SOP for Canada Student Visa – Discover Meaning & Important Details

Dec 20,2021

SOP for Canada Student Visa - Discover Meaning & Important Details

Students desire to study in Canada to attain a remarkable career and high-quality life.  Canada Study Visa process demands candidates to complete loads of provisions among which one is the creation of an unerring Statement of Purpose (SOP).

Let’s discover the meaning of SOP and its significance to get a Canada study visa and Study in Canada.

What is an SOP?

The Statement of Purpose or SOP is a letter with the help of which you inform admission authorities about yourself as well as your Plans to Study in Canada. The letter contains imperative details including the reasons behind pursuing a particular course at a particular university in Canada. The letter also comprises details about your academic background, areas of interest, past achievements, and so on. Usually, SOP is around 1000 -1500 words long and helps authorities to evaluate the suitability of your profile for a particular program to Study in Canada

Significance of SOP for Canada Study Visa

Writing a phenomenal SOP is crucial to gain a Canada study visa and realize your aspiration of study in Canada. There are many Canadian universities that ask international students to put forward an SOP. For both securing admission to a reputed Canadian university as well as Acquiring a Canada Study Visa, the document plays an important role. Sometimes, the students striving to study in Canada have to write separate SOPs to accomplish mentioned purposes. 

The primary aim of SOP is to demonstrate students’ abilities, ambitions, career prospects, and other achievements. The document is helpful in a variety of ways including the following

  • SOP aids students to commence their study in Canada swiftly.
  • It assists authorities to find out the most deserving students to study in Canada.
  • Outstanding SOPs enable students to leverage wonderful Scholarships to Study in Canada.

Canada is one of the most preferred Study Abroad destinations among international students, hence, it’s difficult to attain admission and study in Canada. A properly written SOP is essential to highlight your application in the massive competition. As your SOP tells authorities about your qualities, aims, and other relevant factors, you must write it in an influential way to Boost Your Chances to Study in Canada

SOP for Canada Student Visa

Between the two SOP for Canada, SOP for Canada student visa is more important it affects your possibilities to Study in Canada heavily. Not every applicant gets the chance to attend a visa interview to fly to Canada. In fact, a large number of Canada student visa applications are rejected in the initial stages just because of an incomplete or faulty SOP for Canada Student Visa

A reasonable SOP for Canada student visa is the one that covers all the necessary details the authorities might be questing for. As the introduction part is the first part the reader will go through if you want to insist the reader stay on your document till the end, make sure your introduction is persuasive.

In addition to a captivating introduction, ensure to include the below-mentioned details in your SOP for Canada Student Visa

  • Reason to Study in Canada

You are required to answer why do you Want to Study in Canada. The answer must include solid reasons behind picking Canada over its counterparts (such as the USA, UK, and Australia). 

  • Reason to apply for a particular course

Mention the reason behind choosing a particular program as well as your interest in it. 

  • Reason to choose a particular university

The answer should not only contain the details about the university ranking and fame. Your reason for selection should focus on other factors such as affordability and curriculum as well.

  • Details about your academic gaps (if any)

Answer this question with caution as Canada does not entertain gaps in studies. The unnecessary gaps may halt your way to Get a Canada Student Visa, hence, If you have any gaps, give appropriate details about what you did during the gap period. 

  • Your plans about returning after completion of studies

Avoid bringing up the possibility of living in Canada in your answer. In fact, you must show your intent to return back along with strong reasons. 

Together with answering the above-mentioned questions, your SOP for Canada Student Visa should include the details about your fund Availability to Study in Canada, your plans to work during studies, and so on. 

While preparing an SOP for Canada student visa, students have to make sure their SOP covers all relevant information including the ambitions, expectations, financial stability, and the other particulars the authorities may be curious about.

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SOP for Canadian Universities

SOP for Canadian universities is more specific than the SOP for Canada Study Visa. Though different universities in Canada follow different SOP approaches, the most common details that Canadian universities look for in a student’s SOP for Canada comprise their

  • Academic records

The academic performance of a student is of high importance for Canadian universities, specifically in business and engineering colleges. Hence,  if you are planning to pursue any of the mentioned programs, highlight your academic achievements and employment history adequately.

  • Work experience

Holding a relevant work experience of a minimum of two years is necessary to secure admission to the top Canadian universities including the University of Toronto and the University of British Columbia. 

