Pre-Entry Covid Test is No Longer Required to Enter Canada

Apr 05,2022

Pre-Entry Covid Test is No Longer Required to Enter Canada

Since the emergence of COVID-19, Canada, like all other countries, has been implementing changes to international travel restrictions. The most recent change in the sequence is that the pre-entry COVID test is no longer required for fully vaccinated travellers. Changes to the regulations, which previously required every passenger, irrespective of vaccination status, to show a negative PCR or fast test upon arrival to Canada, came into effect on April 1. The news is promising for those hoping to Immigrate to Canada in the coming weeks or months.

Despite the removal of the pre-entry COVID test requirement, individuals must still adhere to certain criteria in order to gain acceptance in Canada. It is still necessary to show proof of vaccination. In addition, before entering Canada, candidates must supply the appropriate information using the ArriveCAN app else they may have to undergo a test or follow the quarantine measures upon entering Canada. Regardless of their vaccination status, travellers who reach without finishing their ArriveCAN submission may be subjected to a pre-arrival test and a 14-day quarantine.

If a traveller is just partially or not at all vaccinated, he or she may need to satisfy the testing and quarantine criteria. The rule applies solely to Canadians and exempt international passengers. Foreign nationals who are not completely vaccinated are still barred from entering the country.

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Who Qualifies as Fully Vaccinated?

Individuals who have taken at least two doses of COVID-19 approved vaccination or at least one dose of the Janssen/Johnson & Johnson vaccine are deemed as fully vaccinated. Individuals who had two approved COVID-19 vaccinations in combination are also counted fully vaccinated. The second dose must be taken at least 14 days before flying to Canada. Although a COVID test is no longer required for entering Canadian borders, your entry may be denied if you show symptoms at the time of the journey.

Is This a Long-Term Change?

We are unable to make any forecasts at this time. Everything hinges on how COVID-19 unfolds around the world. The sudden emergence of some COVID-19 variants (such as OMICRON) may force countries to reintroduce travel restrictions. Canada and other countries have altered international travel restrictions many times since the start of COVID-19, and this could happen again. Canada may resume pre-arrival COVID-19 testing, as it has in the past. Meanwhile, let us hope for the best and plan our trip to Canada.

COVID-19 Vaccines Approved by Canada

  • Pfizer
  • Moderna
  • Astra-Zeneca
  • Johnson & Johnson
  • Bharat Biotech
  • Novavax
  • Sinopharm BIBP and
  • Sinovac

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As the government of Canada relaxes the testing criteria for overseas travel, now may be the best time for candidates to try for Canada PR.  Canada intends to welcome a record number of immigrants in 2022 and in subsequent years, creating excellent possibilities for exceptional people seeking to immigrate to Canada. If you are the one waiting to immigrate to Canada for a long time, call our Canada Immigration Consultants to know your chances as well as leverage expert advice and support!