The Best 8 TV Shows to Improve English Yourself

Sep 07,2023

The Best 8 TV Shows to Improve English Yourself

It is widely known that individuals have successfully acquired the English language simply by immersing themselves in web series or television programs. This method of language acquisition has proven to be quite effective for some people.

If you’re someone who can learn English just by watching movies or TV shows with subtitles, that’s pretty impressive! It’s a great way to stay current with the latest slang and casual language for everyday conversations.

Hey there! Wanna get better at English? You should totally binge-watch some TV shows and web series. It’s a fun way to improve your listening skills and understand the language better. Here are some of my favorite picks that you might enjoy too!


Platform:- Netflix

I’m sure you’re familiar with this TV show, so I won’t go into too much detail. It’s the best American sitcom that combines sarcasm, humor, and lessons on how to navigate today’s world. We all felt a sense of loss when the show ended in 2004.

BEST LINE: “Oh My Gooooooood!” [Using this long stretch of “gooood” is sure to bring laughter when shared with friends.]

Vocabulary to look out for: We were on a break 

Meaning: A couple in a relationship makes the mutual decision to take some time apart.


Platform:-  Disney+ Hotstar

At 28 years old, the show’s uncomplicated and relatable jokes ensure you’ll never run out of episodes.

BEST LINE: “Do’h” 

Meaning: This phrase is commonly used to recognize and sometimes gently criticize a silly action, especially if it was done by oneself.

Vocab to look out for: Embiggen

Meaning: Large or bigger


Platform:-  Apple TV

This Australian soap opera showcases all the best aspects of Australia, especially Sydney, including attractive people, beaches, nightlife, surfing, and opportunities to learn Aussie slang.

BEST LINE: “How are you going?”

Meaning: Instead of asking about where someone is, this phrase asks how they are doing and if they need any help with a task.


Platform:-  Netflix

The story follows four introverted friends whose entire lives revolve around their studies of physics and research. Their lives take a drastic turn when they befriend their neighbors.

Slang to learn: Cut to the chase 

Meaning: It means to say anything directly that is important without getting it delayed.

Vocab to look for: befuddled

Meaning: Unable to think clearly; confused


Platform:-  Netflix

“Brooklyn 99” is a refreshing take on the typical American police procedural television series. It’s a charming sitcom featuring lovable characters and short, 30-minute episodes. Although the quick-witted humor may take some getting used to, by the end of the first season, you’ll be speaking like a true Brooklynite.

Vocabulary to look for: “Noice” 

Meaning: simply means “nice” but with a little emphasis

The funniest one-liner you can use: “With all due respect, I am gonna completely ignore everything you just said.”


Platform:- Disney+ Hotstar

This show is an excellent resource for learning English, particularly because most of the cast are children. They speak at a slower pace and use simpler vocabulary, making it easier for learners to understand. Additionally, the cast frequently explains phrases, which is helpful for language acquisition.

Vocabulary to look for: Kidding 

Meaning: “Joking”

A perfect punchline to learn: “That’s my thang11!” [a bit funnier version of “that’s my thing”]


Platform:- Prime Video

This web series is ideal for advanced speakers who want to improve their English, particularly their British accents. The sci-fi drama features actors from various parts of the British Isles in lead roles and can help enhance your listening skills.

Vocabulary to look for: “Pic n mix” 

Meaning: selecting and choosing sweets by yourself


Platform:-  Netflix

Learning English [Queen’s English] directly from the queen herself is an unparalleled opportunity. The Crown showcases how Queen Elizabeth has navigated challenges from her coronation to the present day, while also managing the demands of the royal family.

Vocabulary to look for: “Horde”

Meaning: a large group of people

Vocabulary to look for: “Fogey” 

Meaning: a person with an old conservative mindset

Best phrase: “To sound like a broken record” 

[To repeat something over and over again in an annoying manner.]

Tips For Learning English Using Netflix And TV Shows

1) Choose television programs with fewer episodes so that you won’t feel overly overwhelmed by all the new words.

2) Watch television programs with English subtitles rather than ones in your own tongue. The greatest technique to make your brain assimilate new terminology is to read and listen to English at the same time.

3) Avoid pausing to look up terms since doing so will make it harder to appreciate the story. Instead, make an effort to deduce the word’s meaning from the context of the episode.

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Himani Dave

Himani Dave is an IELTS and PTE tutor with over three years of experience. She is a Cambridge and Pearson IT-certified tutor and has helped hundreds of students ace the exams and achieve their dream scores. With her friendly and approachable teaching style and a knack for making even the most difficult concepts easy to grasp, she is a rockstar among peers and students.


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