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    Ending all hurdles and fueling your higher education dream with Overseas Consultancy Anand. We’re like Sherlock Holmes of immigration laws, always a step ahead, providing impeccable advice to our clients on how it affects their present and future profiles.

    We intend to present a viable option to the kids who reach out to us. This ensures that each application yields the best possible outcome.

    Emerging in the digital era, Coaching Square offers diverse online information sessions for aspirants who can grant access to many details conveniently available to individuals. Moreover, participants also gain valuable foreign experience, enhancing their resumes.

    Our team of highly trained and dedicated Overseas Education Consultants in Anand provides precise information with transparency and a smooth transition toward achieving your goals. No wonder we’re hailed as the champions of global higher education partners.

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    Our Leading Services

    Immigration Consulting Services Coaching Services


    Our Immigration Consultants in Anand are committed to making your complicated immigration procedures easy and straightforward. We render a broad spectrum of immigration solutions and services intended to make your Australia Immigration, Canada Immigration seamless, effortless, and convenient.

    Student visa consulting services Coaching Square

    Student Visa

    We are Gujarat’s leading Overseas Education Consultants providing reliable solutions to carry out all your study abroad needs and supporting you to navigate to the most trusted study abroad destinations – –Study in UKStudy in USAStudy in AustraliaStudy in Canada, and Study in New Zealand. for study purposes.

    Abroad Study Coaching services Coaching Square


    As the best Overseas Education Consultants in Anand, we administer services that cover IELTS Coaching, CELPIP Coaching, and PTE Coaching. Team Coaching Square in V.V. Nagar Anand is dedicated to proffering the most helpful supervision and visa streamlining without any troubles.

    Immigrate To


    Several wizards in V.V. Nagar Anand opted to immigrate to Canada for a better life and career prospects. Coaching Square is one of the most esteemed Canada Immigration Consultants in Anand, rendering an extensive range of Canada immigration and visa services. Our proficient team of Immigration Consultants has already supported many aspirants to migrate to the land of Canada.


    As a developed country, Australia has a lot to offer to skilled immigrants. With a strong economy, ample job options, and a lavish lifestyle, the country has become a favorite choice for the bulk of immigrants from all over the world. Our team of competent Australia Immigration Consultants in Anand offers complete advisory and support to patrons to immigrate to Australia.

    • Pick A Destination To Study Abroad

      Study Abroad Consultant Gujarat Coaching Square

    • Canada

      Canada bestows a huge array of choices both in terms of programs and universities. The country is an excellent place to get ample research opportunities and practical work experience as well. Our team of Canada Overseas Education Consultants in Anand specializes in providing comprehensive guidance to ace your admission process, get answers to all your queries, and make the acquisition of a Canada student visa simple and smooth.

    • USA

      USA is the most honored and secured destination for international students to study abroad. The country is known for contributing the best education and career options for decades. Coaching Square’s USA Overseas Consultancy Anand-wide is the perfect choice for receiving excellent guidance in acquiring a student visa for the USA and securing admission to top universities in the country.

    • UK

      UK universities are constantly valued as the best on the globe. A degree from a UK university is admired in all parts of the world. Our Study Abroad Consultants in Anand have huge experience in assisting students in getting their UK student visas and fulfilling their aspiration of study in the UK. Our team of UK Student Visa Consultants can present the best possible options matching your educational background as well as future plans.

    • Australia

      Australia is a leading education hub presenting the best facilities and study benefits to international students. It is the third most popular study abroad destination providing highly valued degrees as well as a secure and multicultural environment. Our Australia Student Visa Consultants in V.V. Nagar Anand are the ideal partners to get your Australia student visa and accelerate your career in the right direction.

    • New Zealand

      New Zealand has become a highly desirable study abroad destination latterly. The country has gained a superb international reputation in providing high-quality education in a budget-friendly manner. Coaching Square holds a qualified team of New Zealand student abroad consultants in V.V. Nagar Anand, persuasive to bestow all the details and expert advice to get your New Zealand Student Visa and study in New Zealand without trouble.

    What Sets Coaching Square Apart As The Leading Overseas Consultancy Anand?

    • Execellence Coaching services Coaching Services


      Since its inception, Overseas Consultancy Anand has evolved to meet and surpass standards of excellence. We give you better insights and accurate guidance for all the aspirants who dream of studying, working, and settling abroad.


    • Consulting Services Coaching Square

      Wide range of services

      Our team of highly trained Overseas Education Consultants in Anand possesses a deep understanding of the diverse range of visas offered by foreign countries. With our up-to-date knowledge and faster services, we ensure that our students have everything they need to make their dream a reality.


    • Study Abroad Visa Sucess Rate Coaching Square

      High success rate

      We firmly believe in being open and honest with work procedures and navigating complex processes with high precision. Our track record speaks for itself, as we have achieved a high success rate in helping aspiring students fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.

    • Customer satisfaction Coaching Square

      Customer satisfaction

      We prioritize customer satisfaction above all else! Our consultants are committed to going the extra mile to ensure your experience with us is positive and hassle-free. We strive to exceed your expectations and help you achieve your dreams of studying or working overseas.

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    What is the fee for the Overseas Consultancy Anand?

    The charges of overseas education consultants in Anand vary depending on the consultant and the services you seek. However, costs can range between Rs. 50,000 and even beyond that.

