PTE Test Received Approval from IRCC Canada

Feb 02,2023

PTE Test Received Approval from IRCC Canada

One of the significant updates came from all the way to Canada. Pearson is known as a leading English learning company in the world. Now, got approval from the IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) to launch its newest English language test named PTE ESSENTIAL as proof of English Language proficiency test.

One of the important points that need to consider that as per the IRCC authentication the PTE Essential likely to be accepted for Canada PR application as of late 2023.

What is PTE Essential?

  • PTE Essential is the newly designed test that is approved by the IRCC as proof of English language test to apply for Canada PR.
  • It is a new and latest version of the Pearson Test of English (PTE), which will be almost like the PTE Academic.
  • However, the only important changes between the two tests are, PTE Essential will be more vocational, real-life (Canadian & Western Life Based) and it focuses on the non-academic criteria.
  • The test is been designed to meet the IRCC’s language proficiency requirement. Because it may not be different from the tests like CELPIP (G) & IELTS (G)’s fundamentals. But it should become a strong alternative to these tests.
  • As a result, the IRCC has not accepted PTE Academic and allows bringing the PTE Essential.
  • PTE Academic has its own significance because it is accepted by the leading Anglophone countries like Australia, New Zealand, the UK, the USA as well Canada (for Canada Study Visa only). According to a statistics, PTE Academic is largely accepted by Australian, New Zealand and Ireland universities (almost 100 per cent). Whereas, almost 99 per cent of UK Universities and more than 90 per cent of Canadian universities are happily accepting the PTE Academic Test.

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Opinion from the Pearson’s CEO

  • After getting approval from IRCC Canada, the CEO of Pearson Mr Andy Bird has given this statement. “At Pearson, we see every day how English skills can transform lives. We’ve already seen how PTE Academic can help people take a huge stride towards being themselves in English in whichever country they choose to work or study. I’m delighted PTE Essential is now accepted in Canada for economic visas and proud of the innovation and rigour that sits behind the quick and high-quality experience our test provides to test takers.” (Source:

Benefits of PTE Essential

Whether in terms of test format or result the Pearson Test of English will have its own advantages. Similarly, PTE Essential is likely to be given.

  • In upcoming years according to the Canada Immigration Levels Plan, Canada is about to invite a huge number of new immigrants. The country is planning to invite approximately 1.45 million immigrants in the upcoming three years.
  • Canada is in a massive urge of such professionals like, health professionals, engineers, IT professionals, and related skilled workers.
  • The PTE Essential test will be proven a trump card for all the aspirants and skilled workers who are looking to migrate to Canada on a permanent basis.
  • Pearson VUE is known for conducting the test in fully digital form. All the modules of the test like Listening, Reading, Writing and even Speaking are 100 per cent computer-delivered.
  • This 100 per cent AI technology not only includes the biometric data collection of the test takers but also produces fast results.
  • The test takers can book their test online, even up to 24 hours in advance. Whereas, receiving the results in one to three days of the span as well.
  • A large network of test centres across the world will give the best potentiality to the test takers. As per the company, there are around 400+ PTE centres in 118+ countries.


PTE Essential for Canada PR – it is not at all wrong to say that this will be the biggest news for the New Year. Because there are a huge number of candidates who are eagerly waiting for their turn to be elected for Canadian permanent residency. However, the increasing CRS, losing trust in the IETLS results and less number of CELPIP centres were demoralized the Canada permanent residency aspirants. This news will definitely bring a huge smile on millions.

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