CELPIP Questions and Answers – A Brief Guide

Aug 18,2022

CELPIP Questions and Answers – A Brief

CELPIP has been in the market for quite a long time; nevertheless, it came into the limelight only after opening several CELPIP Test Centers in India. Hundreds of thousands of test-takers worldwide were eagerly waiting for an alternative English test to IELTS, and they ultimately got CELPIP.

What is CELPIP? Why is it Popular?

CELPIP stands for Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program. It is an English test for non-native speakers who Want to Apply for Canada Immigration. Owned by Paragon, CELPIP has become fairly a popular test among many due to its question types and nature. The test-takers find it easier to attempt the CELPIP questions because they are more practical than academic.

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CELPIP Questions and Answers

The nature of the CELPIP questions is ‘practical’. In other words, the sources of the CELPIP questions shall be from the routine (day-to-day) encounters. Students shall never face any difficulties in understanding the topics because they are familiar.

While IELTS and PTE bombard the test-takers with questions that are difficult to understand (as they are kinds of academic or complex in nature), CELPIP goes on with ease. The candidates won’t see the topis as aliens.

A simple example can get you an idea:

  • The most complex IELTS listening question for section/recording 4 could go like a conversation between three people who are discussing a thesis submission. The thesis is about an academic topic ranging from history to chemistry and even civics.
  • The most complex CELPIP listening question could be about a discussion on the healthcare system in general.

The test-takers would surely relate to all CELPIP questions from listening, reading, writing, and speaking. As said earlier, the topis won’t be an alien to the candidates. Common topics for CELPIP include problem-solving, suggestions, complaints, inquiries, and the like from various settings such as workplaces, homes, societies, public places, etc.

Similarly, CELPIP answers, too, aren’t as complicated as one finds in PTE and IELTS. CELPIP questions and answers are easy to understand and follow. They come from day-to-day events and incidents. If a standard high-band sample of writing or speaking tasks baffles the test-takers in IELTS and PTE, they would be happy to see standard high-scoring sample answers of CELPIP.

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Online CELPIP Question Bank for Practice

Online CELPIP questions come as study materials using which test-takers can get their required bands. Nevertheless, it is highly recommended that candidates should be professionally trained by a certified CELPIP tutor. CELPIP Coaching online or in the classroom enables test-takers to attempt and excel practice CELPIP questions.

There Could be Separate Question Banks for CELPIP Such as:

  • CELPIP Listening questions for practice
  • CELPIP Writing questions for practice
  • CELPIP Reading questions for practice
  • CELPIP Speaking questions for practice

On the other hand, students can also practice CELPIP questions as CELPIP online mock tests for free or go for paid CELPIP materials for questions.

CELPIP Question Types

As mentioned earlier, the sources of CELPIP questions for all four modules are the general settings at offices, society premises, and/or homes. Here are the CELPIP question types from all the four modules – Listening, Reading, Writing, and Speaking.

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CELPIP Writing Questions

Writing CELPIP questions for practice comes in two types. Here are they:

Number of QuestionsTitle of the QuestionsWhat do You See on the Screen?Example of the Question and What You Need to Do.
1Writing an EmailThe left side mentions the basic information or the situation on which you shall write an email. On the right side, you have the key points that you must include in your email.You are a school teacher and willing to invite a famous writer to your school to motivate children. You should include an introduction to the school, an invitation, and describe what activities you have planned. —————-
You need to write an email with proper language with a particular approach.
2Respond to a Survey QuestionThe left side mentions the basic information or the situation in an organization, society, or any setup. On the right side, you have two options. Both seem logical, but you need to choose one..On its 10th anniversary, your company can offer either ‘paid holidays’ (option A) or a ‘bonus’ (option B). ——-
You need to choose option A or B. Write why you prefer the option with valid and practical reasons.

CELPIP Reading Questions

Reading CELPIP questions for practice comes in four types. Here are they:

Number of QuestionsTitle of the QuestionsWhat do You See on the Screen?Example of the Question and What You Need to Do.
1Reading for CorrespondenceA writes to B, and B responds to A. Put yourself into their shoes and answer CELPIP questions for correspondenceSamantha is writing Eric about not being able to make it on his birthday. She apologizes but promises that her birthday gift shall reach Eric in time. Later, when they gather, they’ll have fun. —————-
You need to answer the questions from this conversation
2Reading to Apply a DiagramThere are one or more pictures with texts. Pictures could be anything from gadgets to advertisement leaflets.There is a brochure of Mike’s Dancing Classes with various dance types, timings, and fees. ——-
You need to answer the questions from adv. by observing every detail.
3Reading for InformationThere are four paragraphs -A, B, C, and D. Each paragraph contains rich information on some topic. There’s E also saying, None of the AboveAll the paragraphs talk about a mule deer’s habitat, eating habits, lifestyle, mating, and much more. ———- The question is in form of a line. You need to find which paragraph contains that information. It’s tricky!
4Reading for ViewpointThere is a big article written by an expert on a particular subject. It’s complex and the topic requires a bit deeper thinking.A digital marketing guru writes on why it’s important for companies to spend on digital marketing to stay competitive.  ———— You need to answer questions from the article. In addition, you also need to answer from another text (somebody has read the article and put a comment below it).
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