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    Coaching Square is one of the best immigration consultants in Vadodara providing optimum advice and comprehensive services to help you make the correct immigration decision. We have gained impressive goodwill as reliable immigration consultants in Vadodara during our work span and established ourselves as a renowned provider of all sorts of immigration services in Vadodara.

    We also have expertise in providing remarkable overseas education consultations. Our overseas education consultants in Vadodara can support you to study in your desired overseas country. We have an expert team of study abroad consultants in Vadodara to help you raise a successful visa application and enhance your chance to study in the top study abroad destinations like Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and New Zealand.

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    Immigration Consulting Services Coaching Services


    Immigration to an overseas country can be difficult and tiresome. In a situation where you have a lot to prepare, committing trivial mistakes is not surprising. Coaching Square is one of the responsible immigration consultants in Vadodara rendering elegant immigration services and helping aspirants to immigrate to Australia and Canada.

    Student visa consulting services Coaching Square

    Student Visa

    Leading your way towards international education is daunting. We are qualified student visa consultants in Vadodara working to transform your dream of study abroad into reality. We provide student visa services for the highest preferred study abroad destinations – Australia, Canada, UK, USA, and New Zealand and assist you to acquire globally accepted degrees from abroad universities.

    Abroad Study Coaching services Coaching Square


    Evidence of English language skills is mandatory for the candidates who want to study or work in English-inclined countries. We provide IELTS coaching, CELPIP coaching, and PTE coaching in Vadodara and help you to accomplish the task smoothly and conveniently.

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    Canada is the second-largest and one of the fastest developing countries present across the world. The country is known for its cultural diversity, beautiful landscape, cool climate, and attractive living environment. Due to the striking living and employment benefits Canada has to offer, the country has become a top-most choice of tremendous immigrants from all over the world. Coaching Square has a spectacular team of Canada immigration consultants working to help people immigrate to the economically stable country and live a happy and healthy life.


    Australia is a highly advanced and top-picked immigration country offering innumerable work opportunities and immigration benefits. The high-class culture and finest quality of life bound enormous foreign immigrants to choose Australia for immigration. At Coaching Square, we hold an exceptional team of Australia immigration consultants committed to make your Australia immigration process fast, easy, and faultless. Our persuasive team of Australia immigration consultants has years of hardcore experience in helping clients to immigrate to Australia and direct themselves towards the realization of their ambitions.

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      Study Abroad Consultant Gujarat Coaching Square

    • Canada

      Canada is known to provide top-notch education at a reasonable cost. The degree acquired from a Canadian university is perceived and esteemed in every part of the world. The services of our Canada student visa consultants in Ahmedabad can aggressively support your career in the right direction. We are esteemed overseas education consultants in Ahmedabad providing superlative Canada student visa services to each aspirant seeking to study in Canada.

    • USA

      USA has been a favorite choice of international students to pursue education in an overseas country, Many universities in the USA hold an impressive global ranking and are famous among international students. Our USA student visa consultants in Ahmedabad are helping students striving to take admission in the globally recognized degrees and achieve their study abroad ambitions. We possess a remarkably experienced team of USA student visa consultants capable of providing impeccable consultation to each one looking to get a USA student visa in hassle-free manners.

    • UK

      Thousands of international students attempt to study in the UK every year. UK is home to many world-renowned universities offering highly acknowledged & globally appreciated degrees. Our UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad have an understanding and can guide you in all the major areas pertaining to your UK student visa process. We are the best UK student visa consultants in Ahmedabad having extensive knowledge and a high experience in the arena of abroad studies and can supervise you on every aspect associated with your UK student visa process.

    • Australia

      Australia is home to many world-renowned universities and academic institutions. Choosing Australia to study abroad can be a valuable decision for everyone exploring amazing research facilities and career prospects. We have an outstanding team of Australia student visa consultants in Ahmedabad helping students to study and get degrees from one of the most eminent education systems in the world.

    • New Zealand

      New Zealand offers a secure and splendid learning environment to international students. The affordability in education with a significantly low crime rate makes New Zealand an excellent place to study abroad. Our New Zealand student visa consultants in Ahmedabad have the entire information and can provide you with thorough help to boost your likelihood of securing a place at a sought-after college or university in New Zealand.

