PTE Summarize Spoken Text Practice Material: Guide For Success

Aug 29,2023

PTE Summarize Spoken Text

Summarise One of the PTE Listening activities that frequently causes a panic attack is Spoken Text. You will feel prepared to answer this question directly if you have done a lot of PTE exam preparation for PTE Summarize Spoken Text, writing practice, and sample questions.  

The PTE Summarize Spoken Text job will be thoroughly examined in the blog post today. We’ll walk you through the finest techniques and tactics to employ for this endeavor before applying these pointers to a fake PTE question. We’ll look at some key conclusions and suggestions for improvement in the end.  

Prepare for PTE Summarize Spoken Text success now!

Understanding of The PTE Summarize Spoken Text Practice

Let’s first examine the PTE Summarize spoken text assignment. Make a summary of between 50 and 70 words. Not any more nor any less. 1 to 2 questions with a 60 to 90-second audio prompt will be presented to you. You may occasionally receive longer than 90 seconds. The summary writing time allotted to you is ten minutes. This work is really simple. You only need five minutes to write provided you have a template, but use the full ten to proofread and edit your essay.

Keep in mind that the amount of time allotted for the listening phase will range from 45 to 57 minutes, depending on the number of questions and duration of the audio for each activity. Each question will be given 10 minutes to be summarized verbatim for PTE Summarize Spoken Text. If you get two questions, for example, PTE will have 10 minutes out of a total of 45 minutes to describe spoken text.

This time cannot be used for any other activities. Despite this, it is impossible to finish this activity in 5 minutes and still have time for other things. Only one task can take up the full ten minutes. The remaining time will be divided among the other jobs. Both the listening and writing sections benefit from completing this exercise.

Scoring System

The score comprises 10 Marks. Needless to mention partial credit is imparted to the Writing module. The following criteria will be used to determine the points.


You will receive 2 points if you can identify the core idea and several supporting vital elements. If you discuss unrelated points, you will receive no points. If any of the characteristics listed below are unrelated to the content, the program will not verify them, and you will receive no points for PTE Summarize Spoken Text.


Two points will be awarded if your essay is between 50 and 70 words. If you write fewer than 50 words or more than 70 words, you will only receive 1 point; if you write less than 40 words or more than 100 words, you will receive no points for PTE Summarize Spoken Text.

Spelling, Grammar, And Vocabulary

You will receive two points each if your writing is flawless. Sentence structure, punctuation, and capitalization are all taken into account when grading grammar for PTE Summarize Spoken Text. Use a range of academic vocabulary, but avoid using the same phrases again if you don’t know their specific meanings.

Most significantly, PTE Academic understands English spelling practices used in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada. However, stick to a single spelling standard throughout all of your comments. Don’t mix up the spelling conventions of several nations. Your spelling grades will suffer if this happens.

PTE Summarize Spoken Text Video

PTE Summarize Spoken Text Template

Template 1:

The lecture revealed the information about ___________. The speaker further elaborated about __________. Moreover, ____________ and _____________ were also highlighted. Furthermore, _____________ and ______________ were also mentioned. In addition, ____________, ___________, and _____________ were the key elements from the lecture. Overall, it was an informative lecture.

Template 2:

The speaker provided the information about ______________. The speaker identifies ___________ and ______________, also ____________ and _________________ as the most important elements of the topic. Furthermore, the highlighted part from the lecture was _______________. Other key ideas ______________,_________________,_________________ and ______________ were also elucidated/explained in detail. Next, from the lecture, I could also hear the information about ____________, _____________, ______________and ___________________. Overall, it was a very educative lecture.

Template 3:

The speaker gave the information about _____________. The speaker draws attention towards  __________ and _____________, also ___________ and ________________ as the most important elements of the topic. Moreover, the speaker had also shed some light on ______________. Furthermore,  _____________,_________________,________________ and _____________ were also explained in detail. From the lecture, it was quite evident that the speaker had emphasized ___________, ____________, _____________and ___________________. Overall, it was a very educative lecture.

Advice for passing the PTE Summarize Spoken Text Practice

  • Create a method for taking notes that works well.  
  • During your preparation period, concentrate on the major aspects of the argument stated in the question. 
  • Gaining extra marks by successfully paraphrasing them is possible. 
  • For a good grade, make an effort to provide some supporting information or examples.  
  • Be sure to use basic grammar.  You risk losing extra points if you employ grammatical terminology and structures incorrectly. 
  • Make sure your phrases are connected and write an organized response that starts with an overview.  
  • Observe simply the audio or video recording. Do not bring in any outside expertise or information. 
  • Avoid repeating specific details or providing extraneous material.  
  • Keep track of the time and your word count.  50 to 70 words should be the length of your response. 

Completing Today’s PTE Summarize Spoken Text Preparation 

Did you succeed in applying this technique throughout your PTE practice? Which stage was the most challenging to implement? Which action did you think to be the most beneficial? Please share your thoughts and recommendations with us. Remember that repetition makes perfect. Apply these tactics whenever you can to this assignment in PTE practice exams and example questions. 


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