The Nomination Quota for 2021-2022 By Tasmania

Apr 05,2022

Migration News for the Nomination Quota for 2021-2022 By Tasmania

According to a recent update on 28th March from Tasmania, no more nomination quota would be allocated for Subclass 491 and Subclass 190 for year 2021-2022.

Tasmania’s Quota Allocation For years 2021-2022

As per the latest update, the migration quota details for the year 2021-2022 is expressed below:

Subclass 491: 2200 Seats, 1415 Seats Used

Subclass 190: 1100 Seats, 871 Seats Used

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Quota Management for Remaining Applicants

  • Around 1000 applicants have applied since December.
  • We might exceed the numbers, as there are less than 1300 places left while we still need to finalize 1300 applications.
  • According to this update, a total of than 1480 applications are yet to be nominated, which includes more than 610 applications for Subclass 190 and 860 applications for Subclass 491.
  • We may hold the processing of new applications for a while, as we are still looking for options to meet the demand because we have only a few places left.
  • While we still accept new applications, these applications will not be processed for nomination in the year 2021-2022 as to manage the current volume of pending applications.
  • Migration Tasmania will process the oldest applications first as against the newest applications, with priority given to candidates whose skills match directly to their job.
  • Applications pending until 30th June 2022 will be resumed for processing in years 2022-2023. Furthermore, Migration Tasmania will consider the requirements and assessment protocols applicable at the time of the application is being made.
  • In case, an application is approved this year but cannot be nominated due to limited quota, then the application will be held for this year and will undergo nomination for the year 2022-2023 program.
  • Applications that do not meet the requirements and assessment standards will be declined.
  • Only 230 places are remaining for Subclass 190. So, applicants who fail to meet their skill assessment may not be nominated until the next program year, even if they fall under the successful subclass 190 Category.

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If you are also planning to settle your family in Australia, then Tasmania is providing you a great opportunity to work and migrate under the Subclass 190 and Subclass 491 Programs. Australia is a beautiful country with exotic beaches, excellent weather conditions, and high-paying jobs. Tasmania is looking for a skilled employee, and that is the reason it conducts a program for skilled migrants every year. But, limited quota, only a few places are left to be filled. So, do not miss out on this chance to Migrate to Australia, and contribute to their profitable economy.