    How can Overseas Education Consultants in Anand help?

    Overseas Education Consultants in Anand provides support and guidance for students who want to study abroad, including counseling, English language proficiency exams, shortlisting the right courses and institutes, scholarship guidance, and so on.

    Which countries can Overseas Consultancy Anand help me study abroad?

    Overseas Consultancy Anand can help you study abroad in countries such as the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.

    What is the procedure followed by Study Abroad Consultants in Anand?

    The procedure followed by Study Abroad Consultants in Anand may differ depending on the service you seek. However, consultants offer individualized support and guidance to students, helping them choose a possible university and course, apply for admission, obtain scholarships, and obtain a visa.

    What are the different documents required by Overseas Education Consultants in Anand?

    The documentation requirements may differ based on the country and university you are applying to. However, you may be required to submit some common documents, such as a Statement of Purpose, Letters of Recommendation, and Academic Transcripts.

    What is the maximum age limit to immigrate to Canada?

    Depends on the immigration program you have chosen. Generally, candidates above 49 years have very limited chances of immigrating to Canada. To have an exact idea, share your profile with our Canada immigration consultants in V.V. Nagar.

    I am seeking to study abroad. What requirements am I required to meet?

    Depends on your selected study abroad destination, university, and study program. To have a detailed idea, share your choices with our overseas education consultants in V.V. Nagar.

    How can I qualify for scholarships to study abroad?

    Different scholarships have different eligibility criteria that a student must satisfy. Talk to our overseas education consultants in V.V. Nagar to get better assistance.

    I want to study abroad. Which study abroad destination is best for me? Can your Overseas Consultancy Anand guide me on the same?

    There are several great study abroad destinations such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand offering splendid quality education to international students. The selection among them depends on your personal choice and preferences. You can book an appointment and discuss your preferences with our overseas education consultants in V.V. Nagar. Yes, our overseas education consultants can help you to make an optimum choice among them.

    I want to study abroad. Is it mandatory for me to undergo an English language proficiency test?

    In most cases, it is mandatory. However, if you choose UK to study abroad, you may not have to face an English language proficiency exam and can prove your English language skills using other mediums as well. To know about these mediums, you can have a chat with our overseas education consultants in V.V. Nagar.

    How much time does it take to complete a study abroad program?

    Depends on the level of study program you want to pursue. Where an undergraduate degree takes 3-4 to complete, a master’s degree takes 1 to 2 years. For expert assistance, you can check with our study abroad consultants in V.V. Nagar

    I want to study in Australia. Which university is best for me? Can your Overseas Education Consultants in Anand guide me on this?

    Some of the top universities in Australia are

    • Australian National University
    • University of Sydney
    • University of Melbourne
    • University of New South Wales
    • University of Queensland
    • Monash University
    • University of Western Australia

    Yes, our study abroad consultants in V.V. Nagar can help you to select the best one.

    I want to study in Australia. How much time will it take to complete my Australia student visa process?

    The time may vary depending on your selected visa type. Generally, it takes around 6 to 12 weeks to complete an Australia student visa process. To know the processing time of your chosen visa category, you can have a chat with our Australia student visa consultants in V.V. Nagar.

    I am aspiring to study in Australia? Can your Study Abroad Consultants in Anand guide me on the intakes?

    Definitely, book an appointment with our study abroad consultants in V.V. Nagar.

    I am aiming to study abroad? What are my scholarship options?

    There are plenty that you can leverage based on your eligibility criteria. Contact our study abroad consultants in V.V. Nagar for expert assistance.

    What is the step-by-step process to study abroad?

    The process involves

    • Selection of a study abroad destination, course, and university.
    • Preparation of required tests.
    • Understanding the scholarship and visa options.
    • Applying for the visa.
    • Arriving at the chosen study abroad destination.

    Contact our study abroad consultants in V.V. Nagar, Anand to understand the process in detail.

    Can my application for Canada immigration be rejected? What may be the reasons?

    Yes, your application for Canada application can be rejected if you

    • Do not match the eligibility criteria pertaining to the visa category under which you are applying.
    • Fail to present the mandatory documents.
    • Miss the deadlines while submitting the visa application.
    • Do not meet the associated health and financial requirements and so on.

    Take help from our Canada immigration consultants in V.V. Nagar to perform flawless accomplishment of your visa application and diminish the possibilities of your visa rejection.

    Can you name a few top universities to study in Canada? Can your Overseas Consultancy Anand help me to choose the best one?

    Some of the top universities in Canada are

    • University of Toronto
    • University of British Columbia
    • McGill University
    • University of Montreal
    • McMaster University

    Yes, our

    Overseas Consultancy Anand are happy to help you in selecting the best one.

    What is the minimum bank balance required to get a UK student visa and study in UK? Can your UK student visa consultants help me to know the figures?

    Depends on your selected course. Yes, you can connect with our UK student visa consultants in V.V. Nagar to know the estimated figures.

    I want to study in New Zealand. How can I get my New Zealand student visa easily?

    Take help from our New Zealand

    Overseas Education Consultants in Anand. Our New Zealand student visa consultants in V.V. Nagar have the entire information and accurate knowledge you may require to get your New Zealand student visa swiftly and easily.

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