Canada PNP Draws for March 2022 – Comprehensive Analysis

Apr 05,2022

Canada PNP Draws for March 2022

Provincial Nomination Programs are the second most common option for people interested to migrate to Canada. Almost all Canadian provinces rely on Provincial Nomination Programs to attract qualified workers from around the world and maintain economic growth.

The country conducted 15 PNP draws in March 2022, inviting a total of 4292 candidates. The provinces of Canada that held PNP draws in March 2022 include the following

  • Alberta
  • British Columbia
  • Manitoba
  • Ontario
  • PEI
  • Saskatchewan

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A Detailed Version of the Information is Given in the Table:


Draw Date Province Number of candidates invited
01-03-2022 British Columbia 136
01-03-2022 Ontario 1320
03-03-2022 Saskatchewan 58
04-03-2022 Saskatchewan 121
08-03-2022 Saskatchewan 235
08-03-2022 British Columbia 204
08-03-2022 Alberta 350
10-03-2022 Manitoba 120
14-03-2022 British Columbia 176
17-03-2022 PEI 141
22-03-2022 Alberta 350
22-03-2022 British Columbia 204
24-03-2022 Ontario 471
24-03-2022 Manitoba 191
29-03-2022 British Columbia 215
30-03-2022 Ontario 618


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Province-By-Province PNP Draw Results – Further Information


The Alberta province conducted two PNP draws through which it invited 700 candidates to Apply for Canada PR. The first draw was held on March 8, 2022, in which the province issued 350 Canada PR invitations. The second draw was held on March 22, 2022. The number of candidates invited in the second draw was also 350. The CRS score of the lowest-ranking applicant invited was 318.

British Columbia:

Last month, the province staged five draws, calling a total of 935 people.  The dates of the draws were March 1, 8, 14, 22, and 29. All applicants were invited under the categories Skills Immigration and Express Entry BC.


Skilled Workers in Manitoba, Skilled Workers Overseas, and International Education Stream are the three major streams under which the province sends invitations. The province held two draws in March 2022. The first occurred on March 10th, and the second was on March 24th. In total, 311 Canada PR invitations were given in the two drawings. Express Entry candidates received 76 of these invitations.


In March, the province of Ontario held three draws. There were a total of 2,430 candidates who were invited. The first draw held on March 1, invited 1320 candidates. The second, held on March 24, invited 471 candidates, and the third, held on March 30, invited 618 candidates. The streams under which the province issued invitations include

  • Employer Job Offer: Foreign Worker stream
  • Employer Job Offer: International Student stream
  • Masters Graduate stream
  • Skilled Trades stream

 Prince Edward Island:

In the preceding month, the Prince Edward Island held only one draw, inviting 141 candidates. The draw occurred on March 17th. From the Labour Impact and Express Entry streams, 130 candidates were accepted, with 11 from the Business Impact stream.


In March, the province had three PNP drawings. There were a total of 414 candidates invited to the drawings. The draws were conducted on March 3, 4, and 8. Entrepreneur EOI System, International Skilled Worker EOI System, and International Skilled Worker EOI System were among the streams under which candidates were invited.

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What is PNP? How is it Helpful to Migrate to Canada?

The PNP is an immigration program managed by the federal, provincial, and territorial governments. The main goal of the PNP is to attract people to the country’s smaller provinces. Most Canadian provinces and territories now owe a significant percentage of their economic growth to the Provincial Nomination Programs.

PNPs are a vital part of Canada’s immigration system, providing migration opportunities for those who do not meet the Express Entry requirements. If a candidate is nominated for Canada PR by a Canadian province, the candidate is likely to receive an additional 600 CRS points which significantly increases his or her prospects to Migrate to Canada. PNP can be split into two broad types. One is the Enhanced PNP, which pulls candidates using the Express Entry System, and the other is the Base PNP, which is self-contained.


From the above details, it is pretty clear that the glorious land of Canada has room for a lot of talented individuals seeking a high-class life and income in dollars. The Immigration Levels Plan that Canada revealed for 2022-2024 states that Canada is targeting the biggest number of immigrants in its history. Hence, for everyone wishing to migrate to Canada, it’s high time to try their luck.

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