Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students

Dec 19,2023

Top 10 Cheapest Universities in Australia for International Students 900

Australia, known for its stunning landscapes, vibrant cities, and high-quality education system, has become a popular destination for international students seeking a world-class education. With many universities offering diverse programs, Studying in Australia has become a dream for many. However, the cost of education can be a significant factor for students looking to pursue their higher education at a reputed university in Australia. 

Nevertheless, numerous economic options exist for international students in Australia, as there are several affordable universities that provide a high-quality education without straining your budget.  In this blog post, we’ll explore the top 10 cheapest Universities in Australia for international students, ensuring that education remains accessible and affordable.

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Why Study in Australia?

  • Australia, with its breathtaking landscapes and world-class education system, has emerged as a highly sought-after Study-abroad destination. 
  • Australian universities consistently secure top positions in global rankings, offering rigorous programs across diverse disciplines. 
  • The country’s commitment to cutting-edge research and practical skills development makes it an attractive choice for students aiming for high-quality education.
  • Australia’s quality of life is another compelling factor. The cities consistently rank high in global livability indexes, offering a safe and welcoming environment for international students.
  • One of the key advantages of studying in Australia is the diverse range of programs available. Whether students are interested in arts, sciences, technology, or business, Australian universities provide comprehensive educational options to match their interests and career goals. This versatility, coupled with a commitment to academic excellence, ensures that students receive a well-rounded education that prepares them for the global job market.
  • In addition to academic pursuits, Australia provides ample work opportunities for students on Australia student visa. The ability to work part-time during the academic year and full-time during breaks allow students to gain valuable work experience, supplement their income, and build a professional network. This practical exposure enhances their employability upon graduation.
  • Australian universities prioritize student support services, ensuring that international students on Australia Study Visa receive assistance with accommodation, career counseling, and academic guidance. 

Are you searching for a budget-friendly university in Australia to chase your dreams of study abroad? We’ve got you covered with the list of the top 10 affordable and best universities to study in Australia!

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Top 10 Affordable Universities in Australia

While the cost of studying in Australia is comparatively lower than that in the UK or the US, numerous Australian Universities impose substantial fees that may adversely impact a student’s overall budget.

Luckily, there exist numerous alternatives for individuals in search of cost-effective educational institutions in Australia. Whether one is aspiring for a bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science, management, hospitality, or other disciplines, there are numerous budget-friendly universities in Australia offering high-demand academic programs to students at reasonable tuition fees. Read on to know more about it:

1). University of Southern Queensland

Founded in 1967, the University of Southern Queensland (USQ) is a prominent Australian institution, offering over 500 degrees in diverse fields. Comprising two faculties with six schools each, USQ provides an enriching learning environment throughout the academic year. Recognized as one of the cheapest universities in Australia for international students in 2024, USQ boasts low tuition fees. As a rising star in global higher education, it ranks among the top 86 young universities worldwide and holds a top-four position in Australia for graduate starting salaries. Additionally, USQ is placed among the top 301-350 universities globally, highlighting its commitment to delivering a well-rounded education.

Approximate Tuition fees:  AU$27,440 to AU$37,600 

Top Programs

The University of Southern Queensland provides 281 undergraduate and 240 postgraduate programs, spanning diverse fields such as Agriculture, Arts, Business, Engineering, and Nursing. Recognized as one of the most affordable options for Masters in Australia, its offerings include disciplines like Law, Psychology, and Visual Arts. Notably, Australia offers excellent nursing courses within this university

The above reasons make the University of Southern Queensland the best choice for international students planning to study in Australia while maintaining their budget. 

2). Southern Cross University

Located on Australia’s eastern coast, Southern Cross University boasts multiple campuses in New South Wales, southeast Queensland, Lismore, and Coffs Harbour. Its undergraduate and postgraduate programs are structured across six schools, two colleges, and two research centers. Recognized as one of the Top 100 Universities in the Asia-Pacific and ranked among the Top 50 Generation Y Universities globally, Southern Cross University encompasses various academic entities, including the School of Health and Human Sciences, School of Environment, School of Education, School of Arts and Social Sciences.

Approximate Tuition fees:  AU$15,200 to AU$35,440 

Top Programs

Southern Cross University provides a diverse range of academic offerings, comprising over 200 undergraduate and 39 postgraduate programs. These include disciplines such as Arts and Humanities, Social Sciences and Management., Business and Management, Engineering and Technology, Life Sciences and Medicine, and Natural Sciences.

3). Federation University of Australia

Established in 1870, Federation University Australia is known for its forward-thinking approach, providing top-notch professional education. Drawing students from diverse nations, this cost-effective Australian university has earned the highest rating in the Australian Excellence in Research (ERA) ranking. Renowned for its personalized learning approach, Federation University Australia emphasizes real-world industry projects to equip students for prosperous careers. 

Approximate Tuition fees: AU$22,000- AU$30,000

Top Programs

Federation University of Australia offers numerous programs across a spectrum of disciplines, including Humanities, Information Technology, Occupational Health, Engineering, Paramedicine, Psychology, Business, Science, Mathematics, Nursing, Midwifery, Performing or Visual Arts, and Physical Education.

4). Charles Stuart University 

Founded in 1989, Charles Sturt University (CSU), an Australian public university with multiple campuses in New South Wales, offers a variety of undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Students have access to state-of-the-art classrooms and resources, fostering an environment conducive to success. CSU’s dedication to delivering quality education and preparing graduates for the workforce has solidified its reputation as one of Australia’s premier universities.

Approximate tuition fees: AU$16,000- AU$35,000

Top Programs

Charles Sturt University offers diverse programs including Business Studies, Information Technology, Nursing, Professional Accounting, Environmental Science, and Social Work, providing students with a comprehensive education tailored to various career paths.

5). University of Sunshine Coast

Established in 1994, the University of the Sunshine Coast (USC) is a Queensland-based public institution dedicated to higher education and research. With a student body of 10,242, including 18% international students, USC has rapidly evolved into a prominent Australian university, despite being a recent establishment. The university also demonstrates commitment by offering AU$4.3 million in scholarships and bursaries annually.

Approximate tuition fees: AU$14,000- AU$35,000

Top Programs

USC provides a wide range of academic choices for both undergraduate and graduate students, with over 120 majors and 280 course options spanning several in-demand academic domains, such as business, IT, tourism, arts and creative industries, science, law,  education, and more.

6). Australian Catholic University

Established in January 1991 through the amalgamation of four tertiary Catholic institutions in eastern Australia, Australian Catholic University (ACU) stands as a prominent public university. Globally recognized among the top 40 young educational institutions, ACU is a trailblazer in higher education. The university holds a distinguished 5-star rating for learner engagement, skills development, starting salary, and learning resources, solidifying its commitment to excellence for undergraduate students. 

 Approximate Tuition fees: AU$19,000-AU$27,000

Top Programs

Australian Catholic University (ACU) provides a comprehensive array of programs spanning Education and Teaching, Health Sciences, Arts and Humanities, Business and Commerce, Science and Technology, Theology and Philosophy, and Law. Notable programs include Bachelor of Education, Bachelor of Nursing, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Commerce, and more.

7). University of Wollongong

The University of Wollongong (UOW) is a globally esteemed institution, ranking in the top one percent worldwide. With approximately 6,000 international students yearly, UOW offers over 360 programs in humanities, social sciences, and STEM fields across ten campuses and international partners. Recognized as the 14th best modern university globally, UOW boasts a five-plus star rating for teaching and research excellence. Its emphasis on industry trends ensures graduates are well-equipped for the modern workplace, reflected in a top 200 global ranking for graduate employability.

Approximate tuition fees: AU$20,000- AU$44,000

Top Programs

The University of Wollongong provides a diverse selection of over 340 courses at different study levels, encompassing disciplines such as Engineering, Health Sciences, Business, Arts, Law, and Education. The offerings include bachelor’s, master’s, and postgraduate coursework, as well as Graduate Diploma, Graduate Certificates, and Postgraduate Research degrees.

8). Edith Cowan University 

Situated in Perth, Western Australia, ECU, or Edith Cowan University, is acknowledged as a prominent young institution globally, being under 50 years old. With more than 31,000 students, ECU takes pride in its diverse and multicultural student body, including over 7,000 international students from over 100 countries. ECU’s educational approach is guided by a faculty comprising highly experienced professionals with extensive networks. Master’s program tuition stands at AUD 28,500, positioning the university as an affordable option for international students seeking a cost-effective master’s degree in Australia. 

Approximate Tuition fees:  AU$25,000 – AU$37,500 

Top Programs

Beyond its affordability, the university offers a diverse range of programs including  Business, Law, Education, Engineering & Technology, Science, Performing Arts, Nursing and Midwifery, and Medical and Health Sciences, providing students with a rich academic experience across various fields.

9). Central Queensland University

Established in 1967, Central Queensland University, located in Rockhampton, Australia, is a comprehensive institution with 24 campuses nationwide. Boasting a diverse range of over 300 undergraduate and postgraduate programs, the university attracts approximately 30,000 students from 70 different countries. Annually, Central Queensland University allocates around 24 million AUD to support international students through various scholarship programs. This makes it affordable for international students to chase their dreams of pursuing international education.

Approximate Tuition Fees: AU$13,560 – AU$67,050

Top Programs

Central Queensland University offers various graduate and undergraduate programs in fields including science, business and accounting, visual arts, education and teaching, engineering, aviation information systems and technology, environment, and agriculture. The university offers top-tier education and holds a position in the top 2% of global universities for the employability of its graduates. Numerous courses are developed in partnership with industries, integrating hands-on, practical learning opportunities like fieldwork, laboratory sessions, project-based learning, and internships.

10). Western Sydney University

Western Sydney University is a famous global institution known for its excellent academics. Situated in Bankstown, Australia, it’s recognized for its research, global outlook, and commitment to nurturing future leaders.  It’s a budget-friendly choice for foreign students in Australia, drawing over 45,000 students from 70 countries and creating a diverse environment. No doubt it makes the best option for learners on Australian student visa.

Approximate Tuition Fees: $AU 14,000 – AU$ 40,000 

Top Programs

Western Sydney University provides specialized academic programs in the fields of law, medicine, business, engineering, and social sciences, offering students the opportunity to delve deeply into these disciplines. The university’s commitment to excellence in these areas contributes to its reputation for academic distinction and expertise. 

If you are a student planning to study at an affordable recognized university in Australia, then considering the options mentioned in the list is worth the effort.


To sum up, students aiming to get an Australian student visa can wisely use the above information to select the best affordable university in Australia that matches their career goals. These universities focus on providing excellent education while also being mindful of the financial needs of international students aspiring to study at a renowned university in Australia. Opting for these cost-effective choices allows students to find a middle ground, getting a good education without putting too much strain on their finances.

Need assistance choosing the best university to study in Australia? Contact the study abroad education consultants at Coaching Square, who will help you discover the optimal program and university for pursuing higher education in Australia and assist you with the Australia Study visa process.

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