How to Master at Fill in the Blanks Task in PTE Reading and Writing

Jun 13,2022

How to Master at Fill in the Blanks Task in PTE Reading and writing

What are the simple PTE reading and writing fill in the blanks tips and tricks? This is the common question asked by PTE test takers who Want to Get the Desired score in the PTE Exam. In this article, we will provide a solution to your problems by explaining how to master the PTE reading and writing fill in the blanks tips and tricks.

Fill in the blanks for PTE reading accesses your grammatical skills and content relatability. You can instantly fill in the gaps with the right answers if you have the correct English language basics and practical time-management skills. Candidates should also improve their grammar and vocabulary to excel in the PTE Reading Test.

PTE Reading and Writing Fill in The Blanks Tips and Tricks

1. Use Elimination Strategy

Use Elimination Strategy Eliminate all the options that do not make sense in the given context. Take a look at each option one after another and check if it fits the sentence. Eliminate all the options that are not suitable for the given space.

2. Attempt all the Questions

Attempt all the Questions Do not miss the opportunity to score even if you are unsure about it. Make a logical prediction for such questions.

3. Re-Check the Answers

Re-Check the Answers to identify errors and correct them immediately.

4. Expand Your Vocabulary Range

Expand Your Vocabulary Range the English language has many similar words. Fill in the blanks task demands a good knowledge of synonyms and antonyms for certain words.

Pen down new words that you come across while doing the PTE Study. It will boost your knowledge and help in increasing your PTE Exam Score.

5. Grammar is Essential

Grammar is as Essential as vocabulary for any language. Concentrate on your grammatical accuracy, and learn the fundamentals of the English Language. Learn if the word is a noun/adjective/verb and know the basics of word arrangement, i.e., subject + verb + object.

Use proper articles(a/an/the) for an object. Make the use of “s” at the end of a word to describe the plural form, i.e., if there are two cats, “s” is placed at the end of “cat” to describe the plural form.

6. Select the Answer that Best Fits the Context

Candidates should select the answer that best fits the context and adds meaning to the sentence. Select the option that is relevant to the topic of the passage.

7. Use mock test practice materials

Use mock test practice materials and expose yourself to various difficulty levels. Practising before the test will prepare you to give a clear Idea About the Reading Test. Daily habits of reading newspapers, academic articles, and e-books will make it simpler for you to answer these question types. Also, ensure that you identify your weaknesses during your practice tests and try to work on them for better results in the final examination.

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Format of The PTE Reading-Fill in The Blanks Task

This task will assess your ability to read and make the best use of collocations. Candidates will be presented with a 100 to 300 words paragraph on general topics. There are 5-6 questions, and they will contribute to both reading and writing.

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There are Two Types of Fill-in-the-Blanks in the PTE Reading Test

  • A passage will be given with missing words. You will be given different words below the text, some of which are the answers to the blanks, and you have to drag and drop the solutions that best fit the blanks.
  • You will be given a text with blanks to fill in. You have to select the correct word from the drop-down button to fill in the gaps.

1. Scoring for PTE Reading and Writing Task

You will get one point for the correct answer, and there is no negative marking in this task. So, try to attempt each question. Candidates should not spend more than 1.5-2 minutes for each question as the question types in the Reading Test are not timed separately.

Although, this task consumes more of your time if you do not follow the right approach. Also, the reading task requires sound knowledge of English vocabulary.

Let us see the practical strategies to help you answer fill-in-the-blank questions in PTE Reading.

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2. PTE Reading Method for Fill in the Blanks

  • Skim the test to get an overall idea about the main topic. If you have understood the passage’s content well, you can quickly fill in the blank spaces.
  • Read the passage in detail and go through the given options. There might be slight differences in the options provided, making it difficult for you to select the right option. But, read the sentence before and after filling the blank space to get the exact choice for the particular sentence.
  • The words before and after the gaps may give you an idea about the correct answer. Pay attention to the verb form used for the sentence and make the best use of your grammatical knowledge to select the right option.
  • Sometimes the meaning and context of the passage play an essential role in deciding the answer. And for other times, the use of common collocations can assist in choosing the appropriate response from the list of options.
  • Manage your time wisely. Spend less time on the answers that you feel confident about. Always save your time for the difficult questions and review these questions at the end for more effective results. Make sure you answer all the questions as there is no negative marking in this task.
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PTE Exam has been widely taken by candidates all across the world. Fill in the blanks section in the PTE Reading test is an important task that contributes to reading and writing scores. Hence, thorough practice for these question types is desirable for a Remarkable PTE Exam Score.

Fill in the blanks for reading and writing will be much easier if you expand your range of vocabulary and grammar. The use of appropriate collocations will also drastically Increase your PTE Reading Score. Candidates appearing for the PTE Exam should brush up on their reading skills before the test day.

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  • How can I improve my reading- fill in the blanks?

    To improve your reading- fill in the blanks skills in PTE; you must read the entire passage first, identify the type of word missing, look for context clues, and find the right answer. You should also pay attention to grammar and structure, and practise with sample tests.

  • How do you solve fill-in-the-blanks in PTE?

    Here is how you can solve fill-in-the-blanks in -the PTE reading section. Read the passage first and understand its context. Look for grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary clues to determine the missing word. Choose the correct word from the options provided that best fits the context of the passage.

  • How do you master filling in the blanks?

    You can master this PTE section by reading various types of texts during the exam preparation and taking practice tests to improve comprehension and speed. Pay attention to context clues and use the process of elimination to determine the correct answer. Analyse mistakes and learn from them to improve performance.

  • What are reading and writing blanks in PTE?

    The Fill in the Blanks question type in the PTE Reading section assesses reading and writing abilities. Candidates must choose the correct word from a drop-down list to fill in the blanks within a given text, showcasing their contextual comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar skills.

  • How many blanks are there in the PTE exam?

    In the PTE reading exam, test takers will encounter 4 to 5 reading passages, with each passage comprising 4 to 5 questions. Thus, there are approximately 16 to 25 questions or fill in the blanks in the PTE exam.

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