Canada Break New Record by Granting PR to 400000+ Immigrants in 2021

Dec 30,2021

Canada Sets a New Record by Granting Permanent Residency to 400000+ Immigrants in 2021

For folks from all around the world, Canada is one of the most popular immigration destinations. The country gladly accepts talents to contribute to its ever-expanding economy. This year, over 4,00,000 new permanent residents have been invited for Canada PR. The news seems great for all looking to relocate to overseas countries especially Canada to enjoy a lavish lifestyle and job prospects. 

This is the second time when Canada invited such a big number of immigrants in a single year to reside into its borders. The country was founded in 1867 and since then, it was only in 1913 when it provided Canada PR to more than 4,00,000 people. 

It’s none other than IRCC (Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada) that acknowledged the pleasing news. 

Before the start of pandemic, Canada was planning to welcome 3,41,000 to the country but, due to the impact of COVID-19, the picture changed drastically and it could land only 1,84,000 immigrants. However, during this year, it ramp up on immigration and supported it’s after pandemic economic improvement by declaring the goal of issuing 4,01,000 new PRs. 

IRCC put extra efforts to meet the Immigration Levels Plan target for 2021. As per the plans, immigration was possible only for those who hold a temporary status in Canada and shift to permanent residence, or for those who arrive from abroad and obtain PR status in Canada.

Canada primarily relies on immigration to boost its economy and help elderly society. Facts recently revealed demonstrated that the economy of Canada has undoubtedly improved in previous months, reaching pre-COVID peaks. This is certainly an encouragement for Canada to keep inviting international skills. 

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The country saw a significant drop in new PR arrivals as boundaries were mostly shut down due to the outbreak of pandemic. Before the disease outbreak, a big percentage of new immigrants came from other countries. In 2021, the country mainly favored those already residing within Canada.

According to Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, the target was established in the last year and has been attained this year. Also, the authorities have revealed that they are planning for 4,11,000 new PRs in the upcoming year.

The aim of greeting 4,01,000 new immigrants was a priority for Canada. Now that the country has met its predetermined goal, it is broadening its intentions. During the year 2022, Canada expects 4,11,000 newcomers and 4,21,000 in the year 2023. The new Immigration Levels Plan is set to be released by Fraser by Feb 10, 2022.

The recent success is particularly meaningful with respect to the myriad of challenges that the nation is experiencing post-COVID. COVID-19 slowed down the worldwide flow of people considerably. All was devastating, from shuttered country boundaries to domestic closures. The period was especially difficult for those desiring to immigrate to overseas countries. However, by breaking the record, Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) staff members came out ahead. To meet the preset target, IRCC multiplied its resources, accepted new ideas, and shifted much of its operations online. All these modifications represent enhancements to Canada’s immigration system.

The above information evidence that midst the onset of difficult times and circumstances, Canada always has space for brilliant people and is very keen to invite them. So, if you would like to immigrate to Canada in quest of a higher standard of living and happier life, you still have good chances. Our Canada Immigration Consultants can assist you with specifics and directions you may need to realize your aspiration of immigrating to Canada.

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