The Second Lowest Express Entry PNP Draw (#209) Invited 770+ Candidates

Nov 17,2021

Lowest Express Entry PNP Draw (#209) Invited 770+ Candidates

Gaining permanent residency in a country like Canada is an aspiration of tremendous individuals. In India, people love to grab the opportunity to study, work and immigrate to an overseas country. However, only the lucky ones get the chance to realize their dream. People in India strive for migration in an abroad country in search of a good career and life. 

Canada immigration – an introduction

When people of India think about immigrating overseas, they come across plenty of destination options. Of all the available options the two prominent ones that bestow people with phenomenal study and employment opportunities are Australia and Canada. The number of people immigrating to Canada has encountered a significant hike over the past decade. Understanding the economic needs of the country and attracting international talents to the country, the Canadian government has introduced several outstanding permanent residency programs over the years.

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The main programs that give the opportunity to international talents to immigrate to Canada are

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trade Program
  • Provincial Nomination Programs
  • Canadian Experience Class

Canada Express Entry

Canada express entry is an online pathway to apply for Canada PR. The system enables skilled workers to gain permanent residency in Canada. The point-based immigration program evaluates the candidate’s profiles on the basis of the factors like age, qualification, English language proficiency, work experience and gives chance to skilled individuals to apply for Canada PR. 

Canada Express Entry – imperative information

  • Express Entry aids candidates to obtain Canada PR swiftly. The candidates need not wait for years to get the decision on their Canada PR application. 
  • The main purpose of the program is to speed up the Canada PR process for individuals wishing to settle in Canada.
  • The system provides a single-window entry for all the available Canada PR programs.

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Canada Provincial Nomination Programs

Canada has a total of three territories and ten provinces. Looking at the distinct economical needs, the provinces in Canada run separate Canada PR programs to welcome international talents to the province and fill the void of skills the province is facing. The spread of COVID 19 insisted the Canadian government stop the Federal Skilled Worker Draws. Hence, the people striving to get Canada PR is left with only one option that is the Provincial Nomination Programs. A few days back on November 10, 2021, Canada declared the latest PNP draw #209. The country invited 775 candidates to get Canada PR. The cut-off of the second-lowest draw of the year is 685 CRS points. Apart from this, Canada has declared four other draws under the Provincial Nomination Program in the past few months and invited a total of 3626 candidates to lodge applications for Canada PR. 

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After the COVID-19 pandemic has started, the Provincial Nomination Program is a leading pathway for foreign nationals to get permanent residency in Canada. The provinces that invited the maximum number of outside candidates include Alberta, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. The provinces that invite the maximum number of domestic applicants include British Columbia, Manitoba, and Prince Edward Island. In the past year, Canada introduced immigration levels plan aiming around one million aspirants for Canada PR. The Provincial Nomination Program is a role player to help Canada attain the desired target.

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