Canada Express Entry Draw #210 Invited 613 PNP Candidates

Nov 26,2021

Canada Express Entry Draw #210 Invited 613 PNP Candidates

Canada’s Provincial Nomination Programs are a significant pathway for foreign nationals to secure Canada PR. After the outbreak of COVID – 19, via the Canada Experience Class, Canada primarily targeted domestic candidates. Also, the country did not declare any Federal Skilled Worker Program this year. Hence, the aspirants who want to get Canada PR are left with the only option i.e. Canada’s Provincial Nomination Programs. Recently, on November 24, 2021, a Canada Express Entry draw has been declared. The draw has invited 613 candidates to apply for Canada PR.

Main Points of the Draw

  • The draw is the #210th draw of this year.
  • Including this draw, the total number of PNP draws declared in the last three months has reached six. The draw is second for the month of November.
  • The draw invited a total of 613 candidates to submit Canada PR applications in the underlying provinces and perform Canada immigration.
  • Candidates have the time of 60 days to complete and submit their applications.
  • The previous draw under the same program was held on November 10, 2021. 685 candidates holding a minimum of 775 CRS points were invited in the draw.

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Last Three Months CRS Cut-Off


# Number of Draw Draw Date Program No. of Invitations Lowest-ranked candidate invited CRS score
210 November 24, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 613 737
209 November 10, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 775 685
208 October 27, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 888 744
207 October 13, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 681 720
206 September 29, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 761 742
205 September 15, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 521 732
204 September 14, 2021 Canadian Experience Class 2000 462
203 September 1, 2021 Provincial Nominee Program 635 764


Looking at the above table, the following things can be noticed

  • Only one Canadian Experience Class draw has been conducted in the last quarter. 
  • The total number of Provincial Nomination Program draws held in three months is seven.  
  • The maximum number of candidates are invited through the Canadian Experience Class.
  • Consistent Provincial Nomination draws carried out during the time show the space for international talents in Canada.
  • The table also makes us understand that if a candidate falls under the right NOCs but do not hold an adequate score still he has chance to get a nomination from the province.

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Interpretation for Canada PR Draws

As Federal Skilled Worker draws are halted after the outbreak of Wuhan virus, provinces in Canada are inviting foreign talents from Canada Express Entry pool. Most of the candidates have been invited from the Canadian Experience Class and Provincial Nominee Class.The total number of candidates invited through Provincial Nomination Programs this year have reached to 13,000. According to the analysis, 33 Provincial Nominee Program draws are conducted under the Express Entry and the number of candidates that have been invited to apply for Canada PR is around 17,785. In the chain, Canada Experience Class has held 27 draws and the number of candidates invited to apply for permanent residency in Canada is nearly 133,868.

February 13, 2021, was a big day in the history of Canada Immigration. On the special day, Canada invited 27,332 candidates that too with the low CRS cut–off of only 75 points to apply for Canada PR. 


The provinces in Canada have their own criteria to nominate candidates apply for Canada PR. A significant factor that plays a crucial role in the provincial nomination of the candidates is NOC (National Occupational Classification). If you are striving for the provincial nomination in Canada then your occupational code (NOC) must satisfy the provincial draws criteria. There are provinces in Canada (such as Alberta and Manitoba) that do not disclose their NOC codes generally.

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