Useful Tips to Score High in the PTE Academic

Jul 08,2022

Useful tips to score high in the PTE Academic

PTE test takers should be well informed about all the sections of the PTE test to ace the exam with a competitive score. PTE tests a candidate’s ability to understand the context of the test. Reorder paragraphs are an essential component of the PTE Academic Test. Candidates will have to understand the meaning of the sentences and how well they are linked to each other to form a paragraph. This article will cover essential tips to master the reorder paragraph task in the PTE Reading test.

Reorder Paragraph Task

Let us understand the task in detail.

The task is quite simple. You will have short paragraphs in text boxes on the left side, and you have to rearrange the text boxes on the right side in an order that will convey the right message to the reader.

There will be 2-3 questions contributing to the reading test score. There is no negative marking for this section of the reading test. You will get a point for each correct pair of sentences.

There is no specific time for this task. However, you should not spend more than 2 minutes on each question, as you will lose time for other sections in the reading test.

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Method to Follow for This Task

You will be given jumbled sentences in an improper order. You have to rearrange the sentences to describe the text as a whole.

The first thing to do is to identify the primary paragraph. It is pretty easy as the main paragraph is independent and mainly introduces the topic. The main sentence gives the concept of the whole text in general.

Then, look for the second paragraph to add to the information given in the first paragraph. The second paragraph should be linked to the first paragraph in a way that makes a logical sequence. For all remaining paragraphs, repeat the same steps and read the arrangement at the end to check if you can rearrange the paragraphs for an impactful message.

Sometimes you will get confused with the information given in two different paragraphs. In such a case, replace one paragraph with another and see if it makes more sense than the previous paragraph.

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Useful Tips for The Reorder Paragraph Task

You must learn a few tips to ace the reorder paragraph task during your practice session.

Here are a few tips and tricks to help you during the test:

1. Read all the Paragraphs First:

Read all the paragraphs quickly to get the idea behind the original text. Once you have gone through all the sentences, it will be easier to arrange them in the correct logical order.

2. Identify the Primary or First Sentence:

Look for an independent sentence that makes an introduction for the whole test. This will be your leading sentence and will not refer back to any other sentences. If you cannot find the primary or independent sentence, try to find all other sentences related to each other. This will give you a clue about the main sentence.

3. Analyse the Use of Connecting Words:

Connectors such as however, because, therefore, will play a significant role in linking sentences. Sentences that begin with these words can rarely form an independent sentence. Connecting words forms a bridge by showing a relationship between two sentences. For example, “because” represents a reason.

Transition words like firstly, secondly, and finally can also help identify the sequence between sentences. Although consequently, otherwise, hence, generally are some more connecting words widely used in sentence formation.

4. Look for Logical Relationships:

Paragraphs in the text are defined to add meaning to the other sentences. If the first statement gives a general idea about the topic, the second statement should provide specific reasons or definitions. And the third sentence should possibly have an example related to that particular idea. Try to identify sentences that are logically dependent on each other.

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5. Nouns and Pronouns will Help:

Nouns, pronouns, and specific nouns used to represent a person or objects in the sentence will help you identify the relationships between sentences. For example, if in a sentence “he” is used for a describing person, then search for another sentence that uses the same noun in it.

6. Use the Subject-Verb-Object Approach:

Each sentence comprises a subject, verb, and object. Every consecutive sentence of the paragraph has a link with the object of the previous sentence. In simple words, the object of the preceding sentence will become the subject of the following sentence. If you understand this concept in-depth, you can easily reorder the sentences.

7. Try Other Alternatives:

What seems the correct option at first instant might look wrong from the deep analysis. Hence, while reordering paragraphs, try different options to check which sentence makes more sense than others. Pick the one that makes the best logical connection with other sentences in the text. Remember that trial and error methods work best when every other method fails.

8. Practice Using Different Mock Test Materials:

Practice regularly and check what skills require more attention. Daily reading habits will help you to analyze the text quickly. Learn tips and tricks, and apply them on the practice test to check if they help you Boost Your Performance in the Reading Test.


The PTE Reading Exam is one of the crucial parts of Improving Your Overall PTE Score. It demands excellent reading skills and full concentration from the candidates. The task of reordering paragraphs is a high-scoring Section in the PTE Reading if you have practiced regularly. Above mentioned tips and strategies can also help you master this task. Remember that PTE reordering paragraphs do not require any special skills. You have to read the sentences and apply your logic and English knowledge to form a correct structure.

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