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May 18,2021

CELPIP Writing Task Coaching

If you are thinking to Prepare to Migrate to Canada then you should clear some selection criteria for the process. Language skill is one of the highest prioritized. In order to justify language expertise, you need to appear in CELPIP or the IELTS Test. Here is all you have to understand regarding the CELPIP Writing Module.

Why You Choose CELPIP?

CELPIP Test is an exam with many motives which allows the aspirants to demonstrate their ability in the English language. It has 2 kinds: the CELPIP LS test which evaluates Listening and Speaking expertise and the CELPIP- General test evaluates 4 skilled areas – Listening, Reading, Writing & Speaking expertise.

CELPIP Modules

The test is divided into 4 modules:

  • Listening
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking

CELPIP Writing Task

There are 2 tasks in the CELPIP Writing module. You will get 53 minutes to attempt them. CELPIP Writing Task 1 consists of 27 minutes, in which, you need to write an e-mail on the given topic, and, CELPIP Writing Task 2 is of 26 minutes, wherein, you need to write an opinion as a response to the Survey Question. You need to write in-between 150-200 words for each task. There is also a word counter and a timer to help you keep a track of the number of words and the amount of time left.

Common CELPIP Writing Tips:

1. Be Familiar with Computer

Remember that, it’s a computer-based test. Many are aware of editing functions such as cutting, copying, and pasting words. So, if you do not know that, you must learn. There’s nothing to panic. They are not difficult to learn.

2. Organise Your Writing

Frame your paragraphs and sentences in a planned manner that guides your thoughts and statements mentioned in a reasonable and transparent manner. Drafting a rough before writing is the finest method to assure that all of your thoughts are suitable in your task response.

3. Time Management

Luckily, you will be able to have a look at the remaining time for each task on your screen. Do keep an eye on the timer to handle it wisely. As it’s important to complete a task within the given duration. Because, once the given time for each task would accomplish, the screen would move to the next task automatically.

4. Proofread

It is one of the utmost things required to be done, before proceeding to the next task. By the time you would attempt the official test, you would be aware of all the dos and don’ts of each and every task to be taken care of. So, please attempt the required practice tasks and get them assessed by our trainers. As one doesn’t need to spend too much time over just reading what is already written by themselves.

Take care of applying accurate grammar, sentence structures, and spelling in all your tasks. You may also attempt our practice tests to know your strengths and weaknesses. As we would highly recommend you to have a strong command over generating thoughts and presenting them in time. So, do refer to the verified sources that are shared by our trainers on a regular basis to improvise your grip over the concerned topics. We truly think that if you practice according to the strategies disclosed, you may achieve your required scores in the CELPIP Writing Task.

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Task 1 – Email Writing Task

1. Content

The ideas presented must be in a reasonable manner and the thoughts have to be rational too. Please be practical.

2. Proper Grammar & Punctuation

It’s not mandatory to frame lengthy and complex structures, at times, even simple ones would work too. Put more effort into understanding the tenses regularly.

3. Structure of Sentence

Use a prosperous and varied range of words, and, be sure that the vocabulary is suitable enough. While practicing the task, make an effort of utilizing diversified grammatical structures and, form statements that differ up to a certain extent and difficultness.

4. Proper Paragraphing

The email must be in between 4 or 5 paragraphs. Every paragraph should include brief statements consisting of the key points mentioned in the task.

5. Vocabulary

Utilize a range of words. Avoid utilizing too easy vocabulary and, if you are unsure then avoid utilizing a lot of tough words. One must read from various authentic resources to enhance the usage of words. This is applicable to both the tasks of the CELPIP Writing module.

6. Proper Formatting

Take care enough, while leaving a space to post every paragraph. The salutation and greetings must be written on the left side only. Put commas behind greetings. The initial letter of the first word in a new sentence must begin with a capital letter.

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Task 2 – Responding to Survey Question

1. Proper Format

One may frame their response either in a structure of an essay or a letter. As surveys are nameless, hence, there are no greetings in this question.

2. Choose the Option

This question is not as difficult as an email, as, it’s entirely about your thoughts. You need to select one of the two mentioned options. You may select an option which you consider an easier one or can even select one as per your preference. It’s always suggested to select an option you know more about. You must utilize the appropriate explanation to mention your selection, like, “As per my opinion,…

3. Understand the Topic

Firstly, one has to comprehend the topic. If it’s an argument, then, we have to mention both sides and then acknowledge one. If the topic is based on an opinion, in that case, you have to provide your viewpoints. If it’s an issue, then, firstly you have to explain it and then propose some resolution in the end.

4. Explain Paragraph Properly

This task actually must include Four paragraphs. Every paragraph consisting of 40 to 50 words. The initial paragraph is considered to be an Introductory paragraph. Herein, you need to give a reason which option has been selected by you and why. You must have minimum 2 thoughts or arguments to protect your belief.

5. Transition and Connectors

Utilize the correct conjunctions and attachments. There has to be flexibility and a reasonable connection of thoughts in the paragraphs.

6. Proof Read

Proofreading is the utmost essential part. You will be well aware of the guidelines, so, be assured to not lose points over tiny mistakes. It would not consume more than two-three minutes to look back at the response and detect errors or repetition.

End Note:

For more information, Get Enrolled to our Coaching Sessions, adapt the strategies delivered by our trainers, attempt the practice tests, learn from the feedback shared and if you pursue our tips, you may achieve your required score in the CELPIP Writing Task.


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My carrier journey was started with the service industry, which turned simultaneously into corporate culture: however, having special feelings with language subjects so, I was hands-on with CELPIP and got the opportunity to show cognitive and meritorious skills. Work, which gives peace of mind is or a sense of satisfaction and encourages me every day is as "a Faculty of Coaching".


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