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UK Revises Quarantine Rules for Indian Travelers

Oct 19,2021


The adverse effects of Covid – 19 can be seen everywhere. The international borders are closed and people are not able to travel abroad countries. These traveling restrictions have affected the dreams of numerous people. Especially the individuals who were planning to study or migrate abroad are not able to accomplish their study or work abroad purposes due to which they are losing their precious time and opportunities. Luckily, the impact of Covid – 19 has started reducing. The launch of the Covid – 19 vaccine is a major achievement. The vaccine is playing a significant role in bringing lives back on track. People have started resuming to schools, colleges and offices.

In the hierarchy, abroad countries have started welcoming foreign nationals again on their lands. They made the travel restrictions easygoing for the people interested cross their borders to fulfill various purposes. First of all, it was Canada that relieved the travel restrictions. Then the countries like Australia and the USA have also taken important steps to enable foreign nationals to enter their boundaries.

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The latest name that eased traveling rules for international travelers is the UK. Recently, the government of the UK has loosened travel constraints for Indian travelers. Let’s understand the new traveling rules for Indians to go to the UK as well as how the decision came into effect

New Travel Rules in the UK for Indian Travelers

The Indians who are fully vaccinated with the Covishield (made in India) can now enter the UK without any need to follow the 10-days quarantine rule.

The traveler will be viewed as fully vaccinated only if he/she has taken the second dose at least 14 days before reaching the UK. It is important to note here that the day of vaccination is not included in the 14 days period you are required to complete to qualify as a fully vaccinated person.

How UK Travel Restrictions have been Relaxed for Indian Travelers

As mentioned, the latest announcement from the UK government says that the Indians vaccinated with two doses of Covishield are no more required to quarantine for 10 days after entering the UK.

Earlier, on September 22, the UK government had made an announcement saying that Covishield has been approved in the country, however, the Indians who are vaccinated with Covishield and traveling to the UK are still required to quarantine for 10 days before commencing their normal life in the country.

The Indian foreign ministry did not like this decision and raised an objection against the announcement made by the UK.

India also took several correlative steps and made 10 days quarantine mandatory for the British people traveling to India. The declaration came into force from Oct 1, 2021, and till Oct 5, 2021, the authorities sent 162 out of 539 British travelers who traveled from the UK into compulsory quarantine of 10 days. Though the Britishers are fully vaccinated, the government made the quarantine mandatory only because the Indians who are traveling to the UK are facing the same situation as per the travel restrictions set by the UK.

Besides the 10 days quarantine, the Britishers also had to undergo the mandatory pre-departure Covid – 19 RT-PCR test within a time period of 72 hours before they board their flight for India. Moreover, the UK people are required to undergo the Covid test after arriving at the Indian airports. One more RT-PCR test was made compulsory on the eighth day of their arrival to India.

The above-mentioned steps taken by the Indian government made the UK government revise the traveling rules for Indian travelers. Consequently, they made the changes in the traveling regulations for the Indian people and made a new announcement on Oct 11, 2021 saying that the Indian people fully vaccinated with Covishield are not required to quarantine for 10 days after entering the UK.

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The UK government has finally affirmed India’s Covishield vaccine. Though the government took time to perceive the Indian crowd double-vaccinated with Covishield as adequately vaccinated people, the outcome sounds favorable for the nationals who were waiting to study or work in the UK for a long time. So, probably, the wait time for the Indian students who are dreaming to study in UK will finally come to an end and soon they will be able to fly to the UK to attain their study abroad goals. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for the best!