Popular Scholarships for Indian Students Study in UK, List is Here!

Jul 28,2021

Scholarships for Indian Students to Study In UK

Study in UK has been a dream of the youths interested to gain the highest quality of education. Pursuing education from UK is costly and cannot be afforded by many despite being deserving. Such students need some sort of financial help to achieve their aspiration of Study in UK.

A prominent financial aid available to support international students in sponsoring their study in UK is scholarships.

UK offers many great scholarships to help international students ease their financial obstacles and set their paths to study in UK. The scholarships to study in UK are merit-based and need-based. The UK scholarships for international students are funded by the UK government, universities and public as well as private organizations.

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Types of Scholarships To Study in UK

Government Scholarships to Study in UK

The government of the UK has been so supportive to deserving talents when it comes to studies. It sponsors several outstanding scholarships to help masterly International Students Study in UK. Among them, the best ones are

  • Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Scholarship sponsors the total expenses of the Indian students, relieves them from financial pressure, and enables them to concentrate on their financial goals. The scholarship covers the travel cost to and from the UK, visa application cost, tuition fees, a monthly stipend, an arrival allowance, a homeward departure allowance, and a travel grant to attend Chevening events in the UK.

  • Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships

The Commonwealth Scholarships and Fellowships are given to extraordinary post-graduate and professional development students. The eight distinct types of scholarships are offered under this category among which many are fully funded. These cover the tuition fees, airfare, and living expenses. The scholarships can be applied through a university, a national nomination agency, or a non-government organization.

  • GREAT Scholarships

These scholarships are provided to the commendable students of particular countries looking for enrollment in master’s Universities in the UK. The students from India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal, China, Sri Lanka, Egypt, Ghana, Indonesia, Kenya, Malaysia, Mexico, or Thailand can leverage these scholarships if they match the eligibility criteria.

University Scholarships to Study in UK

Many universities in the UK provide scholarships to international students. Below table shows some of the top universities in the UK along with the scholarships offered by them.

University of CambridgeGates Cambridge Scholarships for International StudentsTotal funds associated with a PG degree.
University of BirminghamUniversity of Birmingham International ScholarshipsUp to 10,000 GBP
University of OxfordClarendon Scholarships at University of OxfordProgram fees and accommodation costs
Imperial College LondonImperial College London Bursaries and Scholarships1,000-54,000 GBP
Aberystwyth UniversityAberystwyth University International Scholarships10,000 GBP
University of BristolBristol University International ScholarshipsUp to 10,000 GBP
Kingston UniversityKingston University International Scholarships5000 GBP
University of WestminsterUniversity of Westminster Scholarships for International StudentsEducation and living expenses
University College LondonUniversity College London ScholarshipsTuition fees and living expenses
Cardiff UniversityCardiff India Scholarships5,000 GBP for Indian students

Kind of Expenses Covered Under Scholarships to Study in UK

Usually, scholarships aid with the reduction in the tuition fee, however, based on the academic excellence and other qualities of the students, these scholarships can also present other forms of financial help such as living expenses, airfare, visa fee, and much more.

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Eligibility Criteria to Apply for Scholarships to Study in UK

International students who aspire to leverage scholarships to Study in UK are required to satisfy a certain set of eligibility criteria. Although the eligibility criteria can vary based on a particular scholarship, the most common factors affecting the eligibility criteria of the students to obtain scholarships to study in UK include their

  • Academic Achievements

The student must hold outstanding academic scores in his former studies to avail the scholarships to Study in UK.

  • English Language Proficiency

Certain scholarships in the UK demand international students to prove their language proficiency to gain the same. The student must hold a minimum IELTS score of 6.5 or equivalent to be eligible for such scholarships to study in UK.

  • Extracurricular Activities

Student’s performance in extracurricular activities plays an important role in the acquisition of certain scholarships. Hence, the student who is good at extracurricular has higher chances to avail a number of excellent scholarships to Study in UK.

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UK Scholarships for Indian Students

Based on their home country, different students have different scholarship options to study in UK. Below are given some of the prevalent scholarships awarded to Indian students who are willing to study in UK.

  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to students who want to pursue a doctoral or research program from the UK. Depending on the type of grant, these scholarships may sponsor the tuition fees, accommodation, and airfares.

  • Saltire Scholarships

These scholarships are given to students seeking to study science, technology, creative industries, healthcare, and medical programs in the UK.

  • The Felix Scholarship

The Felix Scholarship is a merit-based and need-based scholarship offering comprehensive financial support to international students belonging to any of 21 developing countries and desiring to Study in UK.

  • Rhodes Scholarships

Based on the intelligence, character, and leadership skills of the applicant, five scholarships are awarded to Indian students every year. The scholarship finances the University and College fees, a personal stipend, and an economy class air ticket.

Few More UK Scholarships for Indian Students to Study in UK

  • Dr. Manmohan Singh Scholarships
  • Goa Education Trust Scholarships
  • Charles Wallace India Trust Scholarships
  • Sir Ratan Tata Scholarships
  • Inlaks Scholarships
  • Erasmus Mundus
  • Hornby Scholarships
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UK education isn’t affordable. Especially for students who are not financially stable, financial support is highly sought-after.  Both the UK Government and Universities present a huge range of scholarships to aid international students to Study in UK. Among them, government-sponsored scholarships are extensively popular.

If you are striving to Study in UK, facing financial dilemmas, and need to know which scholarship is the best for you, you can take help from our Overseas Education Consultants anytime.


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