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Sep 27,2021

Changes in PTE Academic - Coaching Square

Pearson, who believes in enhancement and innovation, is bringing a few significant changes to the PTE academic exam soon. The modifications can be experienced from November 16, 2021. The main aim behind introducing these changes is to make the PTE exam more convenient for the test takers. Let’s explore the paramount changes announced by Pearson

1. Change in the Test Timing

From November 16, 2021, the PTE academic exam time will reduce from three hours to two hours. This change in the test timing will encourage a swift completion of PTE academic test and will help test-takers to save a significant amount of their precious time.

2. Change in the No. of Questions

In the new PTE academic, the number of questions will lessen from 70 – 82 to 52 – 64. The types of questions will remain the same, however, as the number of questions will be reduced, the frequency of the questions will have an impact.

3. Change in the Break Allotment

The 10 minutes optional break will not be availed to the test takers after the implementation of the changes. The main motive behind the removal of this break is to help students complete the test in less time than they spend in the three-hour version of the PTE academic exam.

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What will Not Change

As mentioned above, the type of questions is something that will remain the same in the new PTE academic. Also, the number of sections and sub-sections will be the same as the older PTE academic.  Hence, the students need not worry about changing their preparation pattern and the resources they use to get themselves ready for the exam. The difficulty level of the PTE academic exam will also not be affected by the changes announced by Pearson.


PTE academic is one of the most prevalent exams when it comes to studying or immigrating overseas. Now, when the exam has become even more convenient and compact, it will definitely influence more aspirants to choose PTE over other language proficiency exams such as IELTS and  TOEFL. If you are the one planning to take the PTE academic exam soon and seeking the best PTE team to prepare for the same, you can contact our PTE Coaching experts anytime. Get in touch with our team to know about our upcoming batches and schedules. We are available in Ahmedabad, Surat, Vadodara, and V.V. Nagar.

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