54-59              –
University of Leeds60-6460 overall, min 56 in each sub-skill.
Middle sex University51-58Undergraduate: 50 overall, min. 43 in each sub-skill.
Postgraduate: 58 overall, min 50 in each sub-skill.
University of Southampton59              –
City,  University of London5959 in each sub-skill.
The Manchester Metropolitan University59-61Undergraduate: 50 overall, min. 43 in each sub-skill.
Postgraduate: 58 overall, min 43 in each sub-skill.
University of Arts, London51-58                  –
University of Northampton56-61Undergraduate: 50 overall, min. 43 in each sub-skill.
Postgraduate: 58 overall, min 43 in each sub-skill.
Edinburgh Napier University51-56Undergraduate: 50 overall, min. 43 in each sub-skill.
Postgraduate: 58 overall, min 43 in each sub-skill.
Birmingham City University43-73                     –

Choose Your Desired University: Countries and Universities Accepting PTE Exam

The above list includes some of the Top Universities in the UK. However, the minimum score requirements for different universities vary depending upon the level of the program. Thus, to get admission to the best university in the UK, you have to aim at scoring above the minimum score asked by the university.

Understanding the PTE Test Format

For all the candidates aiming to ace their PTE Test, you must know the exam format before you appear for it. The candidates should know how many tasks are there in the test and how much time they will have to complete each task. Many resources are available Online for Test Preparation. PTE is a fully computer-based test. Hence, ensure that you have practiced enough on the computer and analyzed errors during practice tests.

Quick PTE Preparation Tips:

Here is a list of valuable Tips to Help You Score more in your PTE Test.

  1. Practice recording yourself for the speaking task and rectify where you need more attention.
  2. Dedicate at least an hour a day to the Test Preparation.
  3. Get PTE training from the experts as they know the best strategies.
  4. Use authentic practice materials for good results.
  5. Connect yourself with PTE aspirants on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the best platforms to share your experience and knowledge.
  6. Engage yourself in proactive learning. Read newspapers, converse with your friends in English, and ask them for feedback. This will be helpful on the test day.
  7. Learn to practice in restricted time frames. Try to adhere to the time limits as each task will be allotted a fixed duration to complete.
  8. Be confident and dedicated enough to get the desired result in one go. Although it may take more attempts to clear the test, try to give your best shot on the very first attempt.

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What is a Good PTE Score?

The overall PTE Score range is from 10 to 90 points. A 6.0 band in IELTS is almost equivalent to 50 points in PTE, and an 8.0 band equals 79 points. For admission in the top universities, a score of 70 points or above can be beneficial. Scoring above 75 points will pace up the selection process for the candidates. So, the test should try to obtain at least 70 points in the PTE exam.


The PTE Exam is a popular proficiency test acknowledged by the leading institutions in the world. More than 90% of colleges, universities, and government organizations favor the PTE Exam for the fast-track processing of visa applications.

Although the PTE test taker might see it as a barrier to their dream, it can open up the doors for your favorite university if you have prepared rigorously. Contact us today if you wish to Learn tips and Strategies to Boost Your PTE Score. Achieving a competitive score is never impossible unless you are not well prepared for it.

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