The Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Issued 223 Canada PR Invitations

Apr 11,2022

The Latest Manitoba PNP Draw Issued 223 Canada PR Invitations

The Manitoba PNP Draw, held on April 7, 2022, has invited 223 candidates. The invited candidates will be allowed to migrate to Manitoba and Apply for Canada PR through Manitoba Provincial Nominee Program. The draw was the 142nd Manitoba PNP Draw held by the Manitoba province.

The Invitations are Issued Under Three Streams

  • Skilled Workers in Manitoba
  • Skilled Workers Overseas
  • International Education Stream

Of the total invitations, 156 were sent to Skilled Worker in Manitoba candidates. The score of the lowest-ranking candidate for the same was 739. 33 invitations were given to Skilled Worker Overseas candidates. The minimum required score to get the invitation was 683.  25 invitations were sent to International Education Stream candidates. There was no minimum score requirement for the same. The summarised details of the draw can be drawn from the following table

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Stream Number of Invitations Minimum EOI score
Skilled Workers in Manitoba 156 739
Skilled Workers Overseas 33 683
International Education Stream 25


Out of 223 invitations, 30 invites were sent to the candidates having a valid Express Entry profile and a job seeker validation code.

Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream

The Manitoba Skilled Worker Stream is designed to help Manitoba employers fulfill their specific needs. The workers who hold the necessary skillset are nominated for Canada PR by the province. With the help of the stream, the province attracts skilled persons and employs them to keep its economy afloat. Candidates with a record of link with the province are given preference under the stream.

The two pathways to gain Canada PR under the stream include Manitoba Work Experience Pathway and Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway.  The Manitoba Work Experience Pathway is for the candidates currently working in Manitoba either on temporary work permits or via other mediums. The Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway is for international candidates having an employment offer from a Manitoba employer.

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Skilled Worker Overseas Stream

The stream includes both a dedicated Express Entry Pathway as well as a Direct Provincial Pathway. The stream focuses on talented overseas employees with experience in Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations. Candidates with personal connections and also those who have the necessary language skills, training, and ability to obtain work quickly are given preference under the stream.

The two pathways that let candidates gain Canada PR under the stream are Manitoba Express Entry Pathway and Human Capital Pathway. The Manitoba Express Entry Pathway is for overseas individuals that meet the specific criteria and have an active Express Entry profile. International skilled workers holding experience and skills in any of Manitoba’s In-Demand Occupations are encouraged to apply through the Human Capital Pathway.

International Education Stream

This stream is specifically designed for the students who studied in Manitoba universities and colleges. There are three pathways that run under the stream – Career Employment Pathway, Graduate Internship Pathway, and Student Entrepreneur Pathway. To qualify under any of the pathways, the candidate must meet the associated eligibility criteria which can be understood by talking with experienced Canada immigration consultants.

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