  • Volunteering and community culture

Though all applicants applying for a PG program must include the information in their SOP, the details are of great importance for those who wish to apply for the programs like social service and public administration. 

Statement of Purpose for University of Toronto

The University of Toronto does not demand SOP for undergraduate programs. The students who want to study a graduate program at the University of Toronto are required to present an essay as well as a 10 min video essay. Year by year, the university comes with something different, hence, both SOP topic and pattern are not certain. 

Statement of Purpose for University of British Columbia

All students seeking admission at the University of British Columbia are required to submit an SOP for Canada Study Visa no matter they want to study an undergraduate or a graduate program. It’s likely for the undergraduate students to provide answers of certain questions in their SOP which include 

  1. Describe for us “Who are you?”. How would your friends, family, and/or members of your community describe you as an individual? If possible, include something you feel like is your biggest achievement and state why. (maximum 250 words).
  2. What is important to you and why? (maximum 250 words).
  3. Describe up to 5 activities that you have actively pursued or the accomplishments achieved in one or more of the following areas. Highlight the nature of your responsibilities within these activities. (50 words per description).
  4. Elaborate about one or two activities listed above that are significant to you. Please explain the role you played and key learnings from the process. You will be asked for a reference who can present your case in this respect. (maximum 350 words).

The SOP for PG programs is Expected to Contain a Small Essay On Your 

  1. Past work experience.
  2. Expectations from the UBC graduate program.
  3. Specific academic field of interest.

Statement of Purpose for Queen’s University

Queen’s University does allow admissions without an SOP but submitting an SOP is highly advisable. If you chose to create an SOP, please note that it will primarily based on the non-academic areas. A questionnaire and an essay are included in the Queen’s University SOP.


  1. List any of your awards and distinctions that you have received in the last 4-5 years. Briefly explain each one of them in about 200 characters.
  2. Identify any extracurricular activities and the total number of hours you have devoted to each one.
  3. List any part-time/full-time paid or unpaid work you have done in the past 4 years.


One extracurricular activity or employment opportunity, describe the impact of this experience and the greatest learning outcome from this experience.

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How do I Pick The Best SOP Format for Canada Study Visa?

Earning a Canada study visa to Study in Canada is difficult. A number of factors can harm your probabilities of study in Canada of which an important factor is the creation of SOP. As a wrong or inappropriate SOP can diminish your likelihood to study in Canada, going with the right format while writing an SOP for Canada Study Visa is vital. Though there is no specific format to compose an SOP for Canada Study Visa, there are a few things that need extra care while writing an SOP to study in Canada.

SOP Format Should be Consistent

Use a standardized format while drafting SOP for Canada Study Visa. Each portion should support the parts that are written before and after. This reduces the burden of the visa authorities by providing them with a better understanding of the given information. 

  • It Should Provide a High Control

Upon searching, you will get plenty of SOP formats, however, not all enable you to convey the desired information in the right way. A single wrong choice can lessen your chance of securing a Canada study visa and Study in Canada. Therefore, ensure to pick a format that gives you more control. You must be able to decide what should be included in the SOP for Canada study visa and what should not. An essential factor that can help you to ascertain the success of SOP for Canada study visa is emphasizing your eligibility for the desired course.

  • It should be in Line With the University Requirements

If an SOP format does not correspond to the university requirements, it is certainly not the right option and should be changed with a better alternative.

  • It should Describe the Candidate Adequately

Certain Canada study visa SOP formats do not let candidates showcase their capabilities well. To impress the visa authorities and boost your chances to secure a Canada study visa, you need an SOP that is precise and alluring.

  • It shouldn’t be too Long or too Compressed

Many students think that presenting a large and intricate SOP for Canada will please the immigration authorities and help them to seize a Canada Student Visa easily which is a wrong belief. If you don’t have much to include, write a brief and to-the-point SOP as the unnecessary or irrelevant information may create a bad impression on the visa officers.

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SOP Format for Canada Student Visa

A perfect SOP is one that covers important details the authorities need to make a decision. The SOP must contain answers of significant questions and must demonstrate the candidates’ degree of quality. The Canadian immigration officials do not approve all Canada student visa applications, hence, if you really wish your SOP for Canada to be liked by visa authorities, keep in mind all the key points when composing SOP for Canada Student Visa. Ideally, your SOP should contain the details about

  • prominent reasons that insisted you to study in Canada.
  • main reason for choosing a specific course or field of study.
  • reasons behind choosing a particular university.
  • your academic background.
  • your future plans.

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