How to Improve Your IELTS Essay Writing Task 2?

Jan 16,2024

How to Improve your IELTS Essay writing task 2

My students always ask questions such as how to write an essay worth more than 7 Bands, how to structure the essay, what are the band descriptors and how to use the public version of band descriptors to leverage the score in essay, how to brainstorm relevant points and many more. Well, my answer is always the same.

IELTS Academic Writing Task 2 Topics

There are certain points which everyone needs to keep in mind while dealing with IELTS Writing Task-2 which are as follows:-

  • One should have enough vocabulary repertoire. For improving vocabulary, you can use quality material such as Norman Lewis’s Word Power Made Easy book.
  • Try to become familiar with the maximum number of topics from which IELTS essays are asked.
  • Know the type of questions which you can expect in the examination.
  • Have some knowledge of current affairs.
  • Read sample essays to ameliorate content quality.
  • Learn structuring the content as logical formatting of the information is a cardinal factor.
  • Learn grammar topics such as tenses, voice, types of sentences, subject-verb agreement, part of speech, transformation of sentences properly to strengthen your writing skills.
  • Have some clarity about the assessment parameters of the band descriptors.
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Top Criteria on IELTS Essay Writing Task 2

There are four assessment parameters based on which IELTS Essay Writing task-2 is evaluated:

  • Task response
  • Lexical Resource
  • Coherence and cohesion
  • Grammatical range and accuracy

So, let’s understand what exactly these assessment parameters are and what we need to learn from it. Moreover, you don’t even need to go through all the band descriptors in detail if you are able to remember the below mentioned explanation.

Task response

  • Cover all the parts of the question.
  • Provide thorough and clear explanation.
  • Add relevant ideas only.
  • Add examples wherever required.
  • Present a clear position throughout the essay.
  • Provide logical and sensical content.

Lexical resources

  • Use contextual vocabulary.
  • Use required collocations.
  • Choose the appropriate words according to the topic.
  • Only use the lexis which you are familiar with and do not try to be a perfectionist.

Grammatical range and accuracy

  • Provide grammatically error free content.
  • Use punctuations marks wherever necessary.
  • Use variety of sentence structures in your writing. [ i.e. simple, complex, compound and complex-compound.]
  • Strengthen topics such as tenses, active-passive voice, synthesis of sentence and transformation of sentences.

Coherence and cohesion

  • Sequence your content logically. [i.e. sequencing/formatting should make some sense]
  • Choose appropriate sequence/format for your ideas/points.
  • Join the ideas in a way which doesn’t disrupt the flow of the reader.
  • Have proper knowledge of conjunctions as all the cohesive devices are nothing but conjunctions.
  • Learn to use cohesive devices effectively.

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IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Essays

Now let’s have a look at one of my essays.

Essay question

Sending criminals to the prison is not the best method of dealing with them. Education and job training are the better ways to help them. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Sample answer


It consists of 3 parts; opening statement, topic statement and thesis statement.

  • Opening statement:- This is a compelling sentence which is written to pique the reader’s interest and encourage them to continue reading.
  • Topic statement:- Paraphrase the question and mention it in the introduction with proper cohesion.
  • Thesis statement:- Providing personal opinion regarding the topic and making our position clear.

[OPENING STATEMENT] One of the conspicuous and global issue of contemporary time is the escalating criminal activities. Apparently, there are numerous reasons of such a situation, however the crucial part is that how we respond to it. [TOPIC STATEMENT] Some opine that apprehending perpetrators and sending them behind the bars is the inappropriate procedure of dealing with them and instead proper education and vocational training should be provided. [THESIS STATEMENT] Here, I only partially concur with the given proposition.


[REASONS OF DISAGREEMENT] To incept with the reasons of disagreement, first and foremost reason is if criminals are put in prison, crime ratio can be kept in check and it can be reduced. And initially, it is the best way to deal with them, however later on, they can be sent to court for justice and court can impart punishment or bail as final verdict depends on the severity of crime. This type of rules, regulations and procedures will ensure that people will follow the laws strictly. Moreover, imparting appropriate punishment according to the crime is mandatory as it will set an example for others. To cite an example, before a while, a prominent terrorist of Pakistan Osama-Bin-Laden did a bomb blast in USA. Government of USA got riled up and they did a surgical strike in Pakistan and eliminated the whole terrorist group of Laden. Thus, after this operation no dangerous criminal has emerged. This type of stringent behaviour towards criminals will ensure safety of bystanders and everyone can live fearless and peaceful life.


[REASONS OF AGREEMENT] Furthermore, strict behaviour and punishment are imperative, although teaching criminals a lesson, spreading awareness and educating them is also necessary. For this, many countries such as USA, Canada, Australia and many more are running rehabilitation programs in which felons are provided psychological help so that they can improve their mental state. Apart from this, vocational training is also given, thus, they just do not sit ideally in the jail and they can do something meaningful with their lives. For example, in Ahmedabad city’s Sabarmati jail, criminals are running one fast food business. In this way, they are able to make amends of their bad deeds and also, they are contributing to their families and nation. Moreover, this type of behaviour towards criminals will improve civic sense in them and they might be able to become good citizens of the society. 


[PERSONAL OPINION] In my opinion, showing lenient behaviour directly toward criminals is totally inappropriate as it will make them fearless and they might continue to do evil activities in the future also. Nevertheless, after teaching them a proper lesson and making them aware of their mistakes, a chance should be given to them so that they can make amends and this is necessary for humanity’s sake as after all criminals are also human beings.


To recapitulate, punishment is inevitable in case of crime, however, action should be taken in accordance to the severity of crime, because, not all the criminals are driven by the selfish desires and sadistic mentalities, some commit crime due to some personal reasons such as insecurity, compulsion or pressure from others.

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