The New Draw Announced by Alberta Province Invited 248 Express Entry Candidates

Nov 17,2021

New Draw Announced by Alberta Province Invited 248 Express Entry Candidates

Alberta is a notable province when it comes to Canada immigration. To fulfill the economic needs, the province is keenly looking for skilled talents to come and work at the province. To invite international talents for Canada PR, the latest draw was carried out on October 26, 2021. The results of the same are announced in the public domain the previous week. The draw has invited 248 express entry candidates holding 300 CRS points to apply for Canada PR. The spotlights of the latest draw are given as under

  • The draw was the second draw declared in the month of October.
  • The draw has invited a total of 248 express entry candidates to apply for Canada PR.
  • The cut-off of the draw was 300 CRS points.
  • The draw is the sixth instance when Alberta province has encouraged the candidates with the cut-off of 300 CRS points to apply for Canada PR.
  • With this draw, the total number of draws declared by Alberta province this year has reached to 24. The total number of candidates who got an ITA for Canada PR has reached 6100.
  • At the beginning of the year, the province declared a draw with a cut-off of 406 CRS points. Then, two other draws were carried out with the cut-off of 360 and 352 CRS points. The cut-off of the remaining three draws lied between 300 to 302 CRS points.

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Canada Immigration and Alberta Provincial Nomination

Alberta is one of the leading provinces in Canada welcoming a significant number of immigrants. The province gives priority and invites those candidates who

  • are interested to reside in the province permanently.
  • are members of the Canada immigration express entry pool.
  • have notable employment experience.
  • hold a minimum of 300 CRS points in their express entry profile.
  • hold a valid employment offer from an employer belonging to Alberta.
  • have studied in Alberta.
  • have close relatives in Alberta residing either as Alberta citizens or permanent residents for at least a year. 

Alberta Provincial Nomination Programs

Alberta runs a total of five provincial nomination programs to provide NOI (notice of interest) to interested candidates. Once the candidates receive notification, they are required to submit their latest profile to the Canada immigration authorities. The five programs are

  • Alberta Opportunity Stream 
  • Alberta Express Entry Stream
  • Alberta Self-Employed Farmer Stream
  • International Graduate Entrepreneur Immigration Stream 
  • Foreign Graduate Start-Up Visa

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Canada immigration

Alberta province has no separate point-based system like the provinces British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, and Prince Edward Island. So, the province uses the Canada immigration express entry points table and chooses the candidates straight from there. The three prominent Canada Immigration programs assisting Alberta province reach the deserving international talents are

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)


The draws from Alberta province were closed from June to December months of 2020 and then started again at the beginning of 2021. Since commencement, the province has been announcing around two draws each month. Prior to the introduction of the COVID 19 pandemic, Alberta was nominating candidates like accountants, administrative officers, food supervisors, and likewise. At the present date, the province is nominating candidates from the domains like food services, retail sales, medical, civil, transport, logistics, etc. The province also takes those candidates at priority who have some past connection with the province like if the candidate has studied or worked in the province in the past, the candidate would be given preference. 

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