Canadian Immigration 2021: Year in Review

Dec 30,2021

Canadian Immigration 2021 Year in Review

The ongoing impacts of COVID-19 insisted countries to alter their immigration policies. However, despite the fear of COVID everywhere, Canada continued to welcome skilled people to the country and set record in the year 2021. Only in the month of August, 37,780 new permanent residents were reported to reach Canada. Canada is already on way to meeting its objective of embracing 4,01,000 immigrants in 2021. The country could attain the goal via digitization of several facets of the immigration process and the implementation of superstar policy decisions.

Canada entered 2021 under tough circumstances. The number of COVID cases was high, vaccination coverage was low, travelling rules were altered and whatnot. Amidst all this, IRCC made and achieved the target of landing 4,01,000 new permanent residents to the country. 

Canada Immigration 2021 – The Most Significant Events

The following information includes the most significant events in Canada immigration that occurred in 2021

  • In the year 2021, Canada held 42 Express Entry Draws. Through express entry, Canada allowed a big number of aspirants to Apply for Canada PR
  • One of the most prevalent Canadian Provincial Nomination Programs OINP altered its registration system. Earlier, registration was made on a first-come, first-served basis, however the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) switched to a point-based system that prioritises applicants on the basis of economic/labor market dynamics.
  • Over 90,000 temporary residents in Canada were enabled to gain permanent residency in 2021 via six new immigration streams. The new immigration streams were introduced in May 2021 and were intended to aid three main groups of people – essential workers, international students, and French speakers. 
  • Canada made significant changes to the Express Entry programme. An immigrant have to provide upgraded Proof of Funds in order to be eligible for the express entry program.  These adjustments are incorporated in Federal Skilled Worker Program as well as the Federal Skilled Trades Program. 
  • New Brunswick introduced a new PR route for foreign students residing in Canada and interested to settle there after getting a degree from eligible colleges that are unqualified for a Post Graduate Work Permit.
  • The Working for Workers Act, a new rule, intended to assist individuals who recently moved to Canada with significant international professional experience. 

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Policy Changes in 2021

  • Canada made constant modifications in traveling and COVID-19 guidelines throughout the year. Numerous changes were introduced in the entry and vaccination requirements, processing times, and likewise. 
  • Canada, being one of the foremost choices to immigrate overseas, was more prone to the frauds happening to immigrate to Canada. By establishing the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants, the Canadian government has made important progress towards controlling immigration scams.
  • On October 26, 2021, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau introduced Sean Fraser as the new immigration minister of Canada. He took over for Marco Medicino. The guy serves as Canada’s Minister of Public Safety now. 

Over the entire year, Canada incorporated substantial attempts to expand its immigrant community. Immigration has been demonstrated to be one of Canada’s most powerful solutions to minimize the impacts of talent shortage. Immigrant-friendly guidelines in Canada focused on providing organizations with better access to quality talent, changing the actual population of Canadian cities, and transforming the country into an appealing destination for immigrants from around the world.

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