PTE Written Discourse – Meaning and Useful Tips to Improve Your Score

Jun 10,2022

PTE written discourse - meaning and useful tips to improve your score

PTE is a common term in the world of people who dream of studying or Migrating Abroad. Among the four components of the PTE exam, PTE writing is perhaps the most challenging. The reason behind this is while you write something in English, your punctuation, grammar, spelling, sentence formation, and structure – everything is on the check.

An important constituent of the PTE writing exam is written discourse. The term must be strange for many of you yet it is responsible for diminishing the PTE writing score of a large number of candidates. So, for the people unaware of the meaning of the PTE written discourse, below is the answer

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What is Written Discourse?

As Per the PTE Guide:

“Written discourse skills are represented in the structure of a written text: entailing its internal coherence, logical development, and the range of linguistic resources used to express meaning precisely. Scores for enabling skills are not awarded when responses are inappropriate for the items in either content or form.”

Confused? Let me make it simple for you. In the PTE academic, your know-how to maintain a logical flow in the PTE writing exam while staying on topic is evaluated. The enabling skill component of the PTE exam assesses how you respond to specific types of questions. How your text is structured, its internal coherence, flow, relevance with the topic, and vocabulary utilized to present the idea accurately are all examples of written discourse skills.

PTE written discourse is one of the most important and difficult parts of the PTE exam, and many students struggle with it. To meet the norms of written discourse, high-quality writing abilities are required. Though your hard work and practice will help you master the section, there are a few pointers below that may sound helpful.

Tips to Improve Your Score in PTE Written Discourse

Comprehend the Topic Well

It is critical that you comprehend the subject. You won’t be able to do well on the PTE writing exam unless you have a thorough understanding of the topic. Take some time to fully understand the offered topic and organize your ideas before you begin writing.

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Focus on the Structure

A well-structured essay is essential for a high PTE writing score. Make an effort to format your essay in a logical and interesting manner. An introduction, main body paragraph/paragraphs, and a conclusion are all required.

The beginning section should include things like a summary of the topic, what you plan to cover in your essay, and so on. The body component can discuss the topic in greater depth. You can incorporate information that is both in support of and against the topic in different paragraphs.

End your writing with a conclusion paragraph. The tone and words used should be suitable and relevant to the topic.

Adhere to the Given Word Limit

To do well on the PTE writing exam, you must strictly adhere to the word limit. If a 500-word essay is required, you cannot afford to write 100 or 800 words. If you violate the word limit, you will receive a lower score certainly.

Write Clear and Concise Paragraphs

Paragraphs are necessary for giving your essay a nice structure, but they should not be excessively long or too short. When composing paragraphs, keep the length consistent. It’s a good idea to aim for a paragraph-length of 50 to 100 words.

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Use Punctuations Appropriately

Punctuations are critical for expressing your ideas in the correct manner and for giving your essay the proper structure and purpose. Check that you are using commas, colons, semi-colons, and apostrophes correctly.

The Type of Your Sentences Matters

Simple, complicated, and compound sentences should be used in your essay. The examiner may not like the usage of only one form of the sentence. Also, the sequence of your sentences/paragraphs must be logical. Your essay should be written in a way that is interesting, appealing, and easily understandable. If required, use examples or illustrations to make the idea clear.

Don’t Deviate From the Topic

When it comes to your PTE writing score, using extraneous or irrelevant stuff in your essay will have a negative impact. For example, if the given topic revolves around air pollution and you are writing about noise pollution or the types of pollution, needless to say, you will not secure marks for the section. Hence, when drafting your responses, it is imperative to incorporate only relevant stuff.

Don’t Forget to Proofread

Never submit your answers without proofreading them once you’ve finished them. Proofreading is necessary to identify and rectify any punctuation, grammatical, or spelling errors you may have made in a hurry.

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Time Management

Always keep in mind that you will not have ample time to complete your PTE writing work. You have to manage everything in a short period of time, including understanding the topic, organizing, writing, proofreading, and so on. As a result, how you use your time is really important. Practice PTE writing as much as you can because practice is the best way to learn time management while Planning to Take the PTE Exam.

Dear friends! PTE academic is one of the most widely used and respected English language proficiency exams designed to assist you in achieving your study abroad or immigration goals. The test assesses your English language ability in four areas: reading, writing, listening, and speaking and a thorough comprehension and preparation of each section is essential for getting a score that will enable you to successfully achieve your goals.

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