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    Why Coaching Square

    • Execellence Coaching services Coaching Services


      We are the most dependable, experienced, and firm immigration consultants in Vadodara. Our utmost transparency, smooth work conduct, and matchless expertise in the industry can help you in every aspect right from finding an appropriate job, fixing the settlement issues, and getting answers to the questions you may have.

    • Consulting Services Coaching Square

      Wide range of services

      We are the most qualified immigration consultants in Vadodara offering a broad range of immigration services to our patrons. We are more known for providing unmatched quality and appropriate services compelling to satisfy the varying immigration and student visa needs of the clients.


    • Study Abroad Visa Sucess Rate Coaching Square

      High success rate

      Our immigration consultants in Vodadara and overseas education consultants in Vadodara hold a remarkably great success rate in clearing all sorts of immigration and student visa applications which makes us an excellent choice to carry out your immigration or study abroad dreams with ease.

    • Customer satisfaction Coaching Square

      Customer satisfaction

      Our team of immigration consultants is capable to serve different genres of immigrants and has gained an immense level of client satisfaction. Our highly impressive work conduct has helped us to evolve further and establish our name as the best immigration consultants in Vadodara.

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    For which countries do you provide immigration services?

    We provide immigration services for the two most preferred immigration destinations – Canada and Australia. To get detailed information on our services, you can talk to our immigration consultants in Vadodara.

    I am looking for good immigration consultants in Vadodara. What can I expect from you?
    • Complete assessment of your profile.
    • Guidance on the available immigration options for you.
    • Detailed explanation of the immigration process.
    • Supervision at every step associated with your visa application process.
    • Assistance in the organization of required documents.
    • Pre and post-landing support and much more.

    Call our immigration consultants in Vadodara to leverage the facilities and services offered by us.

    What are the charges for your services?

    Contact our immigration consultants in Vadodara.

    I am trying for Australia immigration? How long will it take to process my application?

    Depends on the type of visa you are planning to apply for. To have an exact answer, you can discuss with our Australia immigration consultants in Vadodara. Our Australia immigration consultants can also help you to select the appropriate visa type based on your profile and eligibility criteria.

    What are the popular courses to study abroad? Can your overseas education consultants in Vadodara help me to pick the right one based on my background?

    You can pursue anything including Management, IT, Engineering, Accounting, Business, Hospitality, and Nursing courses. Yes, our overseas education consultants in Vadodara can definitely help you to choose the right one. Book a free counseling session with our overseas education consultants in Vadodara.

    I want to study abroad but do not have adequate money. Can your overseas education consultants guide me on the different ways to get financial support to study abroad?

    The different ways to financially support yourself while studying abroad are education loans and scholarships provided by India as well as foreign countries. To understand the most profitable option for you, you can have a chat with our overseas education consultants in Vadodara.

    I am thinking to study abroad. What are my post-study work options? Can your overseas education consultants provide me detailed assistance?

    Most of the major study abroad destinations such as UK, USA, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand provide post-study work visas to international students. Your available options rely on the study abroad destination you choose to study. Yes, you can share your picked study abroad country with our overseas education consultants to know the available work options for you.

    Which services can I expect from sound study abroad consultants?

    An experienced and trusted team of overseas education consultants can

    • Help you to choose the appropriate study abroad destination.
    • Help you to choose a suitable university and course.
    • Help you to understand your education loan and scholarship options.
    • Help you to choose the suitable visa type.
    • Help you to organize the visa documentation and raise the visa application and much more.

    Contact our study abroad consultants to leverage the best overseas education and student visa services in Vadodara.

    I raised the application for enrollment in a Canadian university but unfortunately, it got rejected. What should I do now?

    You can take a second chance. Choosing a better program matching your profile or trying to get enrolled in another university can improve the chances of your application approval. For better assistance, discuss your concern with our study abroad consultants in Vadodara.

    Which entrance tests should I undergo if I am planning to study abroad?

    You may have to take an English language proficiency test as well as other tests based on the area as well as the level of your aspired study program. Book an appointment with our study abroad consultants in Vadodara. They will guide you better on this.

    What is an Australia Skilled Independent Visa (Subclass 189)? What are the main benefits offered by this visa?

    The visa enables skilled individuals to immigrate, stay and work in Australia. The visa is a permanent visa that allows visa holders to

    • reside, study, or work anywhere within the boundaries of Australia.
    • reside in Australia for infinite time duration.
    • leverage the health care benefits available in Australia.
    • apply for Australian citizenship (if the visa holder matches the eligibility criteria).
    • sponsor relatives for Australia PR.

    To know your eligibility for this visa, you can share your profile with our Australia immigration consultants in Vadodara.

    Is Australia a safe country? What are the benefits of immigrating to Australia?

    Yes. Australia is a quite safe country to live in where the crime rate is significantly lower as compared to many other countries across the planet. Australia offers a bulk of immigration benefits that you can understand better if you talk to our Australia immigration consultants in Vadodara.

    I want to immigrate to Canada. How long will it take? Can your Canada immigration consultants explain the process thoroughly?

    It takes time to immigrate to an overseas country. You cannot expect the process to get completed in a day or two. The time to immigrate to Canada can range anywhere around fifteen to twenty months depending on your selected visa category. To have a more clear idea, you can connect with our Canada immigration consultants in Vadodara.

    Can I work in Canada after completing my studies? Can your Canada student visa consultants guide me on the pre-requisites to get a Canada student visa?

    Yes. Canada does offer post-study work options to international students. Our Canada student visa consultants in Vadodara can help you with the wholesome information you may require to acquire a Canada student visa, study and work in the boundaries of Canada.

    How can I apply for a USA student visa?

    Connect with our USA student visa consultants in Vadodara to know the detailed process.

    What are the types of USA student visa? Can your USA student visa consultants help me to choose the best one?

    The three main types of a USA student visa are F1 visa, J1 visa, and M1 visa. The selection among the three relies on the type and duration of your intended study program. Yes, our USA student visa consultants can surely help you to pick the appropriate one among them.

    Will Australia student visa allow me to take my partner with me to Australia?

    Yes, Australia student visa can allow you to take your partner to Australia provided you have evidence of your genuine relationship with your partner. For more information, you can talk to our Australia student visa consultants in Ahmedabad.

    I want to study in Australia. What are my accommodation options? Can your Australia student visa consultants in Vadodara help me to select the optimum one?

    Most of the universities in Australia provide cheap and best accommodation options to international students. Check if your selected university provides on-campus accommodation or not. If no, you can also opt for off-campus accommodation. Yes, our Australia student visa consultants in Vadodara can help you to select an optimum option.

    Can I work while studying in New Zealand?

    Yes, New Zealand does provide employment permissions to international students holding a valid student visa. However, the students must not violate the employment rules imposed on them if they want to retain the validity of their student visas. To know about these employment rules, you can connect with our New Zealand student visa consultants in Vadodara.

    I want to study in New Zealand. Can your New Zealand student visa consultants guide me on the estimated fees and cost of living?

    Yes, you can book an appointment and meet our New Zealand student visa consultants anytime.

    Is IELTS a good option to demonstrate my English language skills if I want to study in UK? Do you provide IELTS coaching in Vadodara?

    IELTS is a widely known test you can take to demonstrate your language proficiency and is accepted by a large number of universities and colleges across the world. However, you must check if your selected university accepts the IELTS exam before preparing for the same. You can take help of our overseas education consultants in Vadodara to accomplish the task. Yes, we do provide both offline and online coaching for IELTS in Vadodara.

    How many times can I appear in the PTE test?

    As many times as you want. Make sure to get the results of the previous attempt before taking the next attempt. Join our PTE coaching in Vadodara to get your required PTE score in the first attempt and avoid any further attempts. We provide both offline and online coaching for PTE in Vadodara.

    What is the purpose of CELPIP exam? Can I take CELPIP exam if I am planning to immigrate to Canada?

    CELPIP exam helps you to prove your English language skills when you are planning to immigrate to Canada or get a Canadian PR. CELPIP is an excellent exam option you can take to accomplish your dream of immigrating to Canada. Join our CELPIP coaching in Vadodara to achieve a better square and boost your chances of Canada immigration.

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