Last Minute Preparation Tips for High Score in PTE Test

May 16,2022

Most of us have experienced anxiety and nervousness before our examination in school or college. No matter how well you have prepared for it, that last-minute study will boost your confidence to a different level.

PTE Test determines your command of English by testing your communication skills in different tasks. Candidates who can prove their proficiency in English will have global opportunities for study, work, and residency. Eventually, your PTE Score will decide your fate.

However, the PTE Test is not something you can prepare in a day. The PTE Test Preparation requires a rigorous practice for a few months. Even though you have prepared well in advance, you will get confused about what to read and skip on the test day. Here are some last-minute preparation tips that might be handy on your test day.

Start Your PTE Exam Preparation

Go Through the Notes

  • Prepare notes while studying for the PTE Exam. Include important topics, vocabulary, structure, and ideas in it. Keep it short and straightforward to skim it through on the last day. These notes will help you for a glance on the test day.

Relax and Don’t Overthink

  • Many students lose their peace of mind on the test day. The result is unwanted thoughts that will divert you from positive ideas in the test.
  • Relax your mind and body for the best performance on exam day. Indulge yourself in the activities that refresh your mood. Meditation, going for a walk with friends, listening to your favourite music, and watching Netflix will stimulate the happy hormones in your body.

Don’t be Late

  • Try to reach your test center at least 30 minutes before the time. Being late in the examination hall will lead to unwanted stress, and you won’t be able to focus during the test.

Turn off the Technology

  • Shut down your laptops and switch off your cell phones. Unnecessary phone calls from friends and social media notifications may distract you from your goals.
  • Keep all your electronics away for a day and revise what you have prepared.
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Value Your Time

  • Time is important when you are at your home or in the test room. Use every second of your day wisely. Having a 15 minutes break for refreshment is perfectly fine.
  • But, do not waste it on gossiping and roaming around the test center. Instead, concentrate on the things that really matter.

Plan for the Exam Day

  • Pack your bags with essential items like a hall ticket, passport, pen, and pencil the day before. Also, plan your schedule for the test day to avoid the last-minute rush.

Decide What Needs More Attention

  • Focus on the areas that need revision. Identify your strengths and weaknesses and work on the areas that require more attention. It would be best to work on their weaknesses by analysing where you lack.

Expect a Noisy Classroom

  • PTE classrooms are often loud and chaotic. If you have the habit of learning in a peaceful and quiet environment, you should prepare your mind to work in a noisy environment. Do not get carried away with the chaos, and be mindful of giving your best in the test.
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Allocate Some Time for Checking Your Answers

  • Ensure that you finish the tasks before the time and utilise the remaining time to check for errors. It is a good practice to verify your task response before you submit the task, as it will eliminate the chances of incorrect answers.

Have a Positive Mindset

  • Always believe in yourself and know that you have the calibre to face any challenges that cross your path. Do not underestimate yourself at any cost. You have the potential to excel in the PTE test if you are well prepared. Having confidence is the key to success for every test.
  • These are some quick tips to ace your PTE test. But it is equally important to learn about dos and don’ts for every section in PTE. Following are some crucial strategies that will help you score more in your PTE results.

Essential Tips for Each Task

Listening Section

  • Make the best use of the erasable notepad given to you.
  • Listen to the audio carefully and note down the solid ideas for your reference.
  • Check the sentences for grammar and spelling errors.

Reading Section

  • Read the question before reading the passage to get a better idea of the expected answer.
  • Focus on the keywords to find the correct answer.
  • Answer all the questions as there is no negative marking for the task.
  • Read the first and last lines of the passage carefully, and you are more likely to get the answer here.
  • Make the best use of paraphrasing strategies to convey the message in different words.
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Speaking Section

  • Be audible and clear while you speak. Maintain an average and steady pace in your speech.
  • Practice speaking English with your family and friends before entering the exam hall.
  • Be confident before starting the speaking section, as it will help you speak flawlessly.
  • Learn to finish the sentences and do not leave the sentence incomplete. Do not take unwanted pauses in your speech.
  • Correct your pronunciation and grammar mistakes before the test day.

Writing Section

  • Improve your vocabulary and grammatical range during your PTE preparation.
  • Pay attention to the word limits and finishing time.
  • Understand the task and give your answer that is relevant to the question.
  • Present ideas that strongly express your views.
  • Arrange the sentences in a logical sequence. Practice enough to structure the ideas logically and use this technique in the exam hall.
  • Improve your typing speed and do that without typos.


PTE test preparation needs stringent practice, extraordinary dedication, and effort. However, it is not an impossible task to achieve. While many students refrain from hard work, others make it possible through regular practice and firm determination.

Your PTE score is dependent on the strategies and tips that you learn during your preparation. Your PTE result will definitely improve if you strive to give your best performance. Follow expert advice from PTE trainers and last-minute preparation tips to attain the Best Score in PTE Exam.

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Mr. Dhaval is an expert in PTE, intellectualizing and executing advanced learning modules. His past journey of being an adept and exceptional student helps him to predict the student’s doubts, strengths, and weaknesses exactly. He believes in fresh and out of box teaching tactics to reach the goal smartly.


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