PTE-A Exam: Essential Tips & Strategies for Read Aloud Questions

Jul 19,2022

Essential Tips and strategies for Read Aloud Questions

PTE Academic evaluates a candidate’s speaking, reading, writing, and listening skills for academic purposes. Hence, candidates must have a comprehensive skill set to excel in the PTE-A Exam. PTE Reading Exam consists of a few tasks that test a candidate’s speaking skills based on factors such as fluency, the flow of speech, and pronunciation.

The PTE Read aloud task is the first task in the PTE Reading Test. It seems very simple at first look, but the candidate must demonstrate excellent fluency and correct pronunciation while maintaining a smooth flow of speech for a high score.

You will have text on the screen. You will be given 30-40 seconds to read the text and prepare yourself for the task. After 30-40 seconds, the microphone will open up, and you have to start recording your response for it.

Preapre Yourself for PTE-A Exam

Tips and Tricks for Scoring High in the Read Aloud Task in PTE Reading

With some reading and speaking practice, you can easily score high in PTE Read Aloud task. Following are a Few Tips to Improve Your PTE-A Exam Score:

1. Make a Pause When Needed:

Full stops, commas, and conjunctions will show you when to stop and pause in a sentence. Follow these indications for fluent speech. If a sentence is too long, take a pause in between.

2. Speak Naturally:

Speaking while reading can be difficult for many test-takers. Consequently, they might not be able to read in a natural tone. Daily reading practice will assist you in acing this task.

3. Put the Right Amount of Stress on Words:

Some words require more emphasis than others. It would be best to put pressure on those words but do not do it to an extreme level. There can be just 1- to 2 words in a sentence that needs more attention. Ensure that you pick the right words. Use your presence of mind when you encounter complicated sentences.

4. Speak Confidently:

You might not be a master of English. None of us are. No one is going to judge you based on your reading skills. So, do not overthink and speak flawlessly with confidence.

5. Practice Daily:

Daily reading practice will help you a lot in your preparation. You have to read a lot to ace the PTE Speaking Exam. Ted Talks can be a great source of information. We also recommend that you take some high-quality mock tests for better results.

6. Do Not Stop at Any Point:

Complex words and lengthy texts will test your reading skills. At some points, you may fumble and lose your confidence. This will stop you from reading further. Make sure you avoid such occasions and keep reading without any hesitation.

7. Speak Loudly:

Do not be a lazy one. Speak energetically with a loud voice so the microphone can capture that. You should not worry about other candidates sitting in the room; just concentrate on your task.

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PTE-A Exam: Read Aloud Task in Detail

The read-aloud task in the PTE-A Exam assesses candidates’ reading and speaking skills. This task is simple and can Improve Your Overall PTE Test Score. It is more like reading reports, giving presentations, and reading passages for study. However, if you lack reading skills, you need more practice for this task, as when you PTE read aloud, listeners should be able to get the context of your speech.

Candidates need to read the content with accuracy. You are more likely to lose marks if you make errors or miss a lot of words. Your score will depend on how well you can read the text. It would help if you tried to maintain a natural pace with fluent speaking skills and use a natural tone.

What is the Best Strategy for a PTE Read Aloud Task?

There will be 6-7 questions contributing to the speaking and reading score. You will have 35-40 seconds to read and prepare your response. Take advantage of this time and identify difficult words. Try to speak out the complicated words during the preparation time. You can break a long term into smaller parts and decide how you will pronounce them during the test.

Start with a slow pace and then maintain a natural speed for reading the text. Do not read in a monotonous tone, as it will sound boring when recorded. Make it sound interesting for the listener. The audience will not be able to identify the critical part of the text if you speak like a robot.

Vary your tone while speaking. However, you must know when to speak in a high tone and when to slow down. Punctuation marks will give you an indication to pause and stop while reading. Make sure you do not leave the sentence in between and start reading another sentence as it may confuse the listener. Emphasise the words that carry more importance as these are the words that define the whole sentence.

You can use 30-40 seconds of your preparation time to figure out these points. Once the recording starts, keep your eyes on the screen and start speaking. Now that you have a Plan for Your PTE Reading Task, you know when to pause, when to raise your voice and how to handle unknown and complex words effortlessly; all you have to do is deliver your response with perfection.

Do not hesitate if your pronunciation is incorrect. Correct the word immediately if you can or start with other words in a way that the listener cannot detect the error. If you fail to do so, you will lose track, and your pronunciation will suffer greatly, resulting in a poor test score.

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Reading aloud can be a critical task for Your Dream Score in the PTE Speaking Test. You must have a study plan and mock test practice material to evaluate your performance in the weak areas. As the PTE Read aloud task contributes to your PTE Reading and speaking scores, you must brush up your skills before the test day.

Above mentioned tips for reading aloud may also assist you to excel in the PTE Speaking exam. You have to practice reading at home and make a plan for the task that can guide you in the test. So, consider the above tips and practice sufficiently to Boost Your Result in the PTE-A Exam.

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  • How to score 90 in PTE read aloud?

    Scoring 90 in PTE Read Aloud requires a high level of English language proficiency. You should aim to read fluently and accurately, with proper stress, intonation, and rhythm. You must also try to develop test-taking strategies and time management skills.

  • How is read aloud scored in PTE?

    The task is assessed based on three distinct scoring aspects: Content, Oral fluency, and Pronunciation. Each of the three aspects is worth 5 points, and your total score in Read Aloud is a sum of these factors.

  • Is 61 a good score in PTE?

    A score of 61 in PTE is considered a moderate score, but it may not be sufficient to meet the English language proficiency requirements of some universities or immigration programs. Hence, It’s advisable to check the specific score requirements of the university

  • Is it easy to get 79 each in PTE?

     Acquiring a score of 79 in each module of PTE is a challenging task that demands a high level of English language proficiency.

  • How can I improve my read aloud fluency?

    To improve your read-aloud fluency in PTE, focus on enunciating clearly, using proper stress and intonation, and maintaining a consistent pace. Record yourself, listen for areas of improvement, and seek feedback from native speakers or professional PTTE teachers.

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