The New ‘Omicron’ Variant May alter Your Traveling Plans

Dec 13,2021

The new ‘Omicron’ variant may alter your traveling plans

The Christmas holidays are approaching so it’s likely for the people to plan their holiday overseas. However, the unexpected hit of the new ‘Omicron’ variant of COVID – 19 has left people baffled. The virus is impacting the global airlines functioning. The travelers who have already booked the tickets and made arrangements are bound to think twice as the likelihood of their plans being affected by the outbreak of Omicron is high. Let’s discover the details that may be of your interest if you are preparing to travel abroad with the intent to make your winter holidays memorable.

Reaction of the Countries on The New Variant

Just when the world was recovering from the nightmare of COVID – 19, the new variant of the deadly virus alarmed the population. The sudden revelation of the new variant has left governments across the world confused. The countries are not in a mood to take any risk and come into action swiftly. Several countries have already blocked the flights arriving from specific southern African countries. The other group of countries has altered the traveling rules in an attempt to protect their lands from being struck by the virus. 

For example, New Zealand is prohibiting travel from certain southern African countries. Similarly, Japan is adopting strict methods for the international population who want to enter the country. 

Though the cases of Omicron are found in a myriad of lands, the modifications in the traveling constraints are majorly centered around the countries in southern Africa primarily, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Botswana, Lesotho, Eswatini, Seychelles, Malawi and Mozambique.

How long will These Limitations be in Place?

Right now, the picture is quite unclear. The cases of Omicron have started to appear in distinct parts of the world which implies that further restrictions may be on the way. As we observed in the past instances, things can change swiftly, so travelers are required to stay up to date about the newest information as updates are coming regularly. 

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In Terms of Travel Safety, How should I Think About Omicron?

A bulk of scientists are still unsure about the behavior of the new variant so following the essential protective measures is a fitting way to keep ourselves protected from the infectious disease. A good choice to stay safe in the scenario is to get vaccinated. Though the behavior of Omicron and its response to the vaccine is fuzzy at the moment, we can believe that the vaccine will provide at least partial protection which, of course, is finer than zero protection. 

The other safety measures that will help you to stay protected from the virus while traveling is wearing a face mask, maintaining the necessary social distancing, and being careful about each of your activities. So, ensure to get adequately vaccinated, carry a face mask, keep the required distance from people and take care of what you do. It’s obvious that you should avoid the chores that can put you at the risk of getting infected by the virus. If you will be a careful traveler, your chances of getting attacked by the virus will diminish significantly. 

I’ve already made arrangements for overseas vacation travel. Should I reschedule?

Currently, we are not in a position to predict anything, however, for people who have already made their international travel plans, the time can prove unfortunate. If the new variant will result in further travel restrictions then the travelers may encounter disappointment. As per the experts, the individuals who have taken risks and choose to make bookings should have a thorough COVID – 19 insurance plan in line to reimburse the probabilities.

Will these New Prohibitions be Effective?

The primary intent of the governments behind altering the constraints is to get some time to figure out the probable impacts of Omicron. However, some officials are not pleased with the restrictions as they discover the restrictions as unethical and worthless. As per the officers, implementing the travel restrictions that specifically target Africa can ruin global harmony. Hence, instead of putting ineffective restrictions in place, governments should think and adopt some meticulous approaches to limit the spread of the virus. Also, the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is against the travel restrictions contending that they are not the suitable way to handle the revealing coronavirus variants.

Will Omicron have an Effect on Your Domestic Travel Plans as well?

Considering the current situation, it doesn’t appear to be the case. With each day, local air travel reaches new peaks. Because little data concerning the new version has been released, worry is not necessary at this time. A speedier test and trace approach, on the other hand, must be introduced. Let’s wish that Omicron and the new travel restrictions will not affect our intentions to travel within the country. Furthermore, based on previous experiences, we may deduce that, regardless of various varieties, they have indeed been ineffective in slowing down the spread of the virus.


Covid-19 takes advantage of our flaws all the time. We will be able to defeat the virus only when we attempt to find answers together. Restrictions on travel may help to slow the spread of Covid-19, however, impose a heavy toll on lives and the world. So, it will be wise if we learn from past experiences and discover scientific strategies that will help us to find out secure alternatives to border shutdowns. 

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