Pearson Introduces New PTE Core English Proficiency Exam for Canada Immigration

Jan 31,2024

Pearson Introduces the New PTE Core English Proficiency Exam for Canada Immigration

Pearson, the world’s leading educational organisation, announced today that PTE Core, its most recent English language proficiency test, is now available for booking. Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) authorised PTE Core last year. It can now be used to demonstrate English language proficiency for permanent economic immigration or Canadian citizenship. 

When will PTE Core be available for immigration to Canada?

The First PTE Core for Canada Immigration, which begins on February 12, 2024, offers a reliable language proficiency testing alternative.

Pearson has released PTE Core, a new test similar to PTE Academic. It’s a two-hour computer-based exam at a testing facility. It assesses speaking, listening, reading, and writing abilities. PTE Core is designed for vocational test takers, with a practical, real-world focus. It was designed for Canada’s migration needs and IRCC language requirements, but it can be used in any country for occupational English proficiency testing.

Every year, numerous people travel to Canada to live, work, study, or visit. Canada also assists in the reunification of families and the protection of refugees and vulnerable individuals. To help Canada’s economic recovery following the epidemic, the government intends to welcome more individuals in the future. Nursing, engineering, and other professions are in high demand.

Introduction of PTE Core for Immigration to Canada

PTE Core was developed in response to Canada’s economic migration needs. In addition, IRCC accepted PTE Academic as an authorized English proficiency test for all Student Direct Stream (SDS) visa applications beginning in August 2023; it is accepted by more than 97% of Canadian universities and 95% of colleges. The governments of the United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand all accept PTE tests for visa applications. PTE Academic is accepted by all Australian, New Zealand, and Irish universities, as well as 99 percent of British universities.

Pearson VUE provides the PTE Core test completely online on computers. To score the test, powerful AI technology is used, which is then reviewed by humans. Biometric data collection provides additional security. These sophisticated technologies ensure that the English proficiency test is fair and accurate.

You may easily book the PTE Core test online 24 hours in advance. The test is available all year at test centres across the world. You will receive your results in around two days.

PTE Core will be available at over 400 PTE centers across 118 countries, including 25 in Canada.

About PTE Test

PTE Academic and PTE Academic Online provide secure English language assessments for students worldwide, including in Canada. PTE English proficiency examinations are accepted for employment and immigration applications in Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. However, PTE Academic Online is not approved for employment or migration. PTE Core is accepted for permanent economic immigration applications in Canada.


The launch of the PTE Core will result in an increase in Canadian immigration applications. PTE Core will contribute to the high migration demand management system in specialized fields like healthcare, engineering, and website development. PTE Core will be your best bet for coming to Canada—a wonderful place with superb colleges, magnificent scenery, a lively culture, and vibrant nightlife.

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