PTE-A Reading Tips – Improve Your PTE Exam Score Like a Pro

Jul 29,2022

Practical Tips to Improve Your Score in PTE-A Reading Like a Pro

In today’s world of digital communication, most of us do not have the habit of reading regularly, and that’s why the PTE-A Reading module becomes challenging for candidates. We all know that PTE Reading Practice needs enough time and proper practice materials for a good score. But, apart from all these, you will also need some valuable tips and strategies that will Boost Your PTE Reading Score.

This article will discuss some practical tips and tricks to maximize your PTE-A Reading score to the next level.

Practical Tips to Enhance Your PTE-A Reading Score

1. Read as Much as You Can

Yes, reading is the only thing that will assist you in your PTE Preparation. As you read more, you will know more about your skills. Read different types of materials that interest you. It could be magazines, newspapers, e-books, etc.

2. Learn New Words

You will encounter unfamiliar words while doing your PTE-A Reading practice. Make a list of all these words with their meanings and learn how they are used in a sentence. Learn the synonyms and antonyms of difficult words.

3. Read the Question First

Many test-takers read the passage first in the exam and waste time understanding the meaning. You should read the question first, understand what it asks for, and then read the passage to find the correct answer.

4. Highlight the Keywords

As you start reading the text, highlight the keywords that you think can help answer the questions. You can easily find the answer if you know the keywords.

5. Eliminate Incorrect Answers

For complex questions, use the elimination strategy. Remove all the logically incorrect solutions. Remember that the elimination technique works the best when every other method fails.

6. Practice Regularly

Daily PTE Practice in the reading section will increase your reading skills. Hence, working on your skimming and scanning is as essential as writing, speaking, and listening skills. Thus, concentrate on all skills you will require to enhance your reading.

7. Answer the Easy One’s First

There will always be some easy blanks. You must fill them first to secure some marks. Another advantage of this method is that once you have picked an answer, you will have fewer options to choose from, making it easier for you to fill in other blanks.

These are some tips that you can Apply to Your PTE Reading Exam. We have developed tips to solve different reading question types for more detailed knowledge of PTE reading. Let’s have a look at them:

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PTE Reading Tips for different Question Types

1. Multiple Choice Question, Single Answer

First, read the question carefully. Try to understand the meaning of the question and determine what can be the possible answer. Next, read the passage and find what answer suits the best for the given situation. Look in the options and check if the information from the text matches any of the options.

2. The Multiple-Choice Question, Multiple Answers

Read the question. From a list of 5 to 6 answers, there will be 2 or 3 correct answers. Be careful while choosing the options, as this task has negative markings.

3. Re-order Paragraph

Read all the statements listed. Look for the introductory statement first. Then look for the following logical sentence that links to the first statement. In the same sequence, arrange all the sentences in a logical order. There is one mark for each logical answer. Always have another look at the answer to verify that you have placed the sentences in the proper order.

4. Fill in the Blanks (Reading and writing)

This task is best defined by the collocations. Collocation means a pair of words often used together. For example, a powerful engine, annual turnover, etc. Concentrate on parts of speech before and after the text. Most answers have their synonyms hidden in the text. Do not waste too much time on one question. Instead, find solutions for the easy ones first and then find answers for complex questions in the remaining time.

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Maximize your PTE Reading Score

1. Skimming and Scanning

Most important for any reading test, skimming is overlooking the text quickly to locate the answer. You do not need to read the sentence word by word, as it will consume time. Instead, you will try to get the central idea of the text and then look in detail for the specific answer. Scanning is the practice of searching for particular information from the passage to find the correct answer. It would help if you used both techniques to find answers in the reading test.

2. Read at a Normal Speed

In tasks like “read aloud,” which tests your reading and speaking skills, ensure that you read correct words and speak the same in the recording. You must read at a normal pace, rather than being too fast. Avoid long pauses and filler words, as they can drop your score.

3. Do Not Fake the Accent

Many candidates try to copy the articulation of the native speakers in the reading task, assuming that it will help them achieve more marks. But it is a myth, and you should always speak in your natural accent, in a clear and precise manner. Proper pronunciation of the text is the key to scoring a High Score in PTE Reading.

4. Keep Track of Time

Time plays an essential factor in the PTE Exam. Always manage your time effectively so that you can complete other sections. Check that you have enough time to answer all the questions.

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Getting a competitive Score in PTE Reading is desired by many PTE aspirants. However, an ideal PTE Reading score seeks constant reading practice and PTE Coaching from expert trainers. With a bit of attention to your strengths and weaknesses, you can ace the PTE Reading with an excellent score.


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