Canada Immigration Alters It’s Target to 432,000 in 2022

Feb 15,2022

Canada Alters Its Immigration Target to 432,000 in 2022

Canada immigration new levels plan for 2022-2024 is out. This time, Canada has declared that nearly 432,000 new immigrants will be welcomed in 2022. The number is much greater than the previous plan, which intended to process 411,000 Canada PRs this year.

According to a recent announcement made on February 14, 2022, Canada intends to target the following new arrivals during the next three years.

  • 2022 – 431,645 Permanent Residents
  • 2023 – 447,055 Permanent Residents
  • 2024 – 451,000 Permanent Residents

Let’s uncover what Mr. Sean Fraser, Immigration Minister of Canada has to say on this announcement 

“This levels plan is a balance of needs for our country and our international obligations. It focuses on attracting skilled workers who will contribute to Canada’s economy and tackle the labour shortage, while recognizing the importance of family reunification, and helping the world’s most vulnerable populations through refugee resettlement. Our focus remains on supporting our economic resurgence through increased retention of newcomers in regions with real economic, labour, and demographic challenges. I’m proud of what Canada has achieved thus far, and I won’t wait to see how newcomers will continue to make Canada a top destination of choice.”

Canada’s new immigration plan is the most aggressive in its history. The major purpose of Canada’s immigration system, which is why immigrants are being targeted in such large numbers, is to increase the country’s working population and economic growth.

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Plan highlights

  • Roughly half of all newcomers are anticipated to gain Canada PR through economic class routes such as Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program, and Temporary to Permanent Residence.
  • In 2022, the family class will account for 24% of entrance goals, with 80,000 people expected to enter through the Spouses, Partners, and Children Program.
  • A total of 20% of immigrants are expected to enter through refugee and humanitarian programs.

The above details can be better understood with the help of the below table

Immigration Class 2022 2023 2024
Economic 241,850 253,00 267,750
Family 105,000 109,500 113,000
Refugee 76,545 74,055 62,500
Humanitarian 8,250 10,500 7,750


Canada has set high immigration goals for 2022 and beyond, after meeting its goal of welcoming 401,000 immigrants in 2021. Canada had previously planned to welcome 411,000 new permanent immigrants in 2022. However, Canada’s immigration targets have been significantly revised as shown by the momentous announcement. Let’s look at some of the major factors that prompted Canada to modify its immigration targets.

  • The flow of migrants is critical for Canada’s economic growth.
  • Although Canada has recovered several jobs that were lost due to the COVID-19 outbreak, still there are 960,000 employment vacancies in different sectors.


In many ways, the new immigration plan is advantageous. First and foremost, the plan benefits the vulnerable populations, and secondly, it also helps to alleviate global issues by providing secure shelter to the immigrants. 

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