Apply for Study Visa for the May 2022 Intake in Canada

Oct 14,2021

Apply for Study Visa for the May 2022 Intake in Canada

Dreaming to Study in Canada? Only dreaming is not enough. It is essential to take the necessary steps at the appropriate time to realize your aspiration of study in Canada.

Studying in Canada is a crucial decision of your life. Millions of international students endeavor to study in Canada every year. In a situation where the competition is too high, giving an early start to your application process becomes imperative.

The Canadian universities offer three intakes most commonly known as the Fall, Winter, and Summer intakes. The fall intake begins in September, winter intake in January, and the summer intake starts in May month of every year.

The blog aims to elaborate the summer intake also called the May intake. We will also provide a step-by-step guide so that you can apply for study visa for the May 2022 intake in Canada without delays and make the acquisition process comfy.

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Summer/May Intake in Canada – Highlights

  • A limited number of colleges and universities are available in this intake.
  • Courses offered during this intake are usually short-term.
  • The intake is less competitive than fall and winter intakes, hence, the chances of getting admission are higher.
  • The application deadlines lie between the upcoming January and February months.

Timelines and a Step by Step Guide for May Intake 2022 in Canada

Step 1 – Explore Your Options

As mentioned, the summer intake in Canada presents a restricted number of colleges and universities, hence, determining the university that offers the course of your choice is vital. After shortlisting the universities matching your requirements, the next important step is checking their deadlines and the application process.

The course choice should be made on the basis of your background, interests and preferences. The factors like contacts in the basecity, cost of living, scope of settlement, etc. can be considered while making the university selection.

If you find any difficulty in choosing the right university and course for Canada May intake 2022, book a free counseling session with Our Overseas Education Consultants to know the right options, smoothen your admission process and obtain your Canada study visa with ease.

April 2021 to August 2021 is the ideal time to perform your research and move to next steps.

Step 2 – Take the Required Tests

Your selected university/universities may ask you to present the scorecard of a few tests. Taking these tests is pivotal to secure a seat in your aspired university. These tests may include SAT, ACT, GMAT, GRE and a language proficiency test (such as IELTS or TOEFL). The preparation of these tests need time and efforts. Hence, take adequate time to prepare and to deal with the challenge easily.

The most suitable time to appear of these tests if you are aiming to apply for Canada May intake 2022 is September 2021 to December 2021. Clear, you are not left with too much time. Connect with our Study Abroad Consultants  asap to solve your doubts and take faster actions.

Step 3 – Apply to Your Desired University/Universities

Now, after you are done with the prior steps, here comes a significant step – raise application for enrolment to your shortlisted universities. The documents you will require to perform the task include

  • Statement of Purpose.
  • Letter of Recommendations.
  • Academic records.
  • A CV
  • Scorecards of the required tests.

Below are given a few tips that will aid you to lodge your application appropriately and enhance chances to gain admission

  • If your have shortlisted multiple universities, apply prioritywise.
  • Make applications within the deadlines of individual universities/institutes.
  • Ensure to organize all the mandatory documents timely and in the proper format.
  • Instead of raising applications at your own, take help from intellectual Study Abroad Consultants. Their knowledge and experience in the field will be very beneficial to make your goal of Study in Canada possible.

The perfect time to apply to universities is January 2022 to February 2022.

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Step 4 – Wait for an Answer From the University

You cannot proceed with the next step until the university confirms your admission. May intake receives fewer applications than fall and winter intakes, hence, your chances of getting an admission are higher. Universities generally respond within two to three weeks of making the application, hence, you have to be patient while waiting for the answer.

You are likely to get the response by the end of March 2022.

Step 5 – Arrange Funds

Once your admission gets confirmed, it’s time to figure out how much money you will require to Study in Canada. If you are unable to arrange the required funds, ample scholarship and education loan options are also available that you can leverage. Don’t forget to check your eligibility before applying for any of them.

April – May 2022 is the suitable period to arrange funds and apply for scholarships/education loans (if required).

Connect with our Overseas Education Consultants to have an estimated figure of the desired funds, understand your scholarship and loan options, know the application process and lodge a faultless application for the same.

Step 6 – Apply for Canada Study Permit

You cannot study in Canada unless you have a Canada study visa. Hence, a very important step on your way to study in Canada is applying for Canada study visa. You may find the process long and confusing if you deal with it at your own. Taking assistance from reliable Study Visa Consultants is a great way to make the process effortless and acquire your Canada study permit without hassle. Usually, the processing time for Canada study visa lies around three to five weeks. Ensure to apply on time to avoid unwanted difficulties and delays.

List of Universities for May intake 2022 List of Colleges for May intake 2022
University of Waterloo Bow Valley College
Ryerson University Durham College
University of Manitoba Lambton
Carleton University Selkirk College
University of Ottawa College of New Caledonia
University of Calgary Northern Lights College.
University of British Columbia Norquest College
University of Alberta Seneca College
Trent University Fanshawe College

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Dear friends, as you still have enough time to prepare for your application, Canada May intake 2022 can be your best option to Study in Canada. To get thorough assistance to take advantage of the Canada May intake 2022 in the best way, book an appointment with our Overseas Education Consultants today!