Saskatchewan Operates the Biggest Provincial Nomination Draw for the Year

Nov 25,2021

Saskatchewan Operates the Biggest Provincial Nomination Draw for the Year

Good news for the people aiming for Canada immigration! The Saskatchewan province has conducted the biggest draw of the year. The primary focus of the draw is on the trades, transport & equipment operators, and similar occupations. The draw has invited 633 candidates with a cut-off of 65 points. 

Saskatchewan PNP Draw – Main Points

  • The draw has invited the maximum number of candidates during this year.
  • The candidates belonging to both categories i.e.  Canada Immigration Express Entry and occupation-in-demand are invited under the draw.
  • The total number of candidates invited from the Canada immigration express entry category is 425. The number of candidates invited from the occupation-in-demand category is 208.
  • The candidates holding a minimum of 65 points have been invited in both categories.
  • The draw has particularly concentrated on the trades, transport & equipment operators, and related occupations NOC holders.

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The National Occupational Classification Targeted by the SPNP

For the aspirants striving for Canada Immigration, the provincial nomination relies on the chosen Canadian NOCs. Hence, picking an appropriate Canadian NOC according to the profile plays a vital role Canada Immigration invitation process. Saskatchewan is a foremost province in Canada known for inviting a significant number of Canadian NOCs in every draw it conducts. In the recent draw, the province has favored 14 NOCs. The details of the nominated Canadian National Occupational Classification codes in the draw can be checked below 


NOC Canada  Skill Level Title Eligible Destination Examples
0016 O Senior managers – construction, transportation, production and utilities Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – Manufacturing Company, Marketing Vice-President – Airline, Operations Vice-President – Electric Power Company, Etc
0711 O Construction managers Construction Manager – Commercial, Housing, Industrial, Residential, Project Manager & Superintendent, General Contractor, Etc…
0712 O Homebuilding and renovation managers Builder – Building, Renovation, Residential, Contractor – Building, Home Renovation, Home Renovator, Housing Rehabilitation Specialist, Etc…
7201 B Contractors and supervisors, machining, metal forming, shaping, and erecting trades and related occupations Automotive machine shop foreman/woman, Blacksmith foreman/woman, Boilermaker foreman/woman, Boilermaker supervisor, Ironwork contractor, Ironworkers foreman/woman, Machine shop supervisor, Machinists foreman/woman, Machinists supervisor,
7203 B Contractors and supervisors, pipefitting trades Fire protection equipment installer foreman/woman, Gas fitters foreman/woman, Gas fitters supervisor, Gas line fitters foreman/woman, Gas service foreman/woman, Gas service supervisor, Marine pipe fitters foreman/woman, Marine pipefitters foreman/woman, Pipefitters foreman/woman,
7231 Machinists and machining and tooling inspectors Aircraft engine parts machinist, Aircraft machinist, Apprentice machinist, Auto parts machine shop inspector, Automotive machinist, Aviation machinist, Ballistic laboratory machinist, Bench machinist,
7235 B Structural metal and plate work fabricators and fitters Metal fabricator, Platter, Plate work fitter, Ship fitter, Ship fitter apprentice, Steel fabricator, Structural steel fitter
7242 B Industrial electricians Apprentice industrial electrician, Diesel electrician – railway, Electric signal repairer – railway, Electrician – rail transport, Industrial electrical repairer, Industrial electrician lead hand, Journeyman/woman industrial electrician,
7243 B Power system electricians Apprentice power system electrician, Electrical powerhouse electrician, Electrical powerhouse electrician – electrical power system, Electrical substation electrician – electrical power system, Electrician – electricity production, Power electrician, Power station electrician,
7272 B Cabinetmakers Cabinetmaker, Custom frame and mirror assembler, Custom piano case maker, Custom wood furniture maker, Furniture cabinetmaker, Jig builder – wood products manufacturing, Journeyman/woman cabinetmaker,
7281 B Bricklayers Apprentice bricklayer, Artificial stone mason, Brick chimney builder, Brickmason, Chimney repair bricklayer, Chimney repair stonemason, Cinder block mason, Fire brick liner repairer, Furnace lining bricklayer, Industrial furnace bricklayer, Journeyman/woman bricklayer,
7283 B Tilesetters Apprentice tilesetter, Artificial marble setter, Ceramic tile installer, Granite setter, Journeyman/woman tilesetter, Marble layer, Marble tilesetter, Mosaic tilesetter, Terrazzo finisher, Terrazzo mason, Terrazzo, tile and marble setter, Tile fitter, Tile mason, Tile mechanic, Tilesetters lead hand
7294 B Painters and decorators (except interior decorators) apprentice industrial painter and decorator, bridge painter, building painter, commercial building painter, commercial construction painter, construction painter, house painter,

industrial construction painter, industrial maintenance painter,

7371 B Crane operators Boom truck crane operator, Bridge crane operator, Climbing crane operator, Construction crane operator, Crane operator, Dragline crane operator, Gantry crane operator, Hoist operator (except underground mining),


Furthermore, the invited candidates must have finished an educational credential assessment from authorized bodies accredited by Canada immigration.

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The Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program is an effective way to accomplish Canada immmigration. The prominent Provincial Nominee Program is crucial for non-Canadians interested to make Saskatchewan their abode. The program has invited above 6750 candidates to immigrate to Canada this year. 

If you want to know more and leverage the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program to the best, our Canada Immigration Consultants can provide swift assistance